5 Tips For Setting Up Smart Home Security Cameras

Smart Home security can exist such a wise investment for your property and habitation. Don’t miss these tips for choosing and installing smart habitation security easily and effectively!

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I shared last calendar week fifteen tips for keeping your domicile condom when you’re away, and as you might expect, several of those were related to smart home security. As promised, I desire to follow that upwards with some tips for setting up smart home security for your property or habitation!

To be clear, I’chiliad not a home security expert. I’grand just a homeowner – with a family I dearest fiercely – who wants to experience rubber in her home and have peace of mind when I’m away. Later a scary feel nearly 15 years ago (more on that later), I am convinced that a home security organization is a worthwhile investment. Having gear up several of my own, I idea it would exist helpful for me to laissez passer on the things I’ve learned along the way.

5 Tips for Installing Smart Home Security

  1. Bank check your bandwidth and power
  2. Optimize your interior system
  3. Consider exterior security cameras
  4. Determine your monitoring programme
  5. Secure all your accounts

Check your bandwidth and power

I may be the least tech-y blogger on the planet, so I’1000 not fifty-fifty certain the technical requirements for this. But most of the smart home security devices are going to run on wi fi or via ethernet cable to your modem. Y’all’ll demand a reliable hello-speed net connection to ensure that your smart domicile devices tin can stay continued and keep you lot informed.

Additionally, you’ll demand to consider your power sources as you cull your smart dwelling products. As I partnered with Home Depot on this projection, I purposefully chose battery-operated options so that we wouldn’t take to wire for the sensors and cameras. And thankfully, battery-operated systems are amazing these days. For our exterior cameras, Eufy 1080p Security Photographic camera Arrangement, we only have to charge them in one case a year!

outdoor security camera in porch roof | Maison de Pax

And inside, with our Ring Alarm Home Security Kit, battery-operated door sensors and motion detectors allowed for easy install with the provided adhesive strips.

entry way with black door and vintage rug and security door sensor | Maison de Pax

Optimize your Interior

No need to use contact sensors on every window or put HD cameras in every room (though if y’all want to practice that, go for it!). Price tin be kept down while yet establishing security by optimizing the location of the security devices.

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For example, with the Ring Alert Home Security Kit that I recently installed, a single well-placed motility sensor covered our entire downstairs living expanse (including the stairs). Depending on your particular infinite, that and a contact sensor on every exterior door could likely encompass 99% of any potential interruption-ins.

rustic modern living room with motion detector in corner | Maison de Pax

Consider exterior cameras

While I’thousand not actually a fan of interior dwelling security cameras (except for baby monitors), I beloved outside security cameras. I think you might be surprised merely how useful they can be.

You’ll want to bank check the angle of the cameras, but the Eufy exterior cameras that we recently installed tin can bear witness upwardly to 130°. That ways that one camera installed in the corner of the porch reveals the entire front and side of the building!

Outdoor security cameras can also serve as a deterrent (no need to hibernate them!), permit yous to monitor packages, and even let you remotely check on your home for other potential concerns, like weather-related issues.

My favorite feature of the ones we take is the ability to set upwardly a notification on my telephone any fourth dimension the motion detection is triggered. All I have to do is tap the mobile app notification, and I can come across in HD video what the camera sees instantly on my phone. The other twenty-four hour period, I saw a beautiful deer eating acorns on our driveway. I’thousand ok with faux alarms like that. 😉

Determine the level of monitoring yous need

This is a personal decision, of course, only today’southward smart home security systems offering and so much flexibility when it comes to monitoring services. Most companies have levels of month to month or long term security packages and paid or costless deject storage options.

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You tin can choose non to become whatsoever kind of professional monitoring and simply to access the devices from your mobile phone. Or you tin can subscribe to the security monitoring and recording at various levels. I love that the options of professional person monitoring are at that place if you desire them, but the monthly fees are required if yous’d rather keep cost down.

Secure your accounts

Every bit ever, business relationship security is so very of import. There’s not much signal in going to smashing lengths to secure your habitation and and then leaving your smart home security systems with the door broad open, so to speak.

ring security keypad and mobile device app | Maison de Pax

There are three things you’ll want to exercise to secure your smart dwelling products:

  1. Fix strong, unique password for each device
  2. Enable two-gene authentication, if available
  3. Secure your wireless router with a password encryption

Yous can never be besides careful!

Why we protect our home

My kids asked the other twenty-four hour period why we needed the alarm, and then I told them virtually the time before they were born that my husband and I were robbed. Twice. It wasn’t and so much the things that were stolen (though that was frustrating and difficult to recover from), but the feeling of violation that was the worst.

We didn’t take any security organisation in place at the fourth dimension, and they simply broke in while we were at work. And then, earlier we could even become it together to get a security system (this was dorsum when they all had to be professionally installed), they did it again.

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Even after we had an alert installed, I call up struggling to sleep, especially when my husband traveled for work. It was so unnerving to imagine someone coming into our home like that. Like I said, it wasn’t so much the stuff that was stolen as the loss of peace that really hurt.

In short, I believe in protecting my home for the sake of the safety of those I love and the peace of mind we can have here. The fact that installing alarm systems has basically go a simple DIY job is just a huge bonus.

Other tips for Setting up smart dwelling security

This is definitely only a high-level overview of the things y’all’ll want to consider when shopping for and setting upwardly smart home security. There are so many other options, like smart locks and motility detector lights and doorbell cameras… I hope that this gives you a footling gustation of the options, though, and helps it all feel a bit more manageable.

Be sure to pin it for later!

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5 Tips For Setting Up Smart Home Security Cameras

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