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Consumer Fraud Reviews

  • Great Attorney – Posted by Brandy

    Mr. Thomas is a very thorough and efficient attorney. I take used his services twice and would definitely do it again as I am beyond satisfied. His level of expertise is very high. And he is a very dainty human as well.From Avvo Reviews

    25 December 2021

  • Great Chaser – Posted by Aquailia

    Blake is a wonderful attorney! He kept me updated on everything. He is definitely the all-time attorney to tackle these large companies who take your coin for no reason. Cheers to Blake I was able to get my money dorsum and I’thou very appreciative for him.From Avvo Reviews

    11 Dec 2021

  • Customer Satisfaction – Posted past Whitney

    Blake did what needed to be done. Amex thought they can deny my fraud claim simply aht aht aht! He handled my case professionally and Nosotros WON! highly recommend!From Avvo Reviews

    02 Dec 2021

  • Splendid – Posted by Brittany

    Mr. Blake Thomas far exceeded my expectations when he took on my instance. He did everything his firms website mentioned they were capable of doing. He kept me up to date all the while. He took a unnerving situation and made it comfy. Thank you Mr. Blake Thomas there really are some good people left in this world!!!From Avvo Reviews

    21 May 2021

  • The BEST – Posted by Shelita

    Swell Service! I highly recommend Mr. Thomas, he will definitely get the chore done!From Avvo Reviews

    03 Mar 2021

  • Great attorney – Posted by Nina

    Blake won my settlement with a good time frame I didn’t think varo would return my money but they did thanks BlakeFrom Avvo Reviews

    24 Feb 2021

  • Highly recommend!! – Posted past Erin

    Without the help of Blake Thomas I never would have seen my money from amex that they decided to freeze on me during the Pandemic. He goes above and beyond for clients and im Then GRATEFUL I establish him!! Thank yous so so very much!!!!!!! From Avvo Reviews

    09 Feb 2021

  • VERY GRATEFUL FOR MR. THOMAS – Posted by Shane

    Mr. Thomas is a very honest attorney. He went to bat for me in a dispute like no other attorney could! From Avvo Reviews

    25 Jan 2021

  • Best chaser ever! – Posted by Matthew

    Amex allowed over $10,000 to be stolen from my card. They refused to laurels their $0 liability. $10,000 gone just like that due to a criminal and a huge corporation who decided the laws didnt employ to them and leaving me struggling during the covid pandemic. I retained blake who faught hard. He also responded to my many emails and questions thoroughly. All amex wanted to do is become extension later on extension playing games and after our patience ran out, he told them enough is enough. Settle or litigate. Once blake called them out on their games, they settled. Without blake, id exist out my money with no promise in sight. From Avvo Reviews

    06 Jan 2021

  • Happy camper – Posted by Anonymous

    I was hacked through Chime. They refused to refund what was taken during the pandemic, $535. My friend was besides hacked via a different online bank and then she hired Alan, and gave me the info to do so as well. Information technology all worked out. Thanks so much. From Avvo Reviews

    20 Dec 2020

  • Highly recommend – Posted by Leslie

    Very professional & helped me when I thought I was out of options. I recommend Blake to anyone seeking help in a case. From Avvo Reviews

    08 Dec 2020

  • Definitely recommend! – Posted past Devyn Major

    Definitely recommend! Did exactly what he said he would do, in exactly the time he said he would do information technology. Couldn’t have asked for better representation. From Facebook Reviews

    23 Nov 2020

  • Highly recommended – Posted by Anitra

    Did exactly what he said he’d do. Definitely takes care of business and doesn’t waste time! From Avvo Reviews

    26 Sep 2020

  • Highly Recommended – Posted by Jennifer

    When I thought at that place was nothing else I could do, I consulted Alan Blake Thomas. I was so pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend him. From Avvo Reviews

    26 Sep 2020

  • Serve Instance – Posted past Anonymous

    He was honest and trustworthy and did everything he said he would keep y’all updated onetime fourth dimension. I got $700.00 more than. From Avvo Reviews

    25 Aug 2020

  • Highly recommend! – Posted past Leah

    Mr. Thomas was very professional and kept in touch with me every step of the way to go along me informed of everything going on with my instance. I would definitely apply his business firm again! From Avvo Reviews

    17 Aug 2020

  • I’ve used consumer Fraud Legal Services twice – Posted past Ebony Jackson

    I’ve used consumer Fraud Legal Services twice. Nifty and efficient service each time! From Facebook Reviews

    fourteen Aug 2020

  • Persistent & down to earth – Posted past Steve

    I contacted Mr Thomas when I was getting accented disrespect from a prepaid credit menu company. At first Mr. Thomas explained he had his easily full with these cases, but he returned my email accepting my case. He was extremely informative with me on the instance at manus, & did not stop to get me the justice I deserved! I am grateful for his effort, & positive event – I volition recommend him to any niggling guy seeking Justice in a heart vanquish – cheers Mr. Thomas! From Avvo Reviews

    13 Aug 2020

  • Neat work! – Posted by Anonymous

    Very professional … got me what I needed, what I deserved, what was mine and taken from me! From Avvo Reviews

    11 Aug 2020

  • Great Representation – Posted by Esther

    I really did not wait to receive anything regarding my case. And certainly not so quickly. Cheers for looking out for people who other wise have no legal recourse. From Avvo Reviews

    ten Aug 2020

  • Excellent attorney!! – Posted by Heather

    Mr. Thomas has repeatedly fabricated sure that amt issues I have had regarding the American Limited serve card was taken care of and he is great at communication about our instance! From Avvo Reviews

    10 Aug 2020

  • Awesome & Informative – Posted by Akira

    Alan kept me informed every step of the way through months and months of negotiations. From Avvo Reviews

    10 Aug 2020

  • Serve case – Posted by Phillip Simpson

    Very professional and informative and very quick response and handled very well. From Avvo Reviews

    10 Aug 2020

  • America Express Serve – Posted by Carlton

    I highly recommend mr.thomas He Is very professional and good at his job. He is very transparent throughout the whole procedure of handling My case. Thank you and then much. From Avvo Reviews

    x Aug 2020

  • Fantabulous lawyer! I wish I could hire him for all my legal bug. – Posted by Jen

    Cfls and Mr Thomas accept a groovy niche fighting for the working and lower class people who can’t afford major banks and pricey attorneys. Communication was fabricated via e-mail each step of the way. I provided documentation of my issue and all I had washed to resolve it on my own and that’s the last time I had to think nigh it. As each footstep in the legal process was fabricated an email was delivered with an update. On the few times I responded back with questions they were answered within 24-36 hrs and I was amazed given the case was over less than $100. Within days of signing a settlement agreement a check was in the mail service! I wouldn’t hesitate to call on him at any fourth dimension. I know he won’t always exist able to take my instance because he has rules he has to follow within government regulations and of course he has to brand certain he’s earning money because lawyer’s don’t work for free, just I would consult with this firm before I went anywhere else. From Avvo Reviews

    07 Aug 2020

  • Chime Bank Fraud – Posted past Leanne

    I travel each year for my company in November of 2022 I was in Missouri Il I had only received a bonus check that month and was going to go shopping that nighttime later work I went to a shoe shop to purchase sneakers when I tried to pay past using my Chime Carte information technology declined I told the clerk I should take received a directly deposit so she ran the card as a credit card it went through. I tried to brand another purchase at another store the card declined again then I waited until I got to an ATM tried to check my rest only kept getting incorrect Pivot entered it was also tardily to call Chime customer service so I chosen the next morning that is when I found out my menu was hacked the person changed my Pin, Phone number and email address associated with the card and transferred $2000 to her account and spent $500 at some store named World Foods I was and then mad I contacted the Police force to try and file a report and found Consumer Fraud Attorney Blake Thomas online. I filed a complaint with Mr Thomas house during the time I was submitting everything including all emails from Chime the banking concern returned $2000 of my coin simply would not return the $500 I did non call back Mr Thomas would go along with the case because the bank returned the money then Covid nineteen hit airtight everything for about three months early in June I received an email from Mr Blake advising me he was going through with the instance the next week I received an email stating the example was settled for $6000 I was shocked I signed all the paperwork and this weekend I received a settlement bank check I cannot believe I received double my loses the $2000 return from Chinkle and the settlement check. Mr Thomas is admittedly 5 star chaser when it comes to Consumer Fraud with these banks. I did read his reviews before I selected him and the bulk are excellent only very few displeased but I can say it was their fault you lot must practise what he tells you lot to practice from start to finish and believe me yous volition exist happy with the results Thank you Mr Thomas if this ever happens again I will definitely accomplish out to you. From Avvo Reviews

    27 Jul 2020

  • Bluebird – Posted past William

    At Christmas of all time was on mode out town to purchase a gift for my son and had luckly located couple hours abroad.every bit I was purchasing card was declined, which 24-hour interval before had loaded card .that day was cleared and had lost refund no explanation.Mr Thomas went in blind and in short time regained my money.Forever thankful recommendations WOULD Exist AN UNDERSTATEMENT From Avvo Reviews

    11 May 2020

  • He gets results! – Posted past Crissy

    I had fraudulent charges on my Bluebird bill of fare which I disputed with Bluebird. My dispute was denied past Bluebird. I hired Mr. Thomas and not only did I become back the $82.50 I disputed. I got $700.00 more. From Avvo Reviews

    ten Apr 2020

  • Serve American Express Card – Posted by Val

    Mr. Thomas was very clear and professional while handling my example. He has kept me updated along the manner and it was a smooth process. Serve was not going to return my stolen funds and Mr. Thomas has helped resolve my result. I am and so happy that I came across Mr. Thomas and I will recommend him to others! From Avvo Reviews

    03 Mar 2020

  • Wonderful!!! – Posted by Dedre

    Mr. Thomas was professional person and quickly responsive to whatever questions I had. He helped solved my problem when no 1 else I had contacted was even remotely interested in getting down to the bottom of this consumer fraud incident. The entire feel ran smoothly and without a lot of confusion. From Avvo Reviews

    04 Jan 2020

  • American Express Fraud Settlement – Posted past Barron

    I hired Blake to settle an American Limited Bluebird card not beingness loaded correctly. His communication about the whole process was seamless. The settlement took approximately 2 months and Blake was responsive to provide progress along the way. I highly recommend Blake if y’all should ever need Legal assist. From Avvo Reviews

    31 December 2022

  • Skillful – Posted past Latisha

    Great lawyer I always had he help me get my money back plus more I dearest to have him piece of work for me again no lie this is existent I’1000 so happy thanks Blake Thomas. From Avvo Reviews

    20 Nov 2022

  • Great experience – Posted past Josh

    Contacted about fraudulent credit card charges. He filed arbitration and informed me of each stage of the process. From Avvo Reviews

    24 Oct 2022

  • Great Attorney! – Posted by Santos

    I am and so happy I went with this attorney for my example, he fabricated the entire process so easy. He communicates speedily, makes sure you are updated regularly and sympathise everything happening with your case. I am very happy with the results and would recommend to anyone dealing with a consumer fraud case. From Avvo Reviews

    21 Oct 2022

  • Great lawyer painless process – Posted by Allen Hass

    A prepaid card screwed me out of 1500 dollars mr Blake got every penny dorsum amazing lawyer and he made the procedure very simple and painless I would very highly recommend. From Avvo Reviews

    thirty Sep 2022

  • So grateful! – Posted by Aminah

    Back in October of last year, (2022) someone gained access to my Cash App and stole $650 out my account. I called my banking company and disputed it and filed a police force study. I was only given back $50, my banking company refused to give me the $600. I went through hell proving to them it was fraud and kept hitting A expressionless finish. I’grand then glad I found out about Blake Thomas because he was able to go my coin dorsum and then some ! He kept me updated nearly the whole process and got things done that I wouldn’t take been able to do on my ain, I’m truly grateful for everything he has done. From Avvo Reviews

    26 Sep 2022

  • Awesome! – Posted past Aerie Lee Morgan

    Awesome! Kept in affect won my instance and got me the money under ii weeks!! From Facebook Reviews

    25 Sep 2022

  • Great feel – Posted by Christina Baskett

    Smashing experience, Blake is very good, keeps you up to engagement on everything going on. He helped me fight the people that kept my straight deposit and would not let me have access to my funds for a week. He fought them for me and won…… I would highly recommend. Thank you for all you accept done. From Facebook Reviews

    11 Sep 2022

  • Highly recommend Blake – Posted past Rosalind Patrice

    Highly recommend Blake with Consumer Fraud Legal! He is very great with communication and representations. Will definitely utilise him once more! From Facebook Reviews

    06 Sep 2022

  • He helped me out and won my case – Posted by Stacey Cogswell

    This lawyer one who really gets what he promises.. I’k so grateful to him,,, he gives united states of america hope when other wise these company’s and had me to the point of disbelief. When I hired him he promised and he did it.. Give thanks y’all Blake Thomas. You’ve got five plus plus stars from me. From Avvo Reviews

    17 Aug 2022

  • Splendid lawyer who volition fight for you lot! – Posted by Gerald

    Blake is truly a blessing and helped me win my instance of fraud with GoBank. He stayed in communication and answered my questions in a very efficient fashion. I would recommend him to anyone I know he needs a lawyer dealing with fraud. If y’all give him a try I promise you won’t be disappointed. From Avvo Reviews

    14 Aug 2022

  • AMAZING – Posted by Benjamin Lee

    I needed a lawyer when GreenDot had shut my account. while I still had money inside of it they wanted to keep charging monthly fees on the account. I called them several times to ship a bank check for endmost my account and they told me that they cannot exercise anything about it. So I looked for a lawyer and i read reviews on Mr. Blake. High Ratings and Positive Responds. And so I reached out to him. Human… I’m GLAD I did. He helps me win my case with GreenDot and I didn’t even have to do annihilation. everything was taken care of by him. I gave him all the information that he requested for the case through electronic mail. He explains the process to me and how long each stage is before going on to the next ane. followed up with me on each stage. Not only that I was able to receive more than and so what I asked for… TRULY AN AMAZING LAWYER. I Absolutely RECOMMEND HIM!!!!! From Avvo Reviews

    27 Jul 2022

  • Excellent Lawyer – Posted by Jacquelyn

    Mr. Blake was a first-class lawyer. He always emailed and kept the states updated on the example. Mr. Blake was very knowledgeable virtually the case and very reachable. When you lot email him he always responds back!! I will definitely use him in the future if I take whatsoever future cases. From Avvo Reviews

    29 Jun 2022

  • 10/10 would recommend – Posted by Anonymous

    Mr. Thomas is an astonishing attorney. He helped me and my fiancé when a prepaid carte company held our funds with out reason . Information technology did accept a while to accomplish settlement but he kept u.s. updated every step of the mode . I would definitely recommend him. From Avvo Reviews

    21 Jun 2022

  • They communicated with me with every pace of the mode – Posted by Arkelia Denise

    They communicated with me with every pace of the way. I will definitely use them over again if needed. Im very satisfied with the service I received. From Facebook Reviews

    17 Jun 2022

  • Very satisfied with his service – Posted by Bri Collins

    Thank y’all! Blake was wonderful communicated the whole time, didn’t take long, very satisfied with his service. From Facebook Reviews

    17 Jun 2022

  • Smashing Lawyer – Posted by Armstead

    Had a dispute with my banking concern over a missed direct eolith and this guy here took care of it with no problems. He went over a beyond my expectations, things took a while simply when the dust settled he took care of everything. Go along me in the loop of the whole process, answered any questions that I may have had. Thank you for your hard piece of work, time, and dedication to beingness the guy that you lot are. From Avvo Reviews

    17 Jun 2022

  • Swift Diligence – Posted by Timothy

    Attorney Blake Thomas was very quick to encounter that my case was handled with precise professionalism and kept me informed every footstep of the way. Superb Attorney! From Avvo Reviews

    17 Jun 2022

  • Corking client services – Posted by Kobie

    Mr. Blake kept me informed with the entire process from outset to end. He won a dispute with Bluebird in regards to me not being able to admission my funds. The process was speedy. About 6-7 months tops. I would HIGHLY recommend Me. Blake’south expertise if your experiencing problems with Any of these debit card companies. From Avvo Reviews

    17 Jun 2022

  • Crawly lawyer – Posted by Mathew

    He handled our case quickly for united states of america. He kept united states up to date with the process. Always answered any questions nosotros had. Hes a dandy lawyer. From Avvo Reviews

    15 Jun 2022

  • Wonderful to piece of work with – Posted by Rachel

    Very professional with his emails, straight to the signal, and friendly! Easy to become ahold of through email besides! From Avvo Reviews

    14 Jun 2022

  • Blake is the best – Posted by Ebony Jackson

    5 stars. Cracking service and great person! Blake is the best. Thanks From Facebook Reviews

    14 Jun 2022

  • Beyond satisfied with his piece of work – Posted by Naomi Freeman

    Blake kept the lines of communication open up and transparent. I am across satisfied with his work. Volition definitely use again if the need arises. From Facebook Reviews

    xiv Jun 2022

  • Very professional – Definitely 5 stars – Posted by Michelle

    He has been awesome. He took care of everything for me. He is very efficient and volition explain everything as to what to expect while fighting your case. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to fight a financial institution regarding Regulation East. From Avvo Reviews

    06 Mar 2022

  • He is amazing!!! – Posted by Anonymous

    I had fraud on my American Express menu and I constitute his services online and reached out to the company and Alan responded quickly. I gave me step by stride instructions on how he would be able to assist me with my claim. It was a quick and painless procedure. He stayed in advice with me throughout the while procedure. I am definitely grateful for all of his assist. From Avvo Reviews

    05 Mar 2022

  • If I could give more stars I would – Posted past Melani

    It has been a very long journey but Mr.Thomas kept me informed every pace of the manner. I couldn’t accept asked for a better attorney when I had lost all hope Mr.Thomas assured me that he would fight for me and get me justice and he did just that I’m over satisfied with his service so if you want a lawyer who will fight for you and then wait no further Mr.Thomas is the truth. From Avvo Reviews

    12 Feb 2022

  • And so helpful!!! – Posted by Anonymous

    Had a nifty experience with CFS. Blake was quick, responsive and very helpful. I received my money dorsum that was scammed from me and it’s a huge weight off of my shoulders. Would highly recommend Blake. From Avvo Reviews

    04 Feb 2022

  • Metabank settlement – Posted by Anonymous

    He did exactly what he promised! My bank had not deposited my funds to my account for over a week. Me and other customers were pretty upset. Blake took on our instance and every bit promised i got my compensation. He is professional person, send updates as soon as he gets them. Would definitely recommend him. From Avvo Reviews

    02 Feb 2022

  • DISH TV – Posted by Glen

    Mr. Thomas handled our instance against Dish Boob tube in a expeditious way and kept in impact with us through out the process. The case was settled in a satisfactory way. Could not have gotten this issue resolved wit out his help equally you never speak to same person at Dish Boob tube. Such a relief to have this issue behind united states. From Avvo Reviews

    01 Feb 2022

  • Very helpful – Posted by Misty Webb

    Very helpful and got things washed in a timely style!! From Facebook Reviews

    29 January 2022

  • Blake was amazing – Posted by Sistah Annette

    Blake was amazing. He got me the justice that was needed. And was a very professional likewise keeping updated on all matters. five stars. From Facebook Reviews

    29 Jan 2022

  • He kept me informed – Posted by Clairesa Crabtree

    He kept me informed virtually the lawsuit that I was in and got very practiced outcome. From Facebook Reviews

    29 Jan 2022

  • Great service! – Posted by Amanda

    Mr. Blake Thomas was very professional person. He got down to the matter and worked very apace to help with cracking results. From Avvo Reviews

    29 Jan 2022

  • Excellent Attorney! – Posted by Kelly

    Mr. Thomas was and so easy to work with, he took my instance against a financial institution, negotiated a settlement for me that was better than I anticipated and got the chore done quickly. I would highly recommend hiring him every bit an attorney. Thank you lot Blake, you are awesome!!! From Avvo Reviews

    29 Jan 2022

  • He gets the job done! – Posted past Tracey Irving

    Blake Thomas is the best he gets the job washed! From Facebook Reviews

    29 November 2022

  • Blake Thomas is the man – Posted by Ashton Rayshun

    Blake Thomas is the man he is very good at what he do put your trust in him and y’all won’t regret it! From Facebook Reviews

    28 Oct 2022

  • The All-time Lawyer! – Posted by Brian

    If there were more than five stars I would give Blake more than. I could not have asked for better service. Money was stolen from me from a huge visitor. Blake not but helped me go the money dorsum but the visitor had to requite me some money for the inconvenience as well. From Avvo Reviews

    28 Sep 2022

  • American Express Serve Card – Posted by Bearding

    My login and menu was hacked and everything was taken from my business relationship. I chosen American Express and they decided through there fraud department that it was not fraud and I violated their user understanding. I didn’t know what to do then I searched online and institute Blake. He took my case and allow me know every step of the fashion what was going on. Information technology took a couple of months but he got all of my coin back at no cost to me. From Avvo Reviews

    27 Sep 2022

  • Did Directv Rip y’all off? – Posted by James Reasor

    Did Directv Rip y’all off? Contact these guys to resolve information technology. Make AT&T accountable! From Facebook Reviews

    14 Aug 2022

  • Excellent. I am truly grateful for his services! – Posted by Debbie

    Blake Thomas was able to obtain a quick settlement with great communication and explaining the procedure the whole fourth dimension. I am truly grateful for his services! From Avvo Reviews

    10 Aug 2022

  • My coin was sent in 5 days – Posted by Donelle Crawford

    Mr. Thomas settled my case then fast and my money was sent in five days of the instance being settled. From Facebook Reviews

    03 Aug 2022

  • Helped me become money from GreenDot – Posted by Larry Gee

    Helped me get coin from GreenDot when they mishandled my account. From Facebook Reviews

    16 Jul 2022

  • Awesome! – Posted by Larry

    I actually never thought I would go any compensation for the trouble and stress greenish dot acquired me with their mis-treatment of my account that almost caused me to be evicted but Chaser Thomas came through and kept me informed every footstep of the manner forth with realisatic timelines, right on the money. From Avvo Reviews

    xvi Jul 2022

  • He is actually proficient – Posted by Ryleigh Wood

    When Rushcard did a major update and bricked everyones cards for weeks this lawyer helped me settle the case in quick time! He is really good and y’all become your moneys worth. I feel like the fees he collect are minimal. Someday I have issues with any other carte company he will be my go to! From Facebook Reviews

    09 Jul 2022

  • Currently on my second case with them – Posted by Pinky Jones

    Currently on my second instance with them and I accept non one complaint. Hoping the 2d goes as smoothly as the kickoff. Love you guys. From Facebook Reviews

    08 Jul 2022

  • I recommend him 100% – Posted by Jessica Fritz

    Filed a lawsuit with Blake the beginning of this year due to Amex card issues. He got me money back then some ! He kept his word and did what was promised. I recommend him 100%. Cheers Blake!!! From Facebook Reviews

    thirty Jun 2022

  • He kept me up to engagement on everything – Posted by Brandon

    He kept me up to date on everything I would recommend him as a lawyer to use. From Avvo Reviews

    23 Jun 2022

  • The Best – Posted by Christina

    Very fast, reliable, and communication was great. He kept me up to date, every step of the mode. Give thanks yous so much. From Avvo Reviews

    23 Jun 2022

  • Splendid work – Posted by Heather Stevenson

    Excellent work. From Facebook Reviews

    22 Jun 2022

  • Professional business firm – Posted past Devin

    Blake and his firm was very swift and very professional person and I think them for their assistance. From Avvo Reviews

    21 Jun 2022

  • Bully Lawyer – Posted by Anonymous

    He was amazing. He kept me updated the unabridged case. He was also quicker then I idea. Thanks. Would recommend him in a center vanquish. From Avvo Reviews

    21 Jun 2022

  • He gets things done and fast!!!!! – Posted by Brandy Flores

    He has kept me informed every step of the way! He gets things done and fast!!!!! He answers questions and very kind! I am very happy with what he has done!!!! From Facebook Reviews

    20 Jun 2022

  • He did a awesome chore – Posted by Hostage

    I highly recommend this Police Firm once I emailed him all the documentation that he asked for he took on my case six months later he’s settled information technology that’due south why I’m giving him 5 stars he did a awesome job what more could you ask for in a lawyer From Avvo Reviews

    twenty Jun 2022

  • Very Good – Posted by Chris

    Handled my case rapidly and smoothly and kept me updated throughout the unabridged example From Avvo Reviews

    19 Jun 2022

  • Hero – Posted by Bearding

    My Lawyer was professional and kep me updated on my case, explain everything on the case, I Thank Mr Blake, Hire him in a second From Avvo Reviews

    19 Jun 2022

  • Blake is fantastic! – Posted by Wendy Elliot

    Blake is fantastic! Kept usa updated every step of the way. If nosotros ever notice ourselves in another situation, nosotros will definitely hire him again. From Facebook Reviews

    19 Jun 2022

  • An absolute pleasure to work with – Posted by Jamie Williams

    Very professional person. Consistent updates. An absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks sir! From Facebook Reviews

    19 Jun 2022

  • Handled my instance quickly – Posted past Chris Hanson

    Handled my case quickly, smoothly and efficiently. From Facebook Reviews

    19 Jun 2022

  • Blake was very helpful – Posted by Christina Franks

    The timeline for this process was exactly on time. Blake was very helpful and patient with my instance. Thanks a lot! From Facebook Reviews

    nineteen Jun 2022

  • I had bug with my tax return on the emerald bill of fare from H&R Cake. I than made the all-time determination contacting Blake to aid. – Posted by Anonymous

    I struggled for months with my state of affairs and the new emerald card. I would endeavor to fix it my self but i oft was ignored. Or the costumer service people wouldnt speak english, refuse to assist me, and at times put me on hold for hours simply to exist ignored. I than got in contact with Attorney Mr. Blake Thomas who was very efficient. Very streight forward and afterwards receiving all my details was able to successfully get information technology worked out for me. From Avvo Reviews

    12 Jun 2022

  • They kept me updated on everything – Posted past Keishana Clanton

    Very good work my 1st time going thru it and they help me all the way with everything and the time menstruation they said information technology takes they where right they kept me updated on everything if I always have to go thru information technology again I will be using them over again.. From Facebook Reviews

    22 May 2022

  • Awesome!!! – Posted by Alicia Turner

    Awesome!!! He handled my case smoothly and very professionally. From Facebook Reviews

    08 May 2022

  • I would definitely recommend Blake – Posted past Barbette Barnes

    I just want to give thanks Blake for taking my case and getting my money back plus little actress. I would definitely recommend Blake because he stays on acme of the case and answers dorsum promptly. From Facebook Reviews

    08 May 2022

  • Absolutely Awesome – Posted by Anonymous

    Professional and fast. I would choose to have him handle my case if needed in the futurity. Truly swell guy!! From Avvo Reviews

    08 May 2022

  • Blake Thomas is awesome. – Posted by Jenifer Jay

    Blake Thomas is awesome. I was having issues with my bank and he resolved them in an efficient and timely manner and got me my coin back. Thank yous Blake!! From Facebook Reviews

    07 May 2022

  • Amazing Litigator – Posted by Jenifer

    I was and then frustrated and aggravated with my financial institution when I found Blake Thomas online. He handled my example professionally and efficiently. I am forever grateful to him for helping me. Anyone with any consumer fraud protection issues contact him! From Avvo Reviews

    07 May 2022

  • He’s very fast and a awesome lawyer!! – Posted by Kassandra Camacho

    He’s very fast and a awesome lawyer!! Volition recommend to family and friends. From Facebook Reviews

    26 Apr 2022

  • Fair, honest and kept me informed every footstep – Posted by Rhonda Cobb

    Fair, honest and kept me informed every step. I would encourage anyone to contact for any consumer financial issue. From Facebook Reviews

    26 April 2022

  • I thought I didn’t take a risk of getting any justice. – Posted by Bearding

    He took a instance later on I couldn’t get the company to respond to letters. He was right when he filed of a sudden they responded past wanting to settle. He kept me informed on the steps he was taking and had a good follow through to wrap it up. From Avvo Reviews

    26 Apr 2022

  • Cheers to Blake Thomas, I got a fair settlement – Posted by Rhonda

    When I had an effect with my debit card, Mr. Thomas handled it when I wasn’t sure what to do next. He explained what to expect and stayed in contact with me. I congratulate him for a task well done and encourage anyone who has an consequence with a financial transaction to consult with him. From Avvo Reviews

    26 April 2022

  • No doubt, I got the highest settlement available!!!!! – Posted by Les Alberto

    Hands down!! This attorney is amazing. Very quick and efficient. No doubt, I got the highest settlement available!!!!! From Facebook Reviews

    14 Apr 2022

  • I volition definately recommend Chaser Blake Thomas – Posted by Lynn Black

    Blake accepted my example told me what he needed from me when I gave him what he needed I was told let him handle the remainder. That is exactly what I did he kept me informed every step of the way. Last week got the news I won my adapt against the depository financial institution. From Facebook Reviews

    03 Apr 2022

  • Professional – Posted by Anita

    Attorney Thomas kept me informed every footstep. Whenever I had a question he would go back to me within a reasonable time with an answer. Cannot say cheers enough. If yous were in Florida I would broil you a cake!!! From Avvo Reviews

    02 April 2022

  • I highly recommend! Will definitely use again! – Posted past Leslie Alberto

    I only communicated once or twice with Blake. I was thrilled to hear he was able to obtain such favorable result. Best role is he is more than than off-white. He returned my lost money plus some. From Facebook Reviews

    03 Feb 2022

  • Nifty attorney – Posted by Sharonda Johnson

    Bang-up chaser, fast and and accurate communication. This is my 3rd time working with him. Mr. Blake, you’re the best! From Facebook Reviews

    29 Nov 2017

  • This chaser is awesome!! – Posted by Melanie Teslow

    This attorney is awesome!! Highly recommend to anyone seeking representation against unfair large business organization practices. Fast resolution, great communication. A very positive experience!! Thanks Blake!! From Facebook Reviews

    15 Nov 2017

  • Awesome chaser!! – Posted by Melanie

    The best. He did a great task on my instance. Fast resolution and great communication. Would highly recommend to anyone needing representation confronting unfair business practices. Stands up for his clients!! From Avvo Reviews

    15 Nov 2017

  • Cracking lawyer – Posted past Ehab Samy

    Blake Thomas was a fully professional and smashing lawyer, Give thanks your Mr Blake. From Facebook Reviews

    02 Nov 2017

  • Very professional – Posted by Kia Craft

    Blake was very professional person, fast and friendly. I actually capeesh all his hard work. From Facebook Reviews

    31 Oct 2017

  • I couldn’t get anything washed without him! – Posted by Mandy Walton Simmons

    Blake Thomas was so professional and fast! I couldn’t get anything done without him! I am then thankful I found him and recommend him if you need legal services for your personal matters! Thanks once again Blake!! From Facebook Reviews

    26 October 2017

  • Without your services, we wouldn’t exist celebrating this EXTREMELY generous settlement – Posted by Matthew

    Thank you for being so professional, communicative and direct frontwards throughout every step of the case. Nosotros will definitely refer y’all for future incidences. From Facebook Reviews

    13 Sep 2017

  • Amazing service – Posted by Monica

    He keeps you updated throughout the entire process and does the all-time job with your case. Also notch service! Highly recommend! From Avvo Reviews

    05 Sep 2017

  • Thank you for helping me with RushCard – Posted by Burnette

    I would recommend Mr Blake Thomas to anyone that has problem. He is a great attorney who ever responds promptly and gives right answers

    19 May 2017

  • Great and easy process – Posted past Danielle

    He made everything and then easy and e’er kept me updated and informed

    25 Apr 2017

  • Instance against a prepaid debit card company – Posted past Michelle

    I would highly recommend Mr. Thomas to anyone. He took my case on contingency against a pre paid debit card later on they held my Social Security Inability

    21 Apr 2017

  • Easy to piece of work with – Posted by Barbara

    Blake was really like shooting fish in a barrel to piece of work with. A few emails was all it took for him to have and settle my case against a pre-paid credit card visitor.

    05 April 2017

  • Highly Recommended – Posted past John

    Mr Thomas took my case on contingency against a National bank that refused to investigate or correct and unauthorized electronic debit to my banking company account.

    04 Apr 2017

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    He went after a prepaid bill of fare visitor and got us results fast

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    I’thousand and so thankful to have constitute Blake on google. He has been then helpful in assisting me with several cases and I will refer him to my peers.

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    I contacted Blake Thomas to go a settlement with a visitor that had my funds. He was upfront and honest about fourth dimension and pricing likewise as which way information technology could go. He got a settlement for me, and it was in a keen timeframe!

    21 Mar 2017

  • Skilled & Efficient – Posted by Robert

    I am very pleased with Mr Blake Thomas. When I signed the understanding alphabetic character I was very much in doubt that anything would come of my complaint. Thank yous again, If I always demand these types of services I will definitely contact you over again

    27 Jan 2017

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