7 Simple Steps For Cleaning Up Your Google Drive

If yous’re anything similar me your Google Drive tin sometimes get out of control. 57 ‘Untitled Docs’, 123 folders nether ‘My Drive’ and don’t even get me started on ‘Shared with me’. Here are three simple tips to help yous get your Drive under control for the new year. Fifteen minutes is all that is needed to get you feeling like a digital Marie Kondo.

Tip 1 – Create an Archive binder – it’s a chip similar hiding all the mess in the cupboard!

If yous find yourself with a mass of unnamed files and folders sitting in your Bulldoze, simply move them all to a folder that you create but as a storage space for this purpose. This means you don’t need to sort through and organise them. Take a quick scan (open filigree view to do this and so you tin meet a preview) and move whatsoever that leap out at you to keep to the appropriate binder, then select all the residual and move them to your the binder you have created. I accept a folder called
that I keep within an

If you lot do this y’all’ll however be able to find the files easily at a afterwards date and and then you can save them to where you desire them if they are yet relevant. Otherwise, they can sit down there and exist forgotten forever!

1.)Create your Archive folder
2.)Select the files y’all want to dump in your Archive binder

NB: Select the whole range by clicking the tiptop file, then concord downwards on shift and click the concluding file you desire to select. Select files that aren’t in gild by holding down command (Mac) or Ctrl (PC) and clicking on multiple files.

3) Secondary (right) click and select
Motility to

4) Find your annal folder and click
if prompted

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Quickly make clean up your #google Drive by creating an archive binder. #gsuite #utbPD
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Disclaimer – I’m pretty sure Marie Kondo wouldn’t corroborate of this kind of ‘sweeping it all under the carpet’ arroyo. She’d probably suggest y’all look at each file and ask if it brings you lot joy – but who’s got time for that! If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo or KonMari you can check it out


Tip 2: Limit the number of parent folders you have

I try to make sure that I can see all the folders that live inside a parent folder without having to scroll. This means some careful thinking, especially for the first parent folders under My Bulldoze, for the initial ready. I’ve found that I can break everything down into just a few categories and endeavor to stick with it.

Tin can you see all your #google Drive folders without scrolling? #gsuite #utbPD
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This means I can apace navigate between folders. When I starting time to have to whorl I have a re-sort and try to limit myself to ten folders within anyone one folder. There’s loads more than folders within them of course – but only x each! Switching to grid view is another manner to get an overview of the folders you accept.

Tip iii: Create files and folders where you want them to live

Add some other new yr’s resolution to your listing! Brand an effort to always create your files and folders where y’all want them to alive.
I try really hard to navigate to the binder where I want the file to alive, either make it in that parent folder or make a new binder, then make the Doc, Slide or Sheet. If you forget to do that and you lot’ve already fabricated it yous can quickly move it from the file menu or the folder icon beside the star at the elevation of the Doc, when it is open.

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This will help you to avoid all the random Docs everywhere later. Make information technology part of your addiction to name the files immediately. You can ever rename them later simply don’t let that Doc go some other one of the thousands of unnamed, unloved, lost docs out there.


No affair what age your students are or what subject yous teach,
please, please, please
make certain you
these simple tips with them. They are going to live their lives in a digital world and need to know how to keep things organised and efficient.

Computational Thinking is all about logic and reasoning. Sorting and organising files and folders into directories links directly to this. You could aid your students to brand logical choices about how they structure their online environment in the aforementioned mode that you expect them to proceed desks or spaces within the classroom organised. When I was teaching I would set aside time every few weeks for my students to sort their Drive (and their inboxes). Like every other skill, they demand guidance and fourth dimension to practice so that they form good habits.

Give your students time to organise and tidy their #google drive, in the aforementioned way you would their classroom desk or infinite. #utbPD #computationalthinking
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Plough organising digital files (or any files) into a compuational thinking action for your ss’s and start coming together some of the #nzdtc progress outcomes! #utbPD
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What are your pinnacle tips for digital organization? Share them on Twitter and be certain to tag u.s. in! @Usingtechbetter, @lara_kirk and #utbPD

So, be like Marie Kondo – go your files sorted and ready for an awesome 2022!

7 Simple Steps For Cleaning Up Your Google Drive

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