Halo Infinite Has Received A Significant Upgrade On Xbox Series S

Xbox Serial S has received a substantial upgrade for Halo Infinite

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Xbox Series S owners tin can savour a new 120Hz refresh option in Halo Infinite, as role of its Flavour 2 update. That ways if you ain a compatible display, you can play the game at a silky-smoothen 120fps.

Halo Infinite previously targeted 60fps on Xbox Series S, just programmer 343 Industries has been able to squeeze more performance out of Microsoft’southward more affordable (albeit less powerful) console in Season two.

The Xbox Series Southward was able to hit 120fps during the game’s multiplayer beta, merely the resolution was severely compromised every bit a result. When the game launched, merely a 60fps pick was available, and then it’s groovy to see a 120Hz mode return, with better image quality to boot.

But it isn’t but Xbox Series Southward that’south received a new graphics mode. Xbox Serial 10 owners can now choose to run Halo Infinite at a 30Hz refresh charge per unit, which should allow the game to hit a higher resolution. While we wouldn’t recommend sacrificing the benefits of a higher frame charge per unit for more resolution, it’southward squeamish to come across that every taste is now catered for.

To alter Halo Infinite’s target frame charge per unit, head to the ‘Video’ tab in the game’s settings bill of fare. Unfortunately, as it stands, there’due south currently an issue when selecting the same 30Hz mode, equally the gameplay will revert to 60Hz when you next launch the game. The only workaround, as listed on Halo Waypoint
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, is to set the target frame rate back to 30Hz every time you launch the game.

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Don’t count the Xbox Serial S out just yet

Xbox Series S

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The Xbox Serial Due south isn’t as powerful as the Xbox Serial X, only that doesn’t mean it isn’t a capable next-gen console. The Xbox Series S has already shown it’south powerful enough to run numerous titles at 120fps, and currently has far more games than PS5 that target higher frame rates.

The Xbox Series S likewise handled Epic’s extremely impressive Matrix Awakens: Unreal Engine 5 Experience with aplomb, proving that it’south able to handle the latest graphics technology.

Information technology’due south pleasing to see that some developers are taking the time to become the most out of the smallest Xbox ever made, instead of merely ensuring a game will run on Microsoft’s cheaper automobile. Like Halo Space, Dying Light 2 too received an update that improved performance on Xbox Series S shortly subsequently launch.

The Xbox Series South is a bully entry betoken into the current-gen of gaming, despite its limitations, and considering it’s easier to produce, it’southward at present also much easier to buy than Microsoft’due south flagship console. If y’all’re not fussed nearly having the best resolution possible, the Xbox Serial Due south is easy to recommend.

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Halo Infinite Has Received A Significant Upgrade On Xbox Series S

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