Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni Review Vacuum Mop Robot Voice Control

The new historic period of the robot vacuum allows not to think nearly maintenance as much and let the robot do the chore on its own. Some most-featured robots make clean themself and by that I mean it doesn’t only self-empties the dustbin simply too wash the mopping pads. Dorsum in the day, the robots either did 1 thing or another only non both at the aforementioned time. In 2022 we can see some models having all the features nosotros wished for dorsum then.

Today we are talking almost four of them, the Xiaomi All-in-One, Roidmi Eva, Roborock S7 MaxV, and Deebot X1 OMNI PLUS. They all look kinda similar but the Roidmi is much cheaper and let’south see what is the reason for that.

All of these models have a self-cleaning base, Lidar to map the cleaning surface area, three of them additionally have a built-in camera to recognize small objects, and all of them take a mopping characteristic. All of them accept the restricted area feature, zoned cleaning, room cleaning and other features bachelor in most robots these days.

Let’s talk about each.

Object recognition

Object recognition is a function that was simply available in premium robots back and so just non anymore. Fifty-fifty the medium-priced robots might have it so it’due south not that rare anymore. Most premium robots navigate past using Lidar which scans the surroundings to create an authentic map that is being followed further on. Object recognition allows a robot to run across small objects Lidar can not identify. Object recognition technology is ordinarily a camera or 3D sensor located on a bumper that tracks some small-scale things, calculates the distance for it, and possible ways to avoid a sure object. The 3D sensor is a cheaper technology, it lacks some features the camera has. The three of the robots on this list are beingness navigated via a born camera. A photographic camera is more precise and is able to have pictures of an object besides as leave a mark on the map where the object is located.

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I of the reasons the Roidmi is much cheaper is a lack of object recognition. It only relies on Lidar and as a consequence, its navigation is non as accurate.

Cleaning brushroll

A cleaning brushroll takes a big function of a cleaning mechanic starting with performing on carpet and ending up with ease of maintenance.

A fully-safety brushroll the Roborock does a nifty job on carpets merely kinda struggles with picking up pet hair on it. It deals with pet hair on hard floor, just non actually doing the thing on rug. Has no bug with other types of debris, but my personal experience with the Roborock S7 I take tested. I do believe the S7 MaxV does it much better as it is more powerful. Another pro of a bristles brushroll is how easy information technology is to maintain. It resists pilus tangles and even if information technology does become some pilus around the roller afterwards cleaning, removing information technology takes a few seconds.

The standard brush is kind of a mutual as it does the job on carpet as well every bit picks up pet hair on it and probably is ameliorate the last thing because of bristles that arouse hair. However, a standard castor is not equally expert at performing a deep clean as a fully-safe one. And so there is a residuum between a practiced cleaning and collecting pet pilus on carpet.

The other three have a standard brushroll that is a mix of rubber and bristles.

The self-cleaning base that does it all for you

The cocky-cleaning base is the primary reason why these robots are so expensive. Each base contains two large water tanks, one for clean and i for wasted h2o, and additionally a disposable handbag. The base has the following functions:

The water tanks launder a mopping pad and also fill a water tank inside the robot. When the robot returns to the base of operations, the make clean water container supplies water to wash the pads and circles to the wasted water container then the pads are always make clean and gear up to exist used the adjacent time. Afterwards washing, the base of operations dries out the pads with hot air preventing humidity and bad smell.

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Another pick is cocky-emptying the dustbin which is non new, many robots already have it. A disposable bag located within the dustbin collects droppings for upwards to 2 months then you neither have to empty the dustbin manually nor replace the bag for at least a month depending on usage.

The Roidmi Eva does not have a modest water tank inside the robot so its base does not refill information technology, only has washing and drying functions. That is another reason for the robot existence cheaper.

However, its self-emptying base of operations has some features other models don’t, the display. Information technology shows when the waster water container is full, the base cleaning status, when the dust bag gets total, when the clean h2o container has to be refilled, battery level, and mop drying indicator. I think this is a very useful feature and accept no idea why other manufacturers don’t implement information technology to the cocky-cleaning base.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, additionally to all these features also has a self-make clean option that washes the base of operations then it stays make clean later on washing the mopping pad.

Mopping system what is the difference

I of the differences betwixt the models is the mopping system. Firstly, it’s the mopping pad type each uses. The Roidmi, Deebot, and Xiaomi have two rotating pads while the Roborock has a single mopping pad that vibrates. All 4 models back up restricted areas if needed.

The Xiaomi and Roborock elevator up the mopping attachment when the robot steps up on carpeting making cleaning more convenient as the user doesn’t have to vacuum carpets on the second go. The DEEBOT, on the other mitt, avoids carpets automatically with mopping attachments on. For the Roidmi, you have to set no-go zones so it doesn’t cantankerous a carpeted expanse.

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All of them return to the base to wash the pads after mopping and each system has a drying feature.

Roidmi Eva

The almost affordable

Roidmi Eva

The near affordable

Does it all in ane but lacks some key features

The cheapest robot vacuum that washes the mopping pads and empties the dustbin. Additionally, the only ane with a display on a self-cleaning base although lacks object recognition, and a small water tank then might not be as skillful at mopping as the others.

Xiaomi All-In-Ane Robot Vacuum and Mop


Xiaomi All-In-One Robot Vacuum and Mop

More affordable compared to the DEEBOT and additionally has a lifting characteristic. Not widely available yet tho.


As well good


Automatically avoids carpets with the mopping attachments on, no need to set restricted areas on carpeting. Better to apply in homes with mostly carpets or hard floors as the user would have to run the robot twice, firstly to vacuum and mop fugitive all carpets, and the second time to vacuum the carpets.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

All-time overall

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

Vibrates and lifts up the pad on carpet

Uses a dissimilar kind of a mopping pad and additionally self-cleans itself after washing the pad.

One of the best in the manufacture. Lifts the mopping pad on rug and doesn’t utilise the rotating pads but a solid one that additionally vibrates creating more than pressure on the floor. Unlike the other iii, information technology besides cleans the base after washing the pad which is a squeamish bonus. Very user-friendly to use in homes with a mixed surface.

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni Review Vacuum Mop Robot Voice Control