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How to Change the Default Messaging App on Android?

Thanks to Android’s open ecosystem, if you’re not happy with the default SMS app, you tin can hands modify it. There are many tertiary-party messaging apps available via Google Play yous can try them out. No thing what version of Android yous had installed, Android 4.iv Kitkat, Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android 6.0 Marshmallow or the latest Android, yous can
change the default messaging app to some other text applications
with ease like Hangouts, GoSMS pro or Textra.

Office 1: How to Alter the Default Messaging App on Android

If you practice, or wish to employ a custom SMS app instead of the default Messaging one, here’s how to set it upwardly for your device:

Phones with the latest Android (take OnePlus every bit an example):

Pace 1
Swipe the telephone screen and open up
app. Curl downwards to observe
“App & notification“.

Footstep 2
And so, tap on
“Default apps“ > “SMS app“

Step 3
In this folio you can run across all bachelor apps that can be set equally default SMS app. Check your preferred texting app.

Phones with Android eight (have OnePlus as an example):

Ringlet to find Settings app again. Tap on
option under
“Personal“. Tap on
“Default“ > “SMS app“
pick. Choose another app you like.

Phones with Android 7 (take Samsung as an instance):

Scroll down the notification shade to enter Settings app. Tap on
option. Tap on the
gear bicycle
icon in the top-right corner. Tap on
apps and change one desired app.

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That’south it, now y’all will receive new SMS letters through this customer. Also, then you lot can but modify information technology back whenever you desire.

Part ii: How to backup Android Letters on custom SMS App on ane-click

If yous would similar to backup messages on Android phone or tablet, Syncios Data Transfer could exist your best choice. It backs up messages not only on Android built-in app, but also the third-party SMS app, such every bit Hangouts, GoSMS, Textra, etc. It takes but ane click to fill-in and restore text letters and more.

The programme is compatible with Windows and Mac PC. Click the download button provided beneath to become a Syncios Toolkit onto your reckoner. And and then click into
‘Phone Transfer’
style on the interface to initiate the Syncios Data Transfer. If you lot are on Mac calculator, direct click the download push to get into it.

run syncios data transfer on computer

Pace 1
Run Syncios Data Transfer, and connect your android telephone or tablet to estimator using USB cable.

Pace 2
On the homepage, click
“Backup”. Y’all can clearly see the free space of the default backup path, if information technology has not enough storage space or you desire customize a save path, click on the icon under
“Backup to”. And so tick
“Text Messages”
selection in the middle.

Pace three
push button to first copy. Afterward a while, all of your messages on default messaging app would be backed up on computer.

backup android

Tips: Syncios Information Transfer provides 3 different modes to y’all to restore backed up information, from local backup file, from iTunes backup file or from iCloud backup files, you’re allowed to restore messages on your Android or restore to iPhone whenever y’all desire with only one click.

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Part 3: How to backup Android Messages on custom SMS App Selectively

Sometimes, to backup or excerpt parts of the messages for keeping them permanently or press out, what is the easiest way to backup them selectively? Syncios Mobile Director is the best Android phone director, which can flexibly manage letters, contacts, music, photos, videos and apps on Android.

Step 1

Download and install Syncios Toolkit on your computer and run information technology. And click into
‘Mobile Manager’
on Syncios Toolkit interface to intiate the Syncios Mobile Manager. If you are on Mac computer, directly click the download button to become into it.

start up syncios mobile manager

Pace 2Connect your Android phone to the computer via USB cable which is quicker and more stable, then tap on
tab on the tiptop menu. After completely loading, further press
on the left panel, you can browse detailed contents of every message in the right-manus dialog box. Just tick off the box of what you need to transfer and click on
push to transfer the selected messages from Android to calculator.

To recover the backed upwards letters one day, but connect target device to the calculator: Go to Information >> Messages >> Recover.

Tips: If you lot would like to scan backed up massages on your estimator, you can instruct to
the Letters to
files and open them via web browser, Notepad or Microsoft Word.

backup android selectively


At present you lot know how to change the default messaging app on an Android phone, and then how to backup all Android Letters on custom SMS app, like Hangouts, GoSMS, Textra in a click via
Syncios Information Transfer
or backup role of the messages selectively through complimentary
Syncios Android Managing director. And both of the methods enable us to recover backed upwardly messages to other mobile phones later on.

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Syncios Mobile Director (Win and Mac):

Syncios Data Transfer (Win and Mac):

Change Default App Android Phone Browser Texting Assistant How To