5 Cool Madden Nfl 17 Tips To Help You Dominate The Gridiron

Here are 20 tips for Madden NFL 17 to help you lot learn more than well-nigh the game. Hither you will detect strategies for your offense, defence, and special teams. You volition likewise be able to take an in-depth look into team rosters, and which players would be the well-nigh useful in specific situations.



The main takeaway for any Madden game is the clock. Managing the clock tin can be the difference between you winning or losing a game. The game of football is played throughout a total of iv quarters with small breaks in-between them. Each team will have a total of three timeouts for each half of the game, so use them wisely.

If you have a pretty convincing pb on your opponent and you lot’re in the second half, you should probably be handing the ball off to run down the clock. If your defense force is good, then you should do zip merely run the ball. Forcefulness the opponent to spend their timeouts so when it comes to crisis time, they can’t make whatsoever mistakes. If your opponent starts catching up to yous, and so y’all can commencement taking a few shots down the field. Just suffocating the clock in this situation volition nearly guarantee you the win.

If you are trying to catch upward to a team and you lot’re in the 2d half, you should try to gain good field position. Running the brawl isn’t the smartest idea hither, but if you accept a great offensive line and a competent halfback you lot should be fine. The primal here is to not waste matter time merely to have successful pushes downwards the field. Passing the ball risks a lot of things, but if the pass is incomplete then the time stops. Running the ball will force the clock to run, so depending on the state of affairs you should consider alternating ways to get down the field. — If you complete a pass, make sure to get out-of-bounds equally this will also stop the clock.

Clock management isn’t really necessary in the first half of the game unless the opponent is schooling you. If that’s the case, then attempt to save every bit much time on the clock equally possible so you can try to close the gap earlier the second one-half.

2. Reading the safety

One of the near mutual mistakes people brand in Madden is throwing an interception deep downwardly the field. This tin can by and large be avoided if you read the safe and throw the ball away from him. There are ii safeties in the game of football, and they usually line upwardly in the middle of the field and sit in the dorsum of the defense. Their task is to read the quarterback and brand a play on the brawl, whether information technology’south breaking upward a laissez passer, intercepting the ball, making a tackle, or even blitzing the quarterback.

In the paradigm to a higher place y’all volition see the safety circled in red. Your job is to read his every movement when you snap the ball, merely be careful and pay attention to the other players on the field. If I want to throw the ball to Green, I would want the safety to break away from him. — When you call hike watch where the safety runs to. If he covers the receiver you were originally going to target, and then dismiss him and search for another target. Your main receiver volition now be double-teamed, so throwing anything at him tin can atomic number 82 to a terrible outcome.

If you’re running the ball yous don’t take to worry well-nigh the safety much. But go on an eye on him, if you encounter him getting out of the secondary then look out for a rush.

3. Starting off with a bang

In most cases, if you receive the ball first, you’re going to start off rather slowly. Yous don’t want to start the game past heaving the ball down the field because y’all and your team needs to warm up kickoff. — Ironically, I want yous to practise just that. But get in a niggling less obvious that yous’re doing a pass play. The coach suggestions volition testify you aught but run plays. Merely go to the main screen and select the “Play Action Laissez passer” choice.

A “play action laissez passer” is a play where the quarterback fakes a handoff and then gain to throw the brawl. Since y’all’re doing this right off the bat, it will grab many people (online) off guard. It even works well confronting the AI, as I practice it every time I receive the ball first. — If you complete the pass and proceeds a offset down, then continue the stride and momentum going. Mitt the brawl off often, then when they least expect it hit them with another play action.

Starting off strong in Madden is always a key to success. If y’all gain momentum early on and keep taking it into the finish zone, you will be unstoppable!


4. Organize your roster

Each twelvemonth Madden tries to rebalance your rosters with what is currently going on in the NFL. Whether or non this characteristic is cool is beside the indicate and can actually hurt your team. For me, my favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and my roster was a bit mixed around at outset. The game benches players based on the real-world roster and if you’re playing an online game yous may run a few plays without your star players. On the Steelers, Le’Veon Bell and James Harrison were benched and I had to manually put them in.

To rearrange your roster to fit your needs, just printing the “Start” push and navigate to the “Depth Nautical chart.” From here, you can manage every position and motility players to a starting position and bench others. And then if your favorite team has a few suspended, injured, or benched players that will make an impact become ahead and move them into the starting position.

5. Hurry-up Offense

Another under-utilized strategy in Madden is the “Hurry-Up Offense.” This can really help spark needed momentum for your team, or just add onto your electric current momentum. Basically, you only want to do this when you’ve successfully completed a laissez passer or your halfback gained a off-white amount of yards. If y’all successfully run a play, simply hold in the “Y” or “Triangle” button on your controller. The players will speedily stitch to the line-of-scrimmage and you will be able to pick a play from a handful of options.

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The interesting thing virtually this is that neither team can employ substitutions, and then you will be going up against the same group of men on the defense every time until you stop hurrying up your criminal offence. — This keeps the defense on their toes but is as well a double-sided sword. Your players will be exhausted if yous keep them on the field too long, so I propose only doing this every once in a while. Try non to practice a lot of these in a row equally well. Be smart, and use it when y’all know yous have the defense backed into a corner. This is a great strategy if you’re close to scoring and want to take advantage of the current defense on the field.

6. Knowing When to go for it

Madden is a game about patience and playing methodically. Specially if you’re playing on All-Madden difficulty. So going for it on fourth downward is rarely a skillful idea, just in that location are times where it is welcomed and fifty-fifty needed. If y’all observe yourself in the red zone early in the game, then y’all might go for it depending on the score. If it’due south correct off the bat and the score is 0-0, then I would advise you take the leap. It’s all nigh the situation of the game, and everything in the game of football is determined by a state of affairs.

In the image above, yous tin can run across that the game is tied in the first quarter (0-0) and that it is 4th and Goal. Instead of kicking the certain field goal, I decided to go for information technology instead. The Steelers have a very good criminal offense, and I trust my linemen to block for Le’Veon Bell. I could take likewise tried for a pass, but being this close, with a halfback similar Bell, almost was a no brainer. I ended upward scoring that touchdown and took the pb 7-0. — The “upside” of declining to become into the end zone is that the Browns would have to start their possession at the 1-g line. Significant they would have to travel the whole length of the field to go a touchdown themselves.

7. Knowing when to throw the football game away

Knowing when to throw the football abroad can make or break a drive. It can be the difference between staying on the field longer, or turning the ball over because you tried forcing the brawl into a receiver’s easily. Most people that play Madden brand the mistake of trying to finish every play they start. but sometimes 1 play won’t work and it’s fine. Y’all just need to take it and throw the ball away. Don’t get also selfish or greedy. — Basically when y’all driblet-dorsum or roll-out for a pass play you are combing the field and looking for an open receiver.

The problem is, you don’t have all day back there and the defense is closing in on the quarterback. Unless you have a mobile quarterback (Eg: RG3, Cam Newton, Russel Wilson, etc) you lot don’t want to endeavor and run the brawl with the quarterback when things get hairy. Simply go out of the pocket and click down on the right analog stick. The quarterback volition automatically throw the ball out-of-bounds and volition basically just give up a down. — If no-i is open and you lot’re well-nigh to get sacked, so practise this. So many times people will just accept the sack and lose many yards, or will try forcing the ball into a receiver that is fully covered. If you accept the sack, you might end upwards fumbling the football and if you force a bad throw, so the defense might terminate up picking the ball off. Information technology’south a terrible thought all effectually, and you should always throw the ball away if things get too bad.


viii. Using the dissimilar passing options

Yet some other nether-utilized feature in Madden are the unlike passing options. Many times players will run into their target open and would simply press the button assigned to the player. This can piece of work, only there are ameliorate options. Y’all can put the ball exactly where you desire it and make great plays. If you want to throw the brawl high, there’s an selection for that. If you need to throw the ball depression, in that location’southward an selection for that. Instead of the same bullet pass over-and-over again, it’s nice to put the ball upwardly loftier in a 1v1 situation or to put the ball depression in a congested expanse.

Just utilize the different passing options when it makes sense. If your receiver is booking it down the field and simply one person is roofing him, it is best to use the loftier pass as the ball will stay in the air longer and will also become further. This fashion the receiver can get under the ball and snag it. — Same applies for the low pass. Low passes are smashing for risky short throws, or if you lot want to place the brawl to where your receiver can simply get information technology. A defender will rarely intercept an intentionally low thrown ball.

9. Using the play clock to your advantage

In the game of football, y’all will have a “play clock” for each play. It’south there to go along the offense moving and to go on the game going. If the play clock ever reaches zero, then the offense volition exist penalized. But you can also utilize information technology to your advantage. Quarterbacks similar Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning take used the play clock to their advantage many times and take actually won games by doing so. In Madden, it is no different and you can totally use it to your advantage like the pros do.

If y’all allow the play clock dwindle downward to its final seconds, you can fake a snap and try to describe the defense offsides. To do this, simply press “RB” or “R1” on your controller and your quarterback will call for a fake snap. If yous time it correct and really snap the ball immediately after, there’s a chance you can end up with a free play. If you practise happen to draw the defense offsides simply likewise go the brawl off before the officials phone call the play dead, y’all tin take a crazy shot deep downwardly the field with no consequence as the defense will be penalized for jumping the gun. It’due south win-win-lose state of affairs. Yous either gain +v yards, become a crazy completion down the field, or ane of your players encroaches on the defense. Don’t do this too much, though, every bit you can end up confusing your own linemen and they can depict a punishment.

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10. Pump Fakes

Pump fakes tin can exist a savior for your quarterback, and can brand or suspension a play. Like almost things on this list, barely anyone uses this feature. A pump fake can do lots of things for a play, and it seems like no one knows its hidden potential. Now this isn’t something you want to do all the fourth dimension, merely it will definitely catch a lot of teams off guard if yous employ it every once in awhile.

Pump fakes are basically hither to brand the defence force hesitate and to widen gaps betwixt the receivers and the defenders. If you have some time in the pocket, or when you curl-out, y’all should employ this strategy. Especially if your receiver needs a fiddling scrap of a separation from the defender. A pump fake volition essentially faux-out the defenders into thinking you launched the ball. The quarterback acts like he’due south about to throw the ball but actually holds onto information technology. — Like, the thing, you do with your dog.– Some defenders will end dead in their tracks and will search for the ball in the air. By the time they realize what you’ve done, the ball volition be in the air heading towards its target. Mix this with the unlike laissez passer types and you lot can pull off some astonishing things!

xi. Practice makes perfect

Most of the people that play Madden skip over the “Practices” in the franchise mode. In Madden NFL 17 that may not be the smartest decision, and I strongly urge you to practice every single week. Not only does practicing give some of your players boosts going into their adjacent game, it besides allows you to written report the opponent’southward strategy.

Through training, you will learn what system your opponent runs the most and y’all volition also acquire what counters it. You can showtime the practice and really grasp what you lot’re to do in certain situations. After the basic introduction of the plays you’re expected to exercise again certain defenses or offenses, you will really go caput-to-head against it. Try to go for the Aureate ranking, as it truly means yous take it down. If yous become bronze or silvery, simply go on retrying until you lot get it right. Practice makes perfect, and if y’all want to really be prepared for your upcoming game this is the style to do it!


12. Goal line Strategy

About people that are on the goal line try to pound the brawl into the stop zone with their total back. This may be an option if you lot have a power back such as Darren Sproles, LeGarrette Blount, Chris Ivory, Mark Ingram, etc. Merely if yous have a good quarterback and receivers, the answer may be going to the air.

Every time I’m at the goal line, I will try one handoff for the first play and then accomplish into a small bag of tricks. 1 being, the play activity pass. Equally mentioned earlier on this page, the Play Action Pass is a very useful strategy for certain situations and this is 1 of them. Everyone is expecting a run hither, no one really expects yous to risk an interception by putting the brawl in the air. Luckily for you, the play action makes it seem like you’re going for a run play. You’re essentially making the linemen and the corners hesitate to create separation for your receivers. Low bullet passes are the manner to become at the goal line.

xiii. Don’t become greedy on defense

Learning how to play defense on Madden tin can be very difficult for some people, as they like having control over the situation. Unfortunately for defenses, you lot accept to play slow and methodically. Football game is a game about angles and Madden simulates this rather perfectly. A defender’s primary goal is to go along the offense out of the endzone, simply guarding deep passes can break that.

When the brawl is in the air, you lot need to quickly accost the situation and act accordingly. One wrong move can lead to a touchdown or a big completion. Don’t go greedy here, if the ball is going towards the receiver and at that place’s no hazard of you lot getting an interception so don’t become for ane. Instead, play the receiver and/or get for a swat. Dedicating the defender to picking off the ball in certain situations will cause the receiver to get wide open up. If  yous’re in man coverage, you lot should e’er play the receiver or go for a swat. I know the take a chance of picking the brawl off is enticing, but if you miss the ball the receiver is gone!

14. Picking the way y’all run

In previous installments of Madden, yous could flip plays just you had to read the entire defense yourself. In Madden NFL 17, they show you which direction is all-time for your halfback. You tin flip a play in the aural menu, and this can really touch what happens on the drive.

Plainly. you want to avoid the red all together. But if it’southward green, however, you know you volition have a good chance of gaining some yards. In that location are times that both areas are red, which means that you should probably audible to something unlike. — If both are dark-green, and so either i will work.

15. Changing the camera on defence

Every bit mentioned before, decision-making the defence can be very difficult to grasp in Madden. What most players don’t know is that you can change the camera view on-the-fly with the D-pad. Upwards and down are the two buttons on the D-pad that control the camera and this can exist useful to a lot of people.


The above epitome shows you the angle I similar to play as on defense. This allows me to read the quarterback more easily, and also allows me to try and get a better cut on the linemen in social club to open upwards a sack opportunity. This is also a not bad angle for playing as the corners, equally it allows you to read the ball in the air more efficiently. — Discover the best camera angle that works for you!

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16. Knowing when to field a kickoff

Going back to the whole “don’t be greedy” philosophy, information technology’s wise to apply that here. The NFL has recently changed the touchback rule and made it 25 yards on kickoffs, rather than 20 yards. This ways that if you determine to return the ball out of the endzone and get striking earlier the 25-yard line, and so y’all put your team in worse field position instead of taking a knee joint.

If you can see gaps and holes in forepart of you and call up y’all can make an honest attempt to get past the 25-one thousand line, so go for it. Many times players will take the ball out of the finish zone and get hit well earlier the 25-yard line. Don’t be greedy, and play smart. Take the gratis 25-yards and outset with decent field position! — If the ball is well in front end of the end zone, and then take it! You volition more-than-likely, at least, achieve the 25-thousand line.

17. Aural!

If you see something wrong, then quickly audible to a new play. If you run into a match up you don’t like, or if you think you tin can practice damage by switching to a laissez passer or run then do it! And then many times people will just pick the play they want and immediately call snap the ball. Observe the field, and try to switch things upwardly on the field based off of what y’all see on the defence force.

If you run across that a run may non work at all, or has a low success charge per unit then switch to a pass play. Don’t be afraid to explore the audible menu too. You tin alter players routes, likewise every bit adjust your linemen. Yous can completely modify your plans and ever keep the defense force guessing! — If yous accept a dynamic offense like the Steelers, Patriots, Panthers, Cowboys, etc. Then using audibles tin can just strengthen your chances of being successful!

eighteen. Learn how to slide!

Sliding has ever been a feature in Madden titles that no ane paid whatever attention besides, and in this Madden, I can see the same happening. Not but is it more than complicated to do, it is besides absent-minded on the controls page. Sliding is a must for scrambling quarterbacks, or quarterbacks in full general. I sympathize that the field might be open for the bigger quarterbacks too, but regardless you lot don’t desire any of them taking a striking. This is the quarterback we’re speaking of, and then if he gets hurt this could price you the game or even worse, your season.

In lodge to perform a slide, you will have to concur in both of the triggers and so press the X or Square button. Make sure y’all ever do this when yous take off down the field as the quarterback. He’s not used to getting hit, and he may bollix the ball or get seriously injured.

19. Skills trainer

The skills trainer is a keen way to go in-depth with all of the different formations in the game of football game. Here, you will learn the basics on how to operate your offense and defense. Fifty-fifty special teams! There are advanced tutorials as well and I suggest that everyone should effort everything out. This volition actually teach you how to get better at the game.


Try challenging yourself and go for gold on everything. Endeavor to 100% this thing in order to get a keen Madden player. This will teach yous everything you need to know, and volition teach you how to read defenses likewise every bit offenses. Information technology’south a keen way to strengthen your Madden skills.

20. the gauntlet!

The Gauntlet returns once more in this installment and it’due south nevertheless as fun now as it was when it outset got introduced. I urge anybody to endeavour out the Gauntlet as it’south a very fun way to test your skills and try to climb up the ladder. Yous will be faced with a series of unlike tests ranging from  the criminal offense, defense, and special teams. There are also “Dominate Battles” inside of the Gauntlet.

Hone your skills, and try to be the best in the Gauntlet. This is a very fun way in Madden that almost people overlook. Give information technology a shot and claiming your friends to it. This will likewise train you lot for certain scenarios for existent matches you may accept in the game!

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