Windows 11 Pc How To Type Special Characters

How to type special characters on a Windows 11 PC


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The easiest way to add diacritical marks to a document is to enable the Windows touch keyboard. The affect keyboard automatically appears if you’re using a Windows tablet or a PC in tablet manner. If yous don’t have a touchscreen, y’all can use the keyboard icon that appears in the taskbar on the right side well-nigh the date. Don’t see it? This is how yous get it:

  • Click on the search icon in the toolbar and search for “touch keyboard.” Or go to
    Settings > Time & language > Typing > Bear on keyboard.

  • Check Show the touch keyboard when in that location’s no keyboard attached.

Now, when y’all want to utilise a special graphic symbol:

  • Click on the touch keyboard icon. (You’ll usually observe information technology on the right side of the taskbar.)

  • The bear upon keyboard will appear. Long press (with your mouse button or, if y’all accept a touchscreen, your finger) on the letter you want to use.

  • You’ll now meet several extra keys showing the means you tin type that letter with dissimilar symbols. Select the 1 you want, and information technology volition appear on your document.

  • If you want to add an emoji or a GIF, click on the emoji push button. (Information technology’s the icon with the middle located on the upper left of the keyboard.)


Another keyboard that you lot tin can access and that can let you lot easily add special characters to your text is Windows’ emoji keyboard. Yep, it is mainly for adding emojis to your text, but it’southward got other uses as well. And information technology’s simple to use.

  • Agree down the Windows key and hitting the period key.

  • The emoji keyboard will pop up. Click on the symbols tab on peak (the fourth from the left).

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The emoji keyboard also lets you access special characters.

  • Curl down until yous observe the character you lot want. You lot can also jump to various types of characters past using the categories (such as “General punctuation” or “Currency symbols”) on height.

Use THE Character MAP

If you lot’d similar to try a more than old-fashioned method of calculation special characters to Windows, y’all tin can use the character map, which is a less polished and more complicated version of the bear on keyboard just offers a like service.

To admission it on your Windows eleven system:

  • Select the search icon in your taskbar, type


    in your search field, and then select the Grapheme Map app.

  • You’ll get a pop-up map showing a bunch of special characters for a specific font. You can change the font by clicking on the drop-downwards font menu at the elevation.

  • Click on the letter(due south) or special characters that you want to employ in your certificate, and so click on the


    button. They’ll announced in the Characters to re-create field.

  • Once you’ve selected all the characters you want, click on the
    button, and and then paste the character(southward) into your certificate.

  • Beginning, you demand to add together the US International Keyboard to Windows:

  • Go to
    Settings > Time & Language > Language & region

  • Expect for Preferred languages and (assuming you’re an English speaker in the U.s.) click on English (United States). Then select the three dots at the right and choose Language options.

  • Wait for the Keyboards section, which (if you’ve never been there earlier) will probably but contain a single keyboard icon labeled
     U.s.a. / QWERTY
    . That’southward the keyboard map yous’re now using. Click on the Add together a keyboard push to the right of Installed keyboards.

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If you’re an English language speaker who is multilingual and uses special characters a lot, you may want to try the US International Keyboard, which maps your keyboard to more easily let you to add special characters. (Thanks to “shiroledat” for the tip.)

  • In the popular-up menu that appears, curl to
    United States-International / QWERTY
     and click on it.

Now, you always take the option of using either the standard United states keyboard or the U.s. International Keyboard. Yous can meet which 1 is agile in the lower-right side of your taskbar nigh the date. It will either read
. Click on that (or just hitting Windows key+space bar) and a pop-up carte will let you switch from ane to the other.

The US International Keyboard gives you lot ii ways to add a special graphic symbol:

  • Use the right-paw


    key in combination with the appropriate letter to get i of the more common combinations. For instance,
     will result in é.

  • Printing the symbol you want to utilise so the letter you want to use it with. For instance, if y’all beginning press the ~ symbol and and then the n fundamental, yous’ll go ñ.


Remember the character map? If you expect at the lower right-hand corner of the character map after yous’ve chosen a letter or special character, you’ll see the give-and-take Keystroke followed by Alt and a 4-digit number. This number represents the of the symbol, and it’s the time-honored standard for adding characters.

If you use a few special characters consistently, it can be faster to but add the character y’all want using your usual keyboard. There are several ways to do this; here are two of the easiest (each of which has its limitations):

  • Press the Alt fundamental and and then blazon the 4-digit Unicode value. For this to piece of work, you need to accept a separate number pad on your keyboard, and the NumLock cardinal should be enabled.

  • If you’re working with Microsoft Word, WordPad, Outlook, or another Microsoft app, y’all tin can type in the Unicode value and then type

  • Yous can also press the Command key plus a symbol and so the letter you want to accent. For case,
     and e will result in é — bold y’all’re in a Microsoft app.

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Windows 11 Pc How To Type Special Characters