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(image credits: google)

Okay, the picture above is of the Pixel 5a, but today we’re hoping to go better and testify united states the Pixel 6a on Google IO.

While Google has announced ‘A-serial’ phones at IO events before, we’re non sure if it’s going to do and then today – non certain, but if information technology does…

The Pixel half dozen was a new invention for the Pixel line with a new pattern, better cameras, the Tensor chipset made by Google, and a nicer design for the screen.

According to rumours, the Pixel 6a might not have a headphone jack (the A-series has traditionally kept it) and be made of cheaper materials to proceed costs down.

The camera array volition probably exist low-spec too, merely if the tensor chipset is kept, computational photography will more than make up for the price.

And toll is important – the Pixel 6a will undoubtedly be a more than affordable phone, and that’s going to get a lot of people excited. Information technology just depends on whether he shows upwardly today or not.


(image credit: Android Central)

Allow’due south get-go the twenty-four hour period with my favorite rumor: that the Pixel Watch is coming and it was dropped at a restaurant by accident.

Our Future Friends on Android Primal got the scoop on the device, publishing pictures and news of the unit – nonetheless, it won’t be fully operational (it seems to be a very early prototype), so they weren’t able to provide exactly what information technology wanted. Go a complete understanding of what does.

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It’south an interesting design – the circular face and more bulbous rear is a lot to meet. There will be a proprietary Google Ring, which you can see in the pic below, and it will likewise pack some hidden buttons that are non seen in the render.

Shall we wait at the clock today? I gauge we will – timing is well matched – but like the iPhone 4 disguised as a 3GS that was abandoned all those years ago at in one case, information technology could be a dummy design… let’due south run into .

A leaked Pixel watch band in two parts

(image credit: Android Primal) 2022-05-11T07:42:33.492Z

Sundar Pichai

(image credits: google)

Goooooooood morn, tech fans! It’s that time of yr when stuff gets re-announced, things start happening and we get ready for some other round of launches, unveilings and big events.

The iPhone 14 launch is not far away. Amazon Prime Twenty-four hours is about to come. Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 is coming in a few months.

And let me chat with you one time once again via the live web log – isn’t that hilarious?

Only I’m getting ahead of myself – today it’southward all about Google, and Mr. Pichai will be on stage at the Mountain View campus subsequently today to tell us
About Android 13,
More about the new Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch (and some weird privacy and search features you never knew)
Some things around tablets, headphones and and then on.

In not knowing that lies the excitement – let’s go through the day.


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Live/Google Io Live Blog All The Details On The Pixel 6a Pixel Watch And Android 13