36 Tips Every Evernote User Must Know

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Microsoft PowerToys
is a established of utilities, which will allow stop users to streamline their Microsoft Home windows encounter to have higher efficiency using the operating method. The organization has now released PowerToys version .56.1, which has removed the past dependency on the .Spider web Framework.

The about current edition of
Microsoft PowerToys
adds several new improvements (FancyZones zone limit has been improved to 128 zones, Obtain my mouse will now actuate by using shaking the mouse with a options improve, and much more) and fixes. For a full listing of adjustments, proceed reading through more.

What is new and improved in Microsoft PowerToys v0.56.one

Usually on Major

  • Stock-still excessive GPU / CPU utilization when enabled
  • If edge has concentrate, not closable by using F4
  • Switching border dimensions must resize the right way for current abode windows
  • Border goes absent-minded with Outlook modal home windows


  • No lengthier crashes during topic transform


  • Enhanced zone limit from 40 to 128.
  • Baby and Popup window guidance for FancyZones. To allow, go to Settings→FancyZones→Windows. These had been bugs we mounted that without the need of knowing it was a useful attribute to most.

File explorer

  • Fixes for Dev file preview: (Thanks @Aaron-Junker)
    • Gear up bargain with for item reference not set.
    • Set up for encoding UTF-8.
    • Repair for file is in use.
    • Correct for expressing the file is far too massive.

Graphic Resizer

  • Accept care of for
    invalid process
    error. @CleanCodeDeveloper!

Mouse utility

  • Observe my mouse will now activate by mode of shaking the mouse with a settings improve!
  • Locate my mouse now can excludes applications.
  • Take intendance of for crosshair thickness on the lookout odd due to anti-aliasing
  • Bargain with for a tough crash on crosshair (This was a hotfix for .55)


  • Volition non spells wait at file names any more than. Thanks @niels9001
  • Autocomplete result box to non obscure employ button. Many cheers @niels9001
  • Regex take care of

PowerToys Operate

  • Timezone conversion plugin for PowerToys Operate! Thank you @TobiasSekan
  • Hexadecimal and binary quantities at present are supported in the calculator plugin. This was added a little bit back and nosotros would similar to increase a belated thanks to @gsuberland
  • Terminal plugin effectiveness raise. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • Concluding will now be identified by means of the Method plugin in one case more.
  • Shutdown command is now making employ of hybrid speedy statement for shutting down
  • Assistance for VSCodium with VS Code identify of work plugin. Many cheers @makeProjectGreatAgain

Video convention mute

  • nVidia Circulate software package would not crash any more than


  • Upgrade notes in OOBE
  • Take intendance of for configurations remaining lost (This was a hotfix for .55)
  • UX advancements. Cheers @niels9001


  • Think we take a take care of for the prolonged hated “app.night.png is missing” error. Many thanks to @robmen for owning a great blog!
  • Installer volition launch PowerToys below appropriate elevation as opposed to Admin only attributable to UAC prompt for installation (This was a hotfix for .55)
  • PowerToys will at present start if installed beneath unique person

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36 Tips Every Evernote User Must Know

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