Apples 27 Inch Mini Led Monitor Could Face A Disappointingly Lengthy Delay

Apple’due south 27-inch Mini-LED monitor could face a disappointingly lengthy delay

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Apple tree’s rumored 27-inch monitor which is said to sport Mini-LED tech won’t be out nearly every bit soon equally previous chatter from the grapevine suggested.

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spotted a tweet from Ross Young, a well-known leaker (and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants), indicating that the 27-inch monitor has been pushed back considerably past Apple.

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As you can see, give-and-take is that rather than beingness launched in June as originally intended (presumably that meant WWDC, which takes place early on in the month), the display may not pitch up until Oct 2022.

Young explains that the delay is due to the lockdown in Shanghai, as production was supposed to be handled there (by Quanta), simply Apple tree has been forced to switch to a different location. That’south manifestly not a petty change, and and then if this is indeed the case, we tin certainly expect a few months to exist added to the waiting time for this 27-inch screen.

Note that Apple’s MacBook Pro product is as well in the same gunkhole, according to a recent report.

Analysis: Studio Display Pro to doubtless be an expensive proposition

In theory, this could exist an Apple Studio Display Pro, a higher-stop version of the new Studio Display, the main divergence being a large one – the addition of Mini-LED, of course.

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The rumor mill (including Young) originally believed that a 27-inch iMac Pro was inbound, but there was patently some confusion around this, and previous mentions of such an iMac were actually based on leaks pertaining to this 27-inch Mini-LED monitor. Although there are still some folks on Twitter questioning whether this might still be an all-in-ane computer from Apple tree, rather than but a display.

If information technology is a Studio Display Pro, we can of course wait information technology to be pricey. In the above tweet, Immature was asked by one commenter about a ballpark for the cost tag, but the leaker merely replied that information technology would be “expensive”.

That’s no surprise, though, given that the Apple tree Studio Display is already a pricey proffer itself, starting at $i,599 (£one,499 / AU$ii,499). We could look a serious Apple premium added to any Pro version with Mini-LED, with that maybe more or less doubling the cost tag to around iii grand.

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Apples 27 Inch Mini Led Monitor Could Face A Disappointingly Lengthy Delay