18 Playstation 4 Tips For Mastering Your Sony Console

The essential PS4 setup tips and tricks that you need to know

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Acquire most these PS4 setup tips and tricks to become the virtually out of your PlayStation console. Whether you’re a 24-hour interval ane PS4 owner, or you’ve simply just bought ane, perhaps by upgrading to the PS4 Pro, you’ll hopefully learn something from our tips below. In that location are a fair few hidden features and extra settings tucked away in menus that are less than obvious, so information technology’s worth your fourth dimension having a thorough look through all the PS4 menus to come across what you can switch around to suit your gaming needs. Some of them could vastly improve your gaming feel, while others may but provide small only useful tweaks, only our handy guide to the top PS4 setup tips will make certain you get the best out of your PS4 console.

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How do I put PS4 into Rest Mode?

Get-go, go to
Settings > Power Saving Settings > Fix Features Bachelor in Balance Mode
and select the options you desire to apply.
Supply Power to USB Ports
will allow you to keep charging any controllers that are plugged in after the console is turned off, while
Stay Connected to the Internet
volition let your PS4 to download update files and content then your games are ready to play when y’all return, and upload your saved data to online storage. If yous choose
Go on Application Suspended, you tin can bound straight dorsum into your game or app and keep from where you left off.

In one case you lot have at least one of those options selected, either printing the ability button on the PS4, select
on the dwelling house screen, or hold the PS push on the controller and select
on the Quick Menu to enter Rest Mode. You lot’ll know it’south activated as the low-cal bar (original/Pro model) or power push (Slim models) will turn orange.

How do I brand PS4 controller charge terminal longer?

By going through
Settings > Devices > Controllers, you can reduce the
Brightness of DUALSHOCK 4 Light Bar
Bright (Standard)
Dim, which may help to prolong the charge. You can likewise visit
Settings > Power Saving Settings > Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off
and select your preferred time, so if you’re watching a prove or abroad from your console while it’s turned on then your PS4 controller will automatically ability down while idle to stop the battery draining.

How do I use headphones / headsets with PS4?

For most headphones and PS4 headsets
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, you lot can simply plug them into the three.5mm jack socket on the controller. If you lot desire all of the sound, rather than just chat, to become to the headphones / headset and then concord downwardly the PS button to access the Quick Menu and choose
Sound/Devices > Output to Headphones > All Audio.

If your headset works on optical audio then connect it to the Digital Out (Optical) port on the back of the PS4 and you lot’ll be sorted. However, the PS4 Slim console does not feature a Digital Out (Optical) port, so y’all’ll need to use either an adapter designed for your detail headset or a full general audio converter adapter
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How do I download PS4 games?

To download games, select the
PlayStation Store
icon to the left of the home screen and then either browse or search for the titles yous’re interested in. There are plenty of demos and other free downloads to try out, but if you want to purchase any games then you’ll need to either register a banking company card on your account or apply shop credit past redeeming a code. If y’all’ve purchased an item only non downloaded it to your PS4, you tin can admission it by going to the
on your home screen then choosing
on the left mitt bill of fare.

If your PS4 is in Rest Manner (see above) and then you can send downloads to it remotely. Use the
PlayStation Store
link on the PlayStation app or visit the PlayStation Shop
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on a estimator so click on your business relationship and cull the
Download List
option. This will bear witness all the items bachelor on your business relationship, with the newest first, then simply striking
Download to your PS4
to set them downloading on your console, ready for when yous return to information technology.

What exercise “Cantankerous-Buy”, “Cross-Relieve”, and “Cross-Play” hateful?

These are all terms yous could potentially see confronting games on the PlayStation Store. “Cross-Buy” means if y’all buy the game yous can access it on multiple platforms, such as PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. “Cross-Save” means you can transfer your saved game progress betwixt the different platforms, and “Cantankerous-Play” means players on different platforms can collaborate together.

How practice I put PS4 into Safe Mode?

To enter Safe Mode, you need to turn off the PS4 completely (not in Rest Fashion) and so press and hold the ability button for around vii seconds until you hear a 2d beep. Plug in a controller with the USB cablevision to access the Safe Mode menu, where you take a number of options including restoring default settings, rebuilding the database, and initialising the PS4. Note that some of these options can have a serious impact on your console, including complete loss of information, so make sure yous know what y’all are doing and have adequate dorsum ups before using Rubber Mode.

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How do I update PS4 Firmware?

You should automatically receive a notification on your PS4 when a new Firmware update is available, at which betoken you can either follow the link from that notification or go to
Settings > System Software Update
to set the process in motion. For important updates, you won’t be able to go online until you lot’ve completed the update, and so it’s best to exercise it every bit soon as possible.

If you demand to update the Firmware but can’t connect your PS4 to the internet for whatever reason, then you can download it onto a USB drive and install that way instead. Visit the PS4 System Software Update
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site and then scroll down to
Update using a computer
and follow the process listed there.

How do I cheque how much space is available on PS4 hard drive?

Get through
Settings > System Storage Management
for a summary of what is stored on your PS4 difficult drive and how much free infinite is bachelor. If you’re running short of space then you tin can delete some items via this screen, by picking
Capture Gallery,
Saved Data, or
Themes, then hitting Options and selecting
to cull which content to get rid of. Recollect that if you delete any games or apps, y’all can re-download them at any point from
Library > Purchased
to recover them.

How do I replace PS4 difficult drive?

If you’re using the original PS4 hard drive and so you’ve only got 500GB of space to play with, or maybe 1TB if you take a newer model. Either way, if you have a lot of games so it’s not going to have long to fill it completely, but the skilful news is you can easily supervene upon the PS4 hard bulldoze with a larger one. The replacement difficult drive needs to be a 2.5inch SATA Two bulldoze running at to the lowest degree five,400RPM and no more 9.5mm thick.

With the new drive in hand, you just need a small crosshead screwdriver to carry out the replacement, and equally you aren’t opening up your console completely it won’t invalidate your warranty. For the full procedure, follow our how to upgrade PS4 hard drive
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guide for the original model console, or how to replace and upgrade your PS4 Pro hard drive
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for the Slim and Pro models.

Can I use an external difficult drive with PS4?

As long as your PS4 is running firmware update 4.l
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or later, you can now use an external hard drive to shop your games and applications. Just connect your drive to the PS4, head to
Settings > Devices > USB Storage Devices
and select it, and then choose the
Format as Extended Storage
option to become it prepped. Once set up, you can install any download games as well as disc based installs onto your external difficult drive, and as well apply this to transfer games betwixt PS4s
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. For a full pace by footstep, visit our guide on how to use an external hard drive for extended storage on your PS4
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Sony say that most USB three.0 HDDs between 250GB and 8TB should be uniform, significant there’s a broad range of drives available to suit every budget. To encounter some recommendations, visit our guide to the best PS4 external hard drive
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(and internal HDDs too).

How exercise I transfer data from one PS4 to another?

If yous are replacing your PS4 or upgrading to a PS4 Pro, you tin transfer your data across from your old console to save having to download and install it all once again. To do this, either connect the 2 PS4s together via a unmarried ethernet cable or connect them both via ethernet cables to the aforementioned router, and then get to
Settings > Arrangement > Transfer Data from Another PS4
on the new console and follow the on-screen instructions. For more information, come across our total guide on how to transfer your PS4 content
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Tin I do game sharing on PS4?

To play purchased content on PS4, you need to be signed in on the PSN account that purchased it and connected online. This ways that you can sign into your account on as many PS4s as you like to employ your content, only only i can be used at a time as your account tin’t be connected online on more than one panel simultaneously.

However, y’all can ready one console equally the Primary PS4 for your PSN business relationship by going to
Settings > PlayStation Network/Account Management > Activate as Your Main PS4. Once that PS4 is ready as Primary for your account, you can play purchased content while offline, and too access that content on any other PSN accounts on that console. For instance, if a PS4 is set as Primary for Account A, and so Business relationship B and Account C tin can likewise sign in on that PS4 and use Account A’s purchased content.

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Can I modify my PSN name?

As ane of the well-nigh requested PSN features of all fourth dimension, Sony have finally made this pick widely available to PlayStation gamers, and this is how to change your PSN proper noun
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. On your PS4 console, go through
Settings > Account Direction > Business relationship Information > Profile > Online ID
then type in the name you’d like to change to and follow the prompts to check if its bachelor before proceeding. If y’all’re using a web browser instead, sign in to your PlayStation Network account
(opens in new tab)

and then get to your PSN Contour and striking the
push button next to your Online ID before entering your chosen proper noun change. You can’t change your PSN name using a PS3 or PS Vita, and there are a number of risks and caveats to consider earlier making the change, especially if you play older games, so check out our linked commodity to a higher place for all the information you demand to know.

On the PS4 itself, you can also choose to brandish your existent name rather than your PSN name. To do this, visit
Settings > Account Management > Privacy Settings
and select the
Personal Info | Messaging

Do I need a subscription to play games online?

For nigh all games, y’all will need a PlayStation Plus subscription
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in order to play online – with a notable exception for Fortnite. Y’all can subscribe through the PlayStation Store or by purchasing a code to redeem, and equally well equally unlocking online play, you too get ii costless PS4 games per month and 100GB of online storage for your PS4 saves. To see how long you accept remaining on a current PlayStation Plus subscription, on the home screen go through PlayStation Plus > Manage Membership > Subscription then check the engagement next to Expires.

How do I keep my costless PlayStation Plus games?

Each month, subscribers receive two costless PS Plus games
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which are yours to keep as long every bit y’all remain signed up to the service, just you demand to claim these on your account within the month otherwise they’ll revert back to their original toll. Y’all don’t actually demand to download them to practise this though, as instead you can either go through
PlayStation Plus > My PS Plus Games
(downward on the d-pad) and add together them to your library, or observe them on the
PlayStation Store
and complete your free ‘buy’ of the items but cull not to download them. Any time later this, you can admission them by going through
Library > Purchased
from the home screen.

How practise I upload PS4 saves to PlayStation Plus Online Storage?

If your PS4 is set as Primary for your PSN business relationship (with a PlayStation Plus subscription) then it will automatically upload your saved game data to Online Storage. To check on the status of this or disable it for certain games, become to
Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Auto-Upload. In the
Application Saved Data Management
card you can too manually upload/download saved game data from Online Storage or transfer to/from a USB storage device.

To use the PS4 every bit a Media Server, yous’ll showtime need to download the
Media Histrion
app on your panel if you haven’t done and so already, which can be establish on the
PlayStation Store. Adjacent, install software such as Universal Media Server
(opens in new tab)

on your computer and fix it up to brand your media folders available on your home network. Now all you need to exercise is open up the
Media Player
app on the PS4 and your Media Server folders should appear prepare to stream onto your console.

Is PS4 backwards compatible? Can PS4 play PS3 games?

PS4 is not backwards uniform, meaning you can’t use discs from previous consoles to access your sometime games, however there are still options for playing them. The PlayStation Now
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service allows you to stream a large choice of PS3 games for a monthly subscription fee, and in that location are an increasing number of PS1 and PS2 remasters available on the
PlayStation Store. Bear in heed that if y’all previously owned these games you will still need to purchase them again, and salve data is not transferable from your quondam systems.

Does PS4 play DVDs and CDs?

PS4 does play DVDs and will upscale them to Hard disk drive, yet yous can’t play CDs on the panel. To become effectually this, convert the CD to MP3 tracks on a computer, then transfer them to a USB bulldoze and plug it into the PS4 to admission them through the
Media Role player. The
app is likewise available on PS4 for streaming music.

Does PS4 back up 4K?

The original PS4 and PS4 Slim back up resolutions upward to 1080p, but simply the PS4 Pro supports 4K output. The PS4 Pro won’t play 4K Ultra Hard disk blu-ray discs, however you lot tin watch 4K video on PS4 Pro with Netflix, Amazon and YouTube
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How do I set up PS4 Remote Play?

To use Remote Play on a PS Vita, make sure it has the latest Firmware installed then run the
PS4 Link
app on the handheld. Next, go to
Settings > Remote Play Connectedness Settings > Add Device
on your PS4 to observe an eight digit code, which needs to be entered on your PS Vita to connect the two systems. Once yous’re synced up, you can command your PS4 from the PS Vita and play games on the portable screen.

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You tin as well use Remote Play to admission your PS4 via a PC or Mac. Y’all’ll need to install the app on your computer, then set up and sync your PS4 with it – for full instructions, see our guide on how to set up upwardly PS4 Remote Play for PC & Mac
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As standard, the Share button on the PS4 controller
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is configured to access the Share menu with a short press, or concur to take a screenshot. Still, this isn’t the best setup for taking quick screenshots while gaming, so you can change it past either going to the Share carte and so selecting Sharing and Broadcast Settings or through Settings > Sharing and Broadcasts from the dwelling screen, then changing the SHARE Button Command Blazon from Standard to Like shooting fish in a barrel Screenshots. In this card you tin can also choose to save screenshots in JPEG or PNG format under Screenshot Settings, and decide if your microphone audio should be included in video clips (say, you wanted to tape a voiceover) through Audio Sharing Settings.

On the surface, information technology looks similar you lot can just share a single screenshot in a tweet or postal service, but there is a mode to add more. Once you’ve gone into your Capture Gallery, highlight a screenshot then printing and agree the Share button and select the social media platform yous want to post to. On the Share Screenshot department, choose the
Change Option
option then tick upwardly to 4 (Twitter) or 30 (Facebook) screenshots to add together to your mail service, so merely add your comment and Share.

How do I stream PS4 gaming?

To commencement streaming the PS4 game you are playing, access the Share menu by pressing or holding the Share button (meet above) so choose
Broadcast Gameplay. You’ll need to set an business relationship with Twitch, YouTube, or Dailymotion if you don’t already have 1, and for more than information you can read our full guide on how to livestream
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How do I quickly swap between PS4 applications?

You can always printing the PS button on your PS4 controller to render to the home screen and swap betwixt different applications, but if you double tap the PS button you’ll apace bandy between the two nigh recently used applications. This means y’all tin can bound straight from your PS4 game to the internet browser or trophy list, for instance, without having to visit the habitation screen.

By selecting
on the home screen so choosing a game, you can view the list of trophies available for information technology along with their rarity. If you lot want to detect further information on a Hidden Trophy, then select it and printing square to
Show Hidden Information
which reveals its name and description. If you have early access to a game, you might non be able to view the bays list if Sony oasis’t made it live on their servers – however, if you disable your internet connection through
Settings > Network > Connect to the Internet [untick]
then select
from the home screen, you’ll get the option to
View Bays Data Saved on PS4, and if you select that yous should be able to view the total trophy list.

What farther information can I view for PS4 games?

If you highlight a game on the dwelling house screen then striking the Options push button, y’all get a number of options including
Check for Update
to see if a patch is available,
Update History
to read the notes for previous patches, and
to show how much difficult drive space the game is using, when it was concluding updated and what version it’s on.

What can I practise if PS4 is overheating?

If your PS4 is getting very hot and the fan is making a lot of dissonance, and then information technology’s almost likely clogged with dust which is preventing air from circulating correctly inside to cool the components. To resolve this, you can use a can of compressed air to spray the vents around the PS4 and push the dust out – exist careful not to shake the can or tilt it at an angle equally this could cause condensed liquid to enter your panel. If the overheating is withal a problem and so you tin can take apart your PS4 to remove any dust inside
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, nevertheless this will invalidate your warranty so only go on if you are confident in your abilities.

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18 Playstation 4 Tips For Mastering Your Sony Console

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