9 Comixology Tips For Digital Comics Mastery

This week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales include, the wonder that isImmortal Blob,X-Men Legacy,
Captain Marvel
(so many relaunches to proceed track of) and a possible late addition to the Epitome Omnibus sale.

But first, nosotros should probably talk well-nigh Amazon’s disability to get their sale prices right on the starting time iteration of a sale. This seems like it’s mostly a DC thing, but auction prices are dropping TWICE on some comics. The first time when the sale first appears and the 2nd time a mean solar day or ii afterward the sales are posted. Information technology’south foreign and the best communication we can give is that if the cost doesn’t end in .99 or .49, information technology’s likely there’s an update that hasn’t happened nonetheless.

Nosotros tin’t tell if this is deliberate or a technical error, and if information technology’s a technical fault, whether the problem is on the Amazon side or the DC side.  Regardless of why, this is actually inconvenient. While Amazon (and even Comixology) have e’er had the odd championship that lagged behind the rest of the sale, this has gotten ridiculous.

On a related note, we can’t really tell if all of the Dark Equus caballus titles on the Deals page are really on sale.  You don’t sill the digital list price vs. sale toll listed on those, just

That’s not the nearly helpful thing in the globe.

Now, if you lot go into the auction listings, *some* of the comics will have the “all-time price in 30 days” banner. Those are probably one sale. The rest? Nosotros’re just not certain.  We like things like Hellboy and Joe Kubert’southward Tarzan, but we’re not sure those are dandy sale prices for everything listed.

Speaking of digital list cost vs. sale price, if an individual volume is enrolled in Comixology Unlimited, you need to be logged out of Unlimited to exist able to run into the original listing toll.  Yes, this is yet another inconvenience after Amazon’southward attempted absorption of the Comixology site.

We’re and so old, nosotros remember when Amazon really cared about the client experience. It’s just non clear how much the care about their comics customers, since we keep having all sorts of new hiccups.

Anyway, back to the Cheap.

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Where did the New Releases and Auction pages go?

In example you’re having troubles with the new UIX (a LOT of people accept been):

  • The new releases page is here.
  • The
    “Comics Deals” page is here.

The End of the Immortal

Immortal Blob Sale
runs through Th, 3/31.

Easily the sale of the week.

This is Al Ewing’s horror-tinged opus. The Hulk and other gamma-afflicted characters assemble. Information technology seems those dosed with gamma might not exist able to die and it all seems tied to a mysterious green door that might lead to Hell. And at that place’south someone behind the door.

Now, in that location are ii parallels sets of reprints hither: the “regular” volumes (one-11) and the deluxe volumes (Book one-4). The palatial ones reprint two of the regular volumes, so you’d exist waiting on Five. 5. Otherwise, there’s not an appreciable cost difference between formats.

Annotation: Five. xi collects diverse one-shots and is optional.  V.1-10 gets you the full story.

Other than that, just enjoy one of the best comics of the final decade.


Marvel’due south
10-Men Legacy Sale
runs through Sunday, iii/27.

This would be the (largely) Mike Carey era of theX-Men: Legacycomic. You lot might know him fromLuciferandMy Religion in Frankieor in his cloak-and-dagger identity equally M.R. Carey withThe Girl With All the Gifts.
Aye, he gets effectually a little.

It’south the 10-Men, so there’s quite a few artists passing through – Scot Eaton, Khoi Pham and Clay Isle of man all effigy prominently.

This picks upward afterwards Messiah Complex and runs intoAvengers Vs. X-Men
with Christos Gage penning the concluding couple volumes.

(The bodily series page might be easier to navigate.)

X-Men Legacy

Not A Large Cherry Cheese?

Helm Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest Hero Auction
runs through Lord’s day, 3/27.

Hmmm… was somebody angle over backwards to riff on the original Captain Curiosity beingness “The World’s Mightiest Mortal?” Information technology does seem that way, doesn’t it?

OK… brace yourselves… this one has a ton of relaunches:

  • Ms. Curiosity

    (’77-’79) – The Epic editions have a couple more than issues for an extra buck

  • Ms. Marvel (’06-’10) –
    The Brian Reed era with a lot of rotating artists.

  • Captain Curiosity: The World’s Mightiest Hero
    (’12-’14; ’16) – The Kelly Sue DeConnick era – and the larger collections of this textile.

  • The Mighty Captain Curiosity

    (’16-’17) – Margaret Stohl era
  • And the last book of
    Mighty Helm Marvel
    , not on the serial page.

  • Life of Captain Marvel
    (’xviii) – Stohl era continues

  • Captain Curiosity
    (’19-present) – The electric current Kelly Thompson run

that’south the overly complicated chronology, anyway. For recommendations, we’re not really Helm Marvel experts, but we’re inclined to say go with the current Thompson run. Kelly Sue DeConnick has a very dedicated fanbase, and then maybe browse the sample pages there and see if that catches your fancy, too?

Speaking of Complex Relaunches

Wonder Woman sale was cleaved down in the last installment.

A Late Improver

Image Passenger vehicle auction

running through 3/31?

We’re not sure if this was a late addition to the sale or our center skipped over it, merely there’s an autobus of the Robert Kirkman / Paul Azaceta series
available. 48 issues for $27 is fractionally a lesser deal than the Spawn Omnibuses, just that’s about $3.38 per “normal” collection/ ~56 cents/issue.

We need to read the concluding volume, but this story that’s twist and subversion of demonic possession has been holding our interest.

Even so on Auction

  • The Stream DC: DMZ Sale
    runs through Monday, 3/28

A mid-week expect at Comixology (at Amazon) Sales. Why? Because there’due south a very large Wonder Woman sale that takes quite a bit of attempt to break down into digestible sections.  Plus, The Invaders are on sale, including a recent run that was largely ignored and is worth reading.

(Disclosure: If you lot buy something we link to on our site, nosotros may earn commissions)

Where did the New Releases and Sale pages become?

In example you lot’re having troubles with the new UIX (a LOT of people accept been):

  • The new releases folio is here.
  • The
    “Comics Deals” page is here.

Aureate Age Avengers

Invaders Sale
runs through Th, 3/24.

This would exist the WWII super team congenital effectually Helm America & Bucky, the original Human Torch & Toro and Namor, the Sub-Mariner. They invaded Europe and fought the likes of the Red Skull, Master Man, Warrior Woman, Baron Blood and U-Human.

Invaders Classics: The Complete Drove
is the best pricing for the run and nosotros’d put the first volume as slightly stronger than the second. V.1 is Roy Thomas andmostlyFrank Robbins on fine art. Yes, Robbins on superhero comics is a divisive affair, merely
is where he fits best.  Don Glut joins in the writing fray in V. 2 and the fine art rotates a bit more, notably with Alan Kupperberg. The early sequence introducing Businesswoman Blood is especially good.


The most recent

flew under about radars, but it was a personal favorite hither at the Belfry of Inexpensive. Flake Zdarksy, Butch Guice and Carlos Magno. That book launches today, it gets a little more attention, just Zdarsky was not yet at his current profile level in ’19. This is a modern day tale of Cap, Winter Soldier and the original Torch trying to figure out what’s going on with aggressive war machine stances in Atlantis. Of course, there’s palace intrigue under the sea, but this also serves every bit a Sub-Mariner series, providing some explanations for different characterizations of Namor over the years and wrapping up some of his subplots across various titles. It’s a actually solid comic and we were sad information technology ended.  This is one extended story, then you demand to become both volumes.


We too liked the Stern/Epting collection andAvengers/Invaders,but those are the top picks here.

It Makes You Wonder…

Wonder Woman and the Amazons Auction
runs through Monday, 4/4.

This is another one of those extra hard to navigate, jumbled up sales. Nosotros’re going to do what we did with the Batman sale and break this down into the private titles, then you tin browse picayune easier.

  • Sensation Comics
    – these are the “Gilded Age” annal editions and have the early issues ofWonder Woman
    in them, also.
    Sensation Comics (Single Bug)
    – If you prefer the Mr. Terrific and Mutiny backups be included, the single issues are $0.99. That might exist the everyday toll, besides.
  • Wonder Woman
    (’42-’86) – The early issues are filed underSensation Comics,so this listing is “Best of” collections and the collected “12 Labors” from the 70s.
    Wonder Woman (Single Issues) –The original run is not complete, but a lot of the single problems are available and nigh of them are $0.99. Again, looks like $0.99 is the everyday cost, too.
  • Wonder Woman (’87 – ’06).  OK, this is odd. Amazon has 2 DIFFERENT collected edition pages for this run.  That’s… not real efficient.  At any rate, this is the series that starts out with George Perez, so Messner-Loebs/Deodato, John Byrne,  Phil Jimenez and finally the outset Greg Rucka run. (With a few creators in between those entries.)

Page #1
– this is the main page

Folio #two– click here for V. 5 and 6 of Perez and V.two of Messner-Loebs

If I were working at DC, I’d probably ask Amazon what’s upwards with this link structure.

Wonder Woman
(Single Issues ’87-’06) – over again, mostly $0.99 and that seems like the everyday price.

  • Wonder Adult female (’06-’eleven)
    – This serial is probably best known as the Gail Simone run
    Wonder Woman (unmarried issues) –
    You know the drill. Again, $0.99 singles.
  • Wonder Adult female (’xi-’16)– The New 52 era. Was the Azzarello/Chiang run slightly sacrilegious for the graphic symbol? Probably. Did nosotros still like it? Aye. Yous weren’t expecting Brian to exist reverential, were you?
    Wonder Adult female (single issues)
    – Yup, still $0.99.
  • Wonder Woman (’17 – present)

OK, that was kind of exhausting.  Recommendations? Sure. Become back to Sensation Comics (either version) and get a expect at how strange and subversive the original comics by Moulton and Peters were. Lotsa bondage in a kids’ comic setting.

Go to the ’87 series and get some Perez. For a lot of people Wonder Woman started with Perez. The Rucka + multiple artists run at the terminate of that series is too first-class.

The return of Rucka with Nicola Scott and Liam Precipitous is also splendid, but you lot tin can salvage a trivial money if y’all get that in the
starting time ii volumes here.

And a couple i-offs we tin also recommend:

Wonder Woman: Expressionless Globe

by Daniel Warren Johnson is a helluva fun ride. Diana awakens in mail service-apocalyptical hellscape, fighting off the monsters trying to consume the human survivors and trying to remember why and how long she was unconscious. Listen to metal while you lot read it!

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon

is Jill Thompson’s award winning OGN and it is absolutely gorgeous to behold.

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth
Wonder Woman - True Amazon

Notwithstanding On Sale

This week’southward Comixology (at Amazon) sales include: The Dawn of X segment of X-Men comics, Heroes Reborn (OK, for our purposes, Heroes Render), Iron Man and the DMZ, now as seen on Tv.

Side comments about the nature of reprinting cross-over Events included at no extra charge!

(Disclosure: If you lot buy something we link to on our site, we may earn commissions)


Ten-Men: Dawn of Ten Sale
runs through Thursday, 3/20.

To put this in the context of the Hickman era of Ten, you start out with theHouse of X / Powers of X
mini’southward, and then you go into the “regular” Ten-Men family unit of titles. This post HoX/PoX era is what’s being called “Dawn of 10” and it basically stops just earlier the X of Swords crossover Upshot.

Dawn of X is a serial of trade paperbacks (or digital TPBs for our purposes) that collect the issues of the _entire_ X-Men line of books, to more properly approximate reading the line in release order. Oh, they’ll fudge the verbal release order here and there for 2-parters, only you get the thought.

Essentially, particularly early on in the line, the ideas of the 10-family floated between titles. Ben Percy’southWolverine
cross-pollinated a fair corporeality, besides. We’ve felt that youpractice
get a more than out of the X-line past reading it every bit a whole. It enhances the telescopic and the worldbuilding aspects. Oh, at that place’s a dud of an issue here and there, but on the whole, it’s a strong line. (We didn’t think the line was quite as uniformly strong post-X of Swords, but that’south for a dissimilar time.)

Marvel has been getting better about going dorsum and collecting stories that bounced between titles (like Hickman’due south Avengers saga) in the actual reading order, as opposed tpbs of the individual titles that you demand to bounciness between. In general, this is a skillful thing.

We wish we could become you this listed in numerical gild, but Amazon’south sorting routines aren’t very good here… but we can give you
the list in contrary order! <rolls eyes>

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Dawn of X

We’ll Stick with the Render

Marvel’s Heroes Reborn Sale
runs through Thursday, 3/24.

This is the 90s experiment when Marvel outsourced some of their titles to Image. Now, for our money, the gems here are from the “Heroes Return” period, when those title came back to Curiosity:

Fe Human: Heroes Return – The Complete Collection V. 1

has Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern and Sean Chen as the primary artistic team, re-establishing vanquish head dorsum in the Marvel Universe. Y’all go some Standard mandarin, there’s a side trip with Captain America and MODOK. This collects the first portion of 1 of our favorite Iron Man periods.

And speaking of high points, this sale also has
Helm America: Heroes Return – The Complete Drove,

which is the Mark Waid/Ron Garney run resuming. (It had just started, and was abruptly halted, for Heroes Reborn.) A piffling Hydra, a lost shield… that MODOK tale from Iron Homo is also reprinted here (a shared Annual). It’s a solid run.

Iron Man: Heroes Reborn
Captain America Heroes Return

We Forget… Is Information technology Still 2020?

The last couple years really are a blur and this auction is confusing us!

Curiosity Iron Human 2020 and Other Stories Sale
runs through Sunday, 3/20.

Commencement off, the Heroes Return sale for Busiek/ChenIron Man
is past far the better deal, so ignore the shorter collections here.

Now hither’s a comic we haven’t seen mentioned in quite a while:
Fe Man: The Inevitable
by Joe Casey and Frazier Irving. We liked that one when it was coming out. Stark tries to rehabilitate the Living Lazer, while Spymaster and the Ghost plot his downfall. Introspection, espionage and so some things blow upward. We recollect the audience may take been expecting more slam-bang when it came out, but we recall this as a slower build upward… and it likely benefits from a collected edition.

Atomic number 26 Man: Iron Monger

is the end of the Denny O’Neil/Luke McDonnell era… although McDonnell bows out a picayune early, so you get some Rich Buckler and Marking Brilliant starts his run with #200.  And #200 is a helluva ride. O’Neil runs Tony Stark through the ringer and this sees him dragging himself upwards from the gutters after an alcoholic relapse to deal with Obadiah Stane and his Iron Monger armor. That finale has proven very influential over the years!

Iron Man: The Inevitable
Iron Man: Iron Monger

Feudal Warlords of Manhattan

Stream DC: DMZ Auction
runs through Mon, iii/28.

And yes, that would be the quondam Vertigo serial,DMZ
by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli. And it’s a practiced ane. The premise? There’south been a militia insurgence. The rebels have captured the coast and New Jersey. The US Regular army holds Long Island. Manhattan is a no-man’southward land between the armies. A demilitarized zone, i.e. DMZ. A rookie photojournalist pulls an assignment in the DMZ, just things go pear-shaped and he finds himself stranded… just also with a unique opportunity as an embedded reporter, so he attempts to navigate a strange mural of neighborhood-based warlords and the strange society that’s popped up around the Manhattanites who could become out… while both armies jockey for position in the shadows.

You can read a few volumes on Comixology Unlimited to test drive it, but if you’re buying, you lot want
the larger deluxe editions for your everyman tab.


Nonetheless On Auction

This week in Comixology (at Amazon) Sales, we intermission downwards that large Batman sale by titles and maybe that makes it easier to parse. Marvel has deals on (most) all things Avengers and their Cosmic wing of the universe, while we go along an eye on the Paradigm Omnibuses.

Nosotros’re but wondering if, by the fourth dimension you read this, whether the Defenders sale is still listed on the Deals folio. As nosotros type this, the sale is over, the listing is notwithstanding upwardly and the link doesn’t actually become anywhere.  Amazon is trying to keep yous on your toes!

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Where did the New Releases and Sale pages go?

In case you’re having troubles with the new UIX (a LOT of people take been):

  • The new releases page is here.
  • The
    “Comics Deals” folio is hither.

The Sale That Flaps in the Knight

So let’s revisit the big Batman Sale that’due south still running through Monday (3/xiv). We’ve been hearing a LOT about how hard information technology is to navigate… and that’s no lie. We too heard ane of our old habits is a lilliputian more than helpful with the new Amazon consumer unfriendly layout, so we’re just going to give y’all a list of the various Batman serial out at that place. Pretty much everything older is on sale, including $0.99 cent singles, so maybe this would be a piffling easier to parse?

  • Batman (original 1940 – ’11 series) – graphic novels

    Same series,
    unmarried issues
  • Detective Comics (original 1937 – ’11 series) – graphic novels

    Gauge what? Amazon didn’t bother with a primal list for the original Detective run. Cue the “Real Men of Genius” theme. They’re in the system, but unorganized.
  • Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight – graphic novels

    Same series,
    single problems
  • Batman and the Outsiders (original) – graphic novels

    For whatever reason, the kickoff collection isn’t on sale, only the
    single issues
    are all $0.99.
  • Batman (’eleven-’16, i.e. Snyder/Capullo) – graphic novels

    Same series,
    single issues
  • Detective Comics (’11-’16, i.due east. Tony Daniel, then John Layman)

    Same series,
    single issues

Browse around those links and they might be easier to sift through and digest than the formal sale listings.

Now to throw out a suggestion that’s deeper cut, nosotros were ever a fan of the Greg Rucka / Shawn Martinbrough / Rick Burkett run that’s been collected nether the imprint of “New Gotham.  Cracking run, and $4.99 for 300+ page volumes is expert bang for your buck, also.
Book one
Volume 2.

Batman: New Gotham
Batman: New Gotham

Bargains Assemble

Marvel has an
Avengers sale
running through St. Paddy’s Twenty-four hours (three/17).

No single problems on this auction, only let’s take the same arroyo… although we repent for how unorganized the series pages on Amazon are presented. It’due south poor craftsmanship.

What nosotros’d recommend overall is to head to the
original Avengers run
and pick off some of the Epic Editions for $6.99.

Another excellent option is to caput over to the
’98-’04 Avengers
run and wait at theAvengers Gathervolumes past Kurt Busiek and George Perez, which is a wonderful thing.

You might be thinking most the Hickman era, but we’re going to throw upwards a caution calorie-free here. Because of how that run bounced between various titles, y’all’re much amend off reading it in theAvengers past Jonathan Hickman: The Complete Collection
format and that 1’southward not on auction right now.

However, if you’re looking to go your
Jason Aaron/Ed McGuinness
on, their
is most definitely in the sale.

Oh, you’re going to make us pick and choose?  Fine.

Since the best clamper of Englehart’s Avengers isn’t in Epic format, we’ll go with
The Final Threat
for the original run Ballsy Collection. For $half dozen.99, you go the very end of Englehart, a skirmish with Dr. Doom and Namor, the return of Wonder Human and the Helpmate of Ultron arc. Plus the finale of the original Thanos/Warlock saga. And so your parade of creators also includes Gerry Conway, Jim Shooter, George Perez, John Byrne and Jim Starlin. That own’t shabby.

Then maybe
Avengers Forever
, a truly ballsy Kang story past Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern and Carlos Pacheco. That was it’s ain maxi-serial and sometimes get overlooked for not existence in the chief championship.  But it’s Expert.

(Honorable mention toUnder Seige
– the Epic Collection version, from the delightful Roger Stern / John Buscema / Tom Palmer era.)

Avengers Forever

Image Lays It On THICK

Image’s Passenger vehicle Auction
runs through Thursday, 3/31. At present, y’all need to keep an centre on these Paradigm omnibus sales because a lot of the pricing is for HC palatial editions and such things don’t matter in digital.  That said,  things that caught our eye:

Newspaper Girls The Consummate Story
 by Brian Grand. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang, i.e. 30 bug for $19.99? That’southward a practiced deal on the time travel caper and you get the whole story in one slice.

Would you like to read the first 100 issues ofSpawnfor less than $0.50/effect? Because now there are TWO volumes of
Spawn Compendium

for $23.99 each. fifty problems per volume. Go your Todd McFarlane on, your Greg Capullo on and yes… your Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore, too (in the starting time volume).  That’south about every bit good a per issue price as y’all see outside of the holidays.

If you were wondering, theSagacoach that was on sale a few weeks back isnot
currently on sale.

Paper Girls
Spawn Compendium

No… Cosmic Male child is a DC Character…

Marvel Catholic Heroes Auction
runs through Sunday, 3/13.

And then what’s Cosmic at Curiosity?  Strangely, Jim Starlin-inspired material, but not Starlin, himself. No Captain Marvel or Infinity Gems.

Thanos Wins

was the introduction of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw to the Marvel universe. It was never articulate to u.s. just how cannon this arc was (and then once more, we never idea Old Man Logan would turn upwardly in the electric current timeline), merely it’southward also an entertaining, disturbing and sometimes funny jaunt that finds Thanos against his victorious futurity at the stop of time. And Cosmic Ghost Rider.

The real old schoolhouse option here is
Star-Lord: Guardian of the Milky way
, which collects the early Star-Lord tales. And when nosotros say early, we hateful starting with the old b&w Curiosity magazines. We’ve got most of those and we like them. It’s a unlike Star-Lord than you see mail-GoG movie, too… although Al Ewing has definitely been going back to nuts. (Good on you, Al.) Who was working on these originals? Steve Englehart, Chris Claremont, Doug Moench, Timothy Zahn, Reddish Infantino, John Byrne… there was talent working on the character.

Thanos Wins

And finally… you like hardboiled mysteries? If so, check out Blacksad. It’s anthropomorphic, but is is Not funny animals. This PI comic is firmly in the Hammett/Chandler school and it is EXCELLENT.


This week in Comixology Sales… can we yet all it Comixology? Well, the logo’s still on the Amazon page. Anyhow, we take a await at some discounts on Batman, Conan and GI Joe… plus some communication on navigating the new Amazon page.

(Disclosure: If y’all buy something nosotros link to on our site, we may earn commissions)

We’re not certain how this whole “Comixology on Amazon” thing is going to get. We surely were non happy with the churlish and authoritarian forced updates to the app, then you’re not going to hear us complaining if you’re giving Amazon a “time out” over this — we sure did.

The format may go tweaked a niggling, but and then again yous’d expect that with the applecart getting upset. We’ll give it a try and meet how information technology goes.

Start things showtime, some navigational $.25. We’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about the UIX, and so hither’due south a crook sheet for you.

Where did the New Releases and Sale pages get?

The new releases page is here. Bookmark it if you’ve been having trouble finding it.  Y’all’re going to want to curlicue down to the bottom of the page the see the real/full new releases. It’s like, just maybe a bit clunkier, than the old Comixology setup.  You can filter for major/mid-major publishers only.  Basically, the top listing of filter options from the old version.

Since we know the Comixology folks read this – Comixology needs to consider AT MINIMUM adding an alphabetical sort to that new releases window. It isn’t clear what determines the order things are displayed in, simply it comes off as haphazard and a lot more painful to utilize. Yous’re non doing your reputation any favors with the current land of things. We’d probably also add an option to display content in blocks by publisher… that might be overkill, but a lot of folks would utilize that.  (We’re so old, we remember when Amazon cared most customer opinions.)

“Comics Deals” page is hither. That’s the page for what’southward on sale. Again, bookmark information technology if you’ve been having trouble finding it. We’re not sure about the rhythm of the updates yet – we were giving Amazon a time out. Information technology isn’t clear the update pattern volition exactly match the old Comixology site. Time will tell.  History suggests that ALL the sales may not turn upwardly on the deals page and may start prior to showing up on the deals page, then… stay vigilant?

Something that fabricated united states of america laugh

Amazon/Comixology now has a
“Graphic Novels” folio. Maybe someone will come to their sense and gear up this earlier you click, merely right now we’re seeingX-Men
#ix,Saga #56, Batman #121 —which is to say, Comixology gets captivated by Amazon and of a sudden they tin can’t tell the difference between a single outcome and a graphic novel.  Not inspiring much confidence in that location, sport!

So… anyhow, what’southward on sale right at present that might be interesting?

Dark thoughts need a Dark Knight

At that place’s a
Batman sale
running through Mon, the 14th.

Yeah, information technology’s going to exist a hurting to click through 200+ pages, since Amazon doesn’t seem to have a filigree brandish option for the consummate sale, merely their highlights.

What’southward good?  $2.99 for
Batman:Year One

by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli is a groovy value.

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Call us crazy (you lot wouldn’t be the first), but nosotros thought
Batman: Universe
past Brian Bendis and Nick Derington was a really fun ride. It’s a nice tour of the DCU, the snarkfest of Bruce’s and Alfred’s chat is top notch and you don’t see the “fun” version of Batman that often. Information technology’s but well washed.

Batman: Shadow of the Bat V. i

is the tail finish of the Alan Grant / Norm Breyfogle era of Batman… and also comes with some Tim Sale art, which is never a bad thing. At $four.99, information technology’due south the almost toll constructive entry in that era (which is well worth your time).

Batman: Year OneBatman Universe
Batman: Shadow of the Bat

The Inexpensive Barbarian

Conan Sale
runs through Lord’s day, 3/6.

Conan, possibly because it’s a licensed property, doesn’t seem like it’southward on auction equally much as other titles, and so it might be worth some attending if yous’re barbarian friendly.

We’d put this in 3 buckets:

  1. The
    original Marvel run of

    Conan The Barbarian
    by Roy Thomas, Barry Windsor-Smith, John Buscema and friends. This is conveniently available in Ballsy Collections. It is a classic and i of the most popular titles of its time.
  2. The Dark Horse “Conan Chronicles— as well conveniently available in Epic Collections (some of the well-nigh recent material in Epic format, likewise?). Nosotros’re particularly fond of the early Kurt Busiek / Card Nord run.

  3. Savage Avengers

    by Gerry Duggan and Patrick Zircher (as the principal creative person). OK, we had to be coaxed into this one, likewise. Conan, Venom, The Punisher, Elektra and Doc Voodoo questing after Kulan Gath. “Savage Defenders” might be a more than apt name for it, because information technology really reminded me of what you’d get if Conan was running the old “non-team,” instead of Nighthawk or Doctor Foreign. Except more over the meridian and macho. A comic that’s entertaining, while not taking itself completely seriously… and you’ll know by the description if information technology’s for yous.

Conan the Barbarian
Conan ChroniclesSavage Avengers

The Discount Egress

IDW GI Joe Sale
runs through Thursday, iii/24.

Nosotros bring this ane up because the GI Joe license is going to be leaving IDW at the end of the year. Depending on the roll-out at the new publisher, that means some of the cloth might not be in digital for awhile. So if you lot’re interested in information technology, now is a good time to get electric current with that interest.

We’d say go with the
Larry Hama run. (Which continues

GI Joe

This week’s Comixology sales include the world of the Black Panther, Falcon & the Wintertime Soldier, Hardware and the world of Neil Gaiman.

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This is going to be a shorter run-through of the sales than normal because of the upcoming absorption of Comixology into the Amazon website.  Comixology’south communications on this accept non been particularly helpful.  What practice we officially know?

Pre-orders will be honored for next week’s books, if you’re in the US. If you’re not in the Us, readers are getting notified their subscriptions are cancelled and they’ll need to buy the new comics off Amazon. (Have a look on  Twitter.  People are Not happy.)

If the non-United states of america folks are being told to go to Amazon to buy side by side calendar week’s book, we strongly suspect the Comixology site is offline by Tuesday or Wednesday.

It would exist dainty if Comixology could actually put a date on their intentions, only ever since they first started teasing the changeover all the way back in September, they’ve been avoiding giving an actual appointment. Honestly, we didn’t mail service final week because nosotros weren’t sure if the Comixology site would exist up the next twenty-four hours. Nosotros’re pretty disappointed in the lack of advice at Amazon, up and down the tree.

Then, a link to the Amazon version of the sale will follow the peak level Comixology link. The Amazon links volition be good longer than the Comixology ones volition… at least that’s our understanding.

Nosotros’ll run across what the landscape looks like side by side calendar week.   The Amazon site has not been nearly as good at displaying what’s on sale as the Comixology site.

Paid For in Vibranium

Marvel Black Panther and the World of Wakanda Sale
runs through Sunday (ii/27). (Amazon link)

The old Marvel Knights run, nerveless in omnibus course as
Black Panther past Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection

is our favorite of all the Panther runs.  High adventure and the comic relief of Everett Ross, addled diplomat. This run hits just virtually every notation there is to hit. Much (but not all) of the film flows from hither… even as the Priest run flows from the original
Jungle Activeness
run of Don McGregor and Billy Graham

(as well worth your time.)

Black Panther by Priest
Panther's Rage

Soldiering On

Marvel Falcon and the Winter Soldier Sale
runs through Thursday, 2/17

In that location’s a lot to like with this sale.  Love the Steve Englehart/Sal Buscema era ofCaptain America.
We’ve e’er thought the PriestCaptain America and the Falcon
run was criminally under-rated.  But you know what?


is just too darn topical not to give it the nod today. Cap and the Falcon track down a conspiracy to topple the authorities using bombs that drive people crazy and cause riots.

A Cautionary Tale of the Tech Industry

DC Blackness History Month Sale
runs through Monday, two/xiv. (Amazon Link)

Of all the original Milestone titles getting brought back correct at present, our favorite was

. The opening arc by Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan and J.J. Birch nevertheless rings true. Let’s face it, feeling trapped by an unscrupulous employer in the tech industry who lawyered up and wanting you to sign all sorts of paperwork is still a matter.

Ever Cheque the Prices

Night Horse Neil Gaiman Sale
runs through Monday, two/xiv.

And we’re going to leave you lot on this note to illustrate how weird information technology can sometimes get swapping between the Comixology and Amazon versions of the sale.  We’re merely going to list the prices nosotros’re seeing and advise if you desire some Gaiman, you hit the
Amazon version of the auction

The Neil Gaiman Library
(any volume): Comixology – $12.49 / Amazon – $11.99
Snow, Glass, Apples:Comixology – $5.49 / Amazon – $4.99

Not everything is priced differently, but information technology’s e’er been goofy back and forth between the two sites.

This week in Comixology sales, Curiosity drops a disbelieve onWar of the Realms
andWest Coast Avengers, DC offers up samplers of the “Rebirth” era, Nighttime Horse spotlights Critical Role… and don’t forget that Saga sale is still in effect.

(Disclosure: If you buy something we link to on our site, we may earn commissions)

A little heads up here – every bit you lot may take heard, Comixology has been proverb that their website volition exist absorbed into the Amazon website since… September?  The date of the switchover has been pushed back. A lot. Just nosotros’ve been hearing around the water cooler that it should be any day at present and we’re honestly not sure whether or not it’s going to flip over between now and February 1st.  Maybe it will and perhaps the changeover volition become pushed back again.  If y’all get redirected to Amazon, that’s why nosotros’ve been putting the Amazon links for the sales in.

This Means State of war

The Marvel
State of war of the Realms Sale
runs through Dominicus, 1/30 (Amazon link)

Yep, the Thor Event.  What you go depends on how you want to read it.

For deep background, the
Thor of the Realms

anthology will give a selection of stories from Lee/Kirby, Walt Simonson and other. This falls under “archetype fabric.”

Thor V.2: Road to War of the Realms

by Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo is the lead-in to the actual event, and so starting there would also exist appropriate.

And then there’southward finally
War of the Realms
, the actual Jason Aaron/Russell Dauterman Outcome mini-series wherein Malekith invades Midgard later on conquering the rest of the ten realms.

You get through that and want more, there are plenty of spin-offs available.

Thor of the Realms
Thor Road to War of the RealmsWar of the Realms

Turn Left (Coast)

Marvel W Cost Avengers Auction
runs through Sun, 1/thirty. (Amazon link)

We tin sum this 1 up very hands.  Much more than hands than most sales. Get the Epic Collections.  “How the W Was Won” has the original Roger Stern/Bob Hall express series and then jumps into the Steve Englehart/Al Milgrim ongoing serial. The Ballsy’s accept you through the get-go of the John Byrne run, so when yous get to “Vision Quest,” get that and stop. (Unless yous don’t like Byrne, in which case finish before that.) The side by side Epic Collection, “Darker Than Cherry-red,” has been released, but is too recent to be on sale.  If we take learned i matter, it’s that information technology _will_ be on auction, so exercise a trivial patience at that place.

Avengers West Coast

X’d Out

Marvel X-Forcefulness Legacy Sale
runs through Thursday, two/3. (Amazon link)

We have a clear favorite run of Ten-Forcefulness:
The Rick Remender era. A dark era, to exist sure, but the X-Force concept was supposed to be a piddling dark. The best way to pick that run up is to curlicue downward to the Omnibuses section and catch the two “X-Force by Rick Remender” volumes.

If you want something a LOT different, you can opt for the much loved (a little as well popular to exist “cult”)
Peter Milligan/Mike Allred version, which is farcical take on the team.


When One Birth is Not Plenty

DC Rebirth eBook Sale
runs through Monday, 1/31. (Amazon link)

This would be the deluxe editions of the Rebirth era DC titles, which incorporate the showtime ii “normal” volumes of those titles.

The creative star of Rebirth, as far equally nosotros’re concerned was the relaunch of
Wonder Adult female
under Greg Rucka, Liam Precipitous and Nicola Scott. A repositioning of Diana’south origins after the New 52 version (an excellent story, just mayhap better suited to the Elseworlds line), this one has Diana probing her origins and why Paradise Island has disappeared.

While the Tom KingBatman
was the sales star of Rebirth (and it’s here), we honestly like the James Tynion IV / Eddy Barrows
Detective Comics
run better. Information technology’s actually a sort of Batman Family title as Batman taps Batwoman to assemble Gotham’s vigilantes into more of a cohesive unit of measurement in the face of a mysterious force targeting the younger heroes.

We as well thought the Dan Jurgens / Patrick Zircher / Tyler Kirkham
Activity Comics

run was a lot more fun than it got credit for.  Let’s be brutally honest: DC hasn’t actually been able to find a take on Superman to stick with since New 52 dropped.  This one was a throwback to the tone of belatedly 80s through mid-90s Superman and worked well for what it was… until that ridiculous Jor-El plot got inserted into it towards the end of the run.

Wonder Woman
Detective Comics by TynionAction Comics

Game Dark

Night Horse Critical Role & Vox Machina Sale
runs through Mon, two/7. (Amazon Link)

This would exist the *cough* D&D-like comics exploring the backgrounds of the characters from the extremely popular podcast.  Does that go far the story within the story?  Um, perhaps?

Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins

combines the previous two volumes into a single edition.

Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins — Jester Lavorre

chronicles the early on years of Jester Lavorre… as if you couldn’t estimate by the title…

Critical RoleCritical Role - Jester

Even so on Sale

This week’south Comixology sales include the Silverish Surfer and Silk from Marvel, Peacemaker from DC and Image celebrates the return of Saga with a “Sci-Fi” auction.

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Surf’s Up

Curiosity Silvery Surfer Sale
runs through Sunday, 1/23. (Amazon link)

You actually can’t go wrong with the original Stan Lee/John Buscema (with Jack Kirby at the cease) run of
Silver Surfer
, which is collected beyond two Masterworks editions.

We’re also fond of the

Silvery Surfer
run. In classic Curiosity way, it’south collected in a strange way.  That link will take you to the Epic Collections. The first one, “Freedom” is from the Steve Englehart/Marshall Rogers run, which is excellent.  Naturally the rest of that period isn’t nerveless. To get the beginning of the Jim Starlin/Ron Lim period that followed it, you need to jump over to
Silverish Surfer: The Rebirth of Thanos
. Then you can jump back to the “Thanos Quest” Ballsy Collection, which takes you up to issue 50 and the end of the Starlin era that actually laying the background forInfinity Gauntlet.Ron Marz jumps in for the next Epic Collection, “Infinity Gauntlet” and that’due south more of a companion series to the mini-serial/Issue of the same name, and so venture forward it y’all want, simply know the next volume is largely a tie-in.  Also – the actualThanos Quest
mini-series is reprinted in bothRebirth of Thanos
and the “Thanos Quest” volume.  Keen planning, Curiosity collections dept.!

Silver Surfer Masterworks
Silver Surfer - EnglehartRebirth of Thanos

It Bites

Marvel Silk Sale
runs through Sunday, 1/23.

Yes, this would be the adventures of Silk, the other person bitten by the radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers. For this one, nosotros might go for the



Not Dempsey and Makepeace

DC Peacemaker & Friend Sale
runs through Monday, one/24. (Amazon link)

A small number of random collections and issues hither. (Just V.’southward 1 and 4 of the Ostrander/McDonnellSuicide Squad?Weird.)

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What can we put a adept word in for?
Suicide Squad: Bad Blood

by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo is quality book with more than double crosses than you tin shake a mallet at.  Taylor and Redondo are starting to look like a long term pairing, too.


by Marv Wolfman

is the ancestry of the Adrian Hunt version of the character and gives you an artistic lineup of George Perez/Keith Pollard/Chuck Patton/Ross Andru. (The book ends before yous get some Gil Kane and Trevor Von Eden.)

Suicide Squad Bad Blood

Saga Returns

Image Sci-Fi Sale
runs through Monday, 2/7. (Amazon link)

Merely let’s call this what it really, and what they’re leading with: the return of
Yes, everyone’s favorite SF/F championship by Brian G. Vaughan and Fiona Staple is FINALLY returning after a ~3.v twelvemonth absence.  This 1 falls nether the usual Image collection runs –

Saga Compendium V. 1

is a fabled deal. The entire first run (i.e. – all defenseless up in 1 book) is $23.99 for 54 issues of cloth.  That’south less than 45 cents/issue and that’southward stoopid inexpensive for what you’re getting.  The other omnibuses collecting ~3 “regular” volumes are more expensive than getting what Comixology calls the “Collected Editions,” so go Compendium or go individual volumes.

What else is back?
With Kurt Busiek’south return to Prototype, comes this collaboration with Stuart Immonen. A practiced entry in the sub-genre of military coming of age SF with salvaged conflicting tech being used to fight the invaders.  This was part of the short-lived gorilla comics banner and nosotros didn’t harbor many hopes of it returning.  Wrong.

The Manhattan Projects

is also a fun ride. This Jonathan Hickman / Nick Pitarra has the Manhattan Project brain trust being brought together not just for the atomic bomb, just for a underground program of Mad Science. Space exploration, parallel dimensions and all fashion of strangeness. Sometimes it’due south silly and sometimes information technology borders on horror. All in all, quite a ride.  As withSaga,
the individual nerveless editions are slightly less expensive than the “deluxe edition” omnibuses.

The Manhattan Projects

Still On Sale

In this week’s Comixology sales: Deadpool breaks out some motorbus editions about as wide as his mouth, Marvel highlights its eclectic Squad-Ups, the Maestro gets discounted, Naomi goes on auction to celebrate the Television set review and Fantagraphics has a deep bench.

(Disclosure: If you lot purchase something we link to on our site, nosotros may earn commissions)

Team-Ups Assemble

Curiosity Team-Ups Sale
runs through Sunday, i/6. (Amazon link)

This is actually a grouping of a variety of team up titles. Nosotros’ll ignore the Masterworks that we actually hope you picked up a few weeks agone when they were 99-cents and look at some other, odder things.

We read
Super-Villains Unite: The Consummate Super-Villain Team-Up
back when it wasEssential Super-Villain Squad-Up.We were surprised how much fun it was.  Until you get to the final arc, this is essentially a Sub-Mariner/Doctor Doom tale where Namor flips betwixt hero and anti-hero and the two are constantly trying to manipulate and/or backstab each other. That extended arc ends up crossing over memorably withAvengers. There were a lot of hands involved with this one, just Steve Englehart, Bill Mantlo and Jim Shooter are prominent. Artists range wildly and include Herb Trimpe, Keith Giffen and George Perez (for theAvengers
issues). When Namor exits, Doom takes over and so things go darker with the Red Skull.  All-in-all, a good case of the 70s Marvel fashion.

And sticking with obscure, do you recall the ’04-’06 run of

Marvel Squad-Up
? That was one of Robert Kirkman’s titles when he spent a couple years at Marvel. The master artists for the run would be Scott Kolins, followed by Paco Medina. The oddest thing about this run would be in V. 3 where Invincible (with Cory Walker on art) comes visiting from the Image/Kirkman-verse!

Super-Villain Team-UpMarvel Team-Up

Grumpy Old Hulks

Marvel Maestro Auction
runs through Dominicus, i/16. (Amazon link)

That would exist Maestro, as in the Blob’s despotic time to come self… in certain timelines.

You could go slim with the original (and classic)
Future Imperfect
by Peter David and George Perez. [Note:Hulk: The End
has the same contents, just a different encompass] You could also go with
The Incredible Hulk Epic Drove: Future Imperfect,
which has the series in the context of the ongoingBlobtitle of the fourth dimension (Gary Frank era of the PAD run).  Either 1 will innovate you to the character.

The most recent entries for the graphic symbol are
Maestro: Symphony in a Gama Key
by PAD & German Peralta and
Maestro: War & Pax
by PAD and Javier Pina. These are tales of the Maestro arriving in that time to come hellscape and ascending to power. Nosotros read these a few months back and gobbled them up as a sort of dark and twisted flavor of bubblegum.

Hulk: Future Imperfect
Hulk Epic CollectionMaestroMaestro

Not the Muddied Harry Film

Curiosity Deadpool Legacy Sale
runs through Th, i/twenty. (Amazon link)

Your value purchase hither is probably the double-sized
Deadpool by  Joe Kelly, The Complete Collection.
You can get ii volumes of that earlier cut back over toDeadpool Classics.

Others would say you want

Deadpool by Posehn and Duggan
, in which case nosotros caution you that a single omnibus edition is almost one-half the price of a thinner “regular” collection, and so omnibi are the manner to go here!

Deadpool by Joe Kelly
Deadpool by Posehn and Duggan

CW Comix & Stories

The “DC on Telly Sale: Naomi Sale” runs through Monday, i/17. (Amazon link)

No, we’re not going to grammer check that sale name… but, as you may have heard, Naomi made a quick leap to TV.

Naomi: Season I

is the initial comic by Brian Bendis, David Walker and Jamal Campbell. It’due south a practiced matter “season” has been interchangeable with “miniseries” for a few years or we’d think this was a “developed for Television set” thing from the get-go. 😉

We’d telephone call it a riff on the Superman legend every bit a teen explores her emerging superpowers and her mysterious origins.



Fantagraphics Massive Sale
runs through Sunday, 1/twenty. (Amazon Link)

Information technology seems similar Fantagraphics is starting to take sales merely a tiny bit more regularly, but it’s non like they’ve gone monthly.  This is a pretty wide selection… and really, idiosyncratic content is i of their strengths, then we’re going to focus in a little and look at their lineup of comics strips.


by Crockett Johnson (yes, theHarold and the Royal Crayonguy… this is before that) is a strip about a boy and his fairy godfather. Pop with the literary set of the late 40s, this is a fantasy strip with a sense of the absurd and quick to float a sly reference in. Johnson is a master of mood and creating his own peculiar atmosphere.

Walt Kelly’south

was an innovator in the social and political satire field. Y’all can depict a fairly directly line between it andBloom County. All sorts of shenanigans keep the swamp and all sorts of critters would actually like to be in charge…

It’south not the offset thing y’all necessarily call back of for the character, but

Mickey Mouse

was an chance strip in the 1930s.  Floyd Gottfredson was the cartoonist putting Mickey through is paces and if you were wondering where The Phantom Blot came from, he came from the comic strip.

Mickey Mouse

Still on Auction

This week’s Comixology Sales includes a bunch of Marvel titles as they intermission out the Marvel Max line for a rare appearance, plus Sabretooth, She-Hulk and the world of Dan Slott. Speaking of creator spotlights, DC shines one on Joshua Williamson, Dark Horse on Matt Kindt and Spawn has always been a Todd McFarlane spotlight.

(Disclosure: If you buy something nosotros link to on our site, nosotros may earn commissions)


Curiosity Sabretooth sale
runs through Sun, 1/9. (Amazon link)

Victor Creed, the Wolverine villain who Curiosity’s never quite turned into a leading man/anti-hero.

You tin can go dorsum to the beginning in
Iron Fist Masterworks
5. two.
Yep, Sabretooth is a Chris Claremont/John Byrne creation and started out in Iron Fist’south sphere. (Later teaming with the Constrictor inPower Man and Fe Fist.)

If you think of Sabretooth as an X-Men villain,
Mutant Massacre

is likely a major touchpoint for you. That would be the Claremont/John Romita, Jr. era, plus crossovers.

If you think of him equally a Wolverine villain… well, in that location’southward enough there, merely we’ve also had a soft spot for the lower key Greg Rucka run. Sabretooth shows upwardly
at the end of that sequence
when Darrick Robertson was on art duties.

Iron Fist
X-Men: Mutant MassacreWolverine by Greg Rucka

Spiders and Surfboards and Avengers, oh my

Curiosity Dan Slott Sale
runs through Sunday, one/9.

And yes, Slotthas
spent a fair amount of time at Curiosity, so this sale covers some territory.

His most famous piece of work has probably been
Superior Spider-Man
with art by Humberto Ramos and Ryan Stegman. This is the saga of when Doc Ock inhabited Peter Parker’s body. The two omnibus editions are the best bargain here.

Slott’south nigh critically acclaimed piece of work might be hisSilver Surferrun with Mike Allred. Ah, mid-nix Marvel, OF Class at that place was a relaunch and despite the numbering, the collections are listed with
series 1
and series 2. (Oh, Marvel…)

For something a little more off the browbeaten path, we always enjoyed Slott’s
Mighty Avengers

run, now conveniently collected in one volume. Back when Bendis was doing hisNew Avengers
run, this was the only matter that felt similar a traditional Avengers title for some time.

Superior Spider-Man
Silver SurferThe Mighty Avengers by Dan Slott

Hulking Out

Marvel She-Blob Auction
runs through Thursday, 1/thirteen. (Amazon link)

You have a few different directions in the She-Hulk cannon. The ones that seem to go revisited the most are She-Hulk every bit broad farce, like the
Sensational She-Hulk
run of John Byrne and lawyer She-Hulk, such every bit the
Charles Soule/Javier Pulido run.

Sensational She-Hulk

Non For Kids

Marvel Max sale

runs through Thursday, 1/xx. (Amazon link)

Yes, this the Marvel imprint for ages 17+ that’s a little darker, more violent and not on sale quite equally often.

The flagship here is probably
. Particularly the beginning four “Complete Drove” volumes that pair Garth Ennis with Leandro Fernandez, Goran Parlov and Doug Braithwaite. This isn’t the comedy of “Welcome Dorsum, Frank.” This is a quite serious and cruel sequence. It’s also a very good one… merely not for kids.

Speaking of

Welcome Back, Frank
, it’due south been moved over to Curiosity Max. For those who haven’t heard of it, this is an Ennis/Steve Dillon/Jimmy Palmiotti Punisher series that takes a very idiosyncratic management – Frank is however a very angry, death dealing man… but he’s thrust into the middle of an absurdist farce as he tries to bring downward the Gnucci crime family unit. It’south utterly hilarious and something multiple directors take unsuccessfully tried to translate the screen. Influential and impossible to replicate.

In that location’s a lot more to the sale, only our off-the-radar choice is
Dominic Fortune,
Howard Chaykin’southward pulp homage that besides includes the character’south original appearances.

Punisher Max
Welcome Back FrankDominic Fortune

The Flash and Across

DC Spotlight: Joshua Williamson Sale
runs through Monday, 1/x. (Amazon link)

This is one of the smallest DC sales we’ve seen – only 20 items.  Williamson’s profile at DC has been raised in recent months and outside of $ane.99 Robin unmarried problems, that’due south non really reflected in the sale.  Whatis
here is the showtime six volumes of his popular
run where Carmine Di Giandomenico is the headlining artist.

Now, if you desire to fly under the radar, at that place are a couple Vertigo volumes hither pairing Williamson with artists nosotros tend to acquaintance with Image… and if y’all’re a .inexpensive regular, you know we mention his Image work fairly often.

 with fine art by Jason Shawn Alexander concerns a post-apocalyptical wasteland of a future where a plague is freezing people from the inside out.


with Riley Rossmo finds a reporter sent to investigate the deathbed confessions of a ninety-year former homo who was in one case a famous risk and who resurfaced afterward a 20-year disappearance. Could something unnatural be behind all this?  Surely non.


Capes and Bondage

Image Spawn Sale
runs through Thursday i/20. (Amazon link)

Did you knowSpawnhas more issues out thanCerebus?  Information technology’s true!

Your best buy here is
Spawn Compendium Vol. 1.

That’s the first fifty problems and that comes out to roughly $0.48/issue. That’s the original run with Todd McFarlane doing full art, guest writers Alan Moore, Dave Sim, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison. Early Greg Capullo fine art and some Tony Daniels , too.

The off-beat book hither is
Sam and Twitch
, where a young Brian Bendis teams with Angel Medina, Alberto Ponticelli, Clayton Crain and Alex Maleev for some quirky horror detective stories nearly Spawn’s police force acquaintances. It’due south non always remembered, but information technology certainly helped launch some careers.

Spawn Compendium
Sam and Twitch

Underwater Minds

Dark Horse Matt Kindt sale
runs through Monday, 1/x.

Kindt’s about celebrated piece of work at Dark Horse is definitely

.  It’south a bit of a genre mashup nearly conspiracies and psychic espionage. Kindt writes AND draws it.  One man gang, as it were.  The coach editions are the best deal hither.

If you’re looking for something similar toMind MGMT,we’d point you towards

Dept. H

wherein an investigator is sent to an underwater base to investigate sabotage and there are much stranger things going on than meets the eye.

Dept. H

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