5 Biomutant Tips Tricks That Will Help You Survive The Wasteland

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Westwardith the release of

Subnautica: Below Cipher

recently, y’all might be tempted to revisit the original game


to practice your underwater survival skills. I’1000 here to bring y’all some life-saving tips and tricks yous might not have known almost your first time effectually then you can dominion the sea. Spotter out, Reaper Leviathans, we’re coming prepared this fourth dimension.

10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Survive On Planet 4546B – Subnautica Beginner Guide

Warning: this article contains minor gameplay spoilers.

Consume raw bladderfish for oxygen

We already know that bladderfish are essential in the early game for crafting water bottles and keeping yourself hydrated. However, these ambrosial swimming Brita filters also have another apply. Just grab one correct out of the ocean and chow downwards on the raw bladderfish to restore a modest amount of oxygen! These tin can be great for early on game cave exploration before yous’ve gotten the chance to craft better oxygen tanks.

Swim over brain coral for oxygen

Brain coral is good for more merely the puny task of building advanced underwater computers to power high-tech diving machines. They also blow bubbles! Brain coral burp out iii bubbles at a time that tin restore up to xxx oxygen — nix to sneeze at and definitely more than what bladderfish can practise for you. Brain coral also tends to spawn in caves, where they’re nigh useful to you. In the dark, encephalon coral bubbles requite off a modest amount of low-cal when they pop, so keep an middle out for what looks like a light that blinks iii times.

Deport a spare oxygen tank

If yous’re worried about needing a little more extra oxygen than what a bladderfish or encephalon coral can provide, you can carry an extra oxygen tank in your inventory with you to swap out once yous start running out of air. This is especially useful for deep dives or exploring wrecks then you don’t have to worry near drowning alone in the dark on an alien planet where no one knows your name!

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The merchandise off is of class that it volition accept upward a meaning amount of your already express inventory space. Information technology’southward likewise worth noting that while every oxygen tank slows your swim speed slightly when equipped, the Ultra High Capacity Tank will also slow you slightly fifty-fifty when it’south in your inventory.

You become an actress 2nd of mobility after you lot blackout

If you’ve spent whatever corporeality of time playing Subnautica, yous are intimately familiar with this series of thoughts:

Hmm, but gonna collect this copper… Oh man, I wasn’t paying attention to my oxygen, I gotta go out of this cave. Where’s the exit..? Oh god, where’south the exit?? This mode?? Yep! I can see the lite, but my oxygen is dropping fast, get go go! Please please please permit me survive. The surface is so close however so far…I’m not gonna make it. It’s and so close. Is this where I die? Alone in the sea, killed past my own hubris? The light… It’south fading…


Merely! In that location’s still hope. Y’all really take about a second of continued mobility


the screen goes black to surface or arrive into your Seamoth. Go along your finger on that upwardly button! Y’all’re gonna make information technology, diver. Simply remember to lookout man your oxygen next time.

Wearing Charge Fins with the Seaglide for an infinite charge

Amid your options for fin upgrades, in that location are the Charge Fins, which use the motion of your legs to charge whatsoever tool currently in utilize. The Charge Fins volition accuse your tools 1% for every 10 meters you swim. This means that the fins charge your Seaglide faster than it drains, giving you lot unlimited power as long every bit y’all have the Charge Fins equipped.

This pull a fast one on is ordinarily better early-to-mid game, though. Later in the game you’ll have a battery charger, and then you won’t take to worry then much about your Seaglide’south power. Y’all’ll probably adopt the Ultra Glide Fins for the speed upgrade.

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Craft things with a dead bombardment and information technology will be charged again

Speaking of batteries, here’s a tip for recycling your dead batteries. Before you have a battery charger, y’all might be tempted to merely leave your expressionless batteries simply sitting in your storage once they’ve run out of juice and craft new ones. Only if you utilize those batteries to arts and crafts something new, like a laser cutter or a stasis rifle, the battery that shows up in the tool once crafted will be at 100%. Free free energy!

This too holds truthful of ability cells and ion batteries. Power cells take a loooong time to charge, so don’t exist afraid to utilise those expressionless ones to craft something new instead of waiting effectually for them to accuse.

Your hunger meter tin can go in a higher place 100

Your hunger meter can be pushed up to 150 at the maximum by eating when the meter is slightly below 100, like at 99 or 98. The best way to do this is past eating a cooked Reginald considering (and here’s a bonus tip) it’s the most filling fish in the game. This is a expert idea to exercise earlier long trips to requite yourself a bit more of a buffer before you have to worry most eating once again.

Sitting down stops hunger and thirst drain

Pretty early in the game, you’ll probably see various scannable pieces of furniture that seem purely aesthetic, similar the desk or chair. They’ll be squeamish to spruce upwards your base of operations, but non really functional, you think.

Au contraire, my dear diver! You tin actually sit in the chairs (although the spinning chair does not spin, much to everyone’s disappointment) in doing so will cease your hunger and thirst meters from draining. I find this especially useful if I need to catch upwards on reading my PDA entries and I don’t want to just sit around letting my meters drain while I do that.

Maxing out your hunger and thirst meters will start to refill your health meter

One more hunger and thirst tip: having your hunger and thirst meters full will heal you over fourth dimension. However, your hunger and thirst will drain passively fifty-fifty if y’all’re non doing anything, then this healing is limited. But, used in combination with tip #8, you lot can max out your thirst and hunger meters, take a seat, and but await for your health to slowly fill upward as well.

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Per tip #7, a hunger meter counts as “full” then long as it’southward above 100, so don’t worry about your hunger meter dropping below 150.

Time Capsules may have goodies from other players

This last trick is less of a survival hack and more of an easter egg. During the form of the game, y’all may have come beyond Time Capsules scattered across the body of water floor. These capsules contain a variety of items in them and sometimes an image and message. These capsules are actually generated by players at the end of the game and seeded into other players’ games to be discovered. Fourth dimension Capsules don’t always have useful items in them, but they are definitely interesting. Sometimes you might find a “Keep Calm” kitty affiche or some titanium, and sometimes you might find

The Depths of My Love

, an anime AU fanfic about kawaii loftier schoolhouse freshman Os-chan the Boneshark, published entirely via Fourth dimension Capsules.

I hope these tips and tricks have added to your Subnautic experience. I wish I had known these when I was doing my first few playthroughs. Surviving on 4546B is all well-nigh preparedness and armed with these tricks, yous’ll accept some new means to proceed yourself safe. So get out at that place, divers, and survive!

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5 Biomutant Tips Tricks That Will Help You Survive The Wasteland

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