9 Fun Photography Projects To Keep You Sane While Youre Stuck Indoors

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, photographers around the world have lost the opportunity to shoot outdoors or in their other favorite locations due to a slew of stay-at-abode and shelter-in-place orders.

Luckily, in that location are just as many ways to get artistic indoors equally there are outdoors, which is why nosotros’ve put together this list containing
20 ideas for home photography projects
that anyone can try (no matter their skill level – also every bit when things get back to normal.)

See ordinary items in a new fashion with a macro lens

It’s incredible how different ordinary objects can announced when they’re shot close-up.

You lot’ll view everything from refrigerator magnets to telly remotes with a fresh appreciation when you get up-close and personal with them! Y’all can try the same affair without a macro lens past using the minimum focusing distance of whatever lens.

Photograph the whimsy of colored liquids using nutrient dye and a glass of water

Photograph the whimsy of colored liquids using food dye and a glass of water

It’s astonishing how many things we tin shoot simply with a glass of h2o. For example, ready up your photographic camera in forepart of a clear drinking glass full of h2o, then photograph the procedure of food coloring being dropped within.

Tilt the drinking glass, swirl the water with a utensil, and try other kinds of movement to see what furnishings you can create equally the dye settles fully into the liquid.

Effort cantankerous-polarization

Try cross-polarization

Let two polarizing filters piece of work together (one on your camera and ane on an LCD screen behind your subject) to highlight the “stress” in clear plastic objects like rulers or protractors.

This will result in a multi-color swirl of abstract patterns that brand for some truly psychedelic shots. Endeavour the same thing with plastic cutlery or CD cases!

Photograph oil and h2o trying (and failing) to mix

Photograph oil and water trying (and failing) to mix

oil and water don’t mix, but it can be a care for to watch them try! Create some abstruse shots past shooting oil in water through a clear container. When yous zoom in close, you’ll see hundreds of bubbling formed in all sizes.

You can even impart some colour to the shot past placing a colored background behind the clear dish or adding some of that food coloring from project number two.

Get into food photography

Get into food photography

At that place’s no better time to try out some new recipes than existence forced to spend a lengthy corporeality of time indoors.

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Already, people across the cyberspace are bragging almost the corporeality of staff of life they’re making from scratch, so if you try something new in the kitchen, why not photograph it, as well?

Taking pictures of food is a bang-up way to practice compositions you might never accept tried earlier, and even simply arranging food more deliberately on a plate is an interesting fine art form of its own.

Focus on the hard lines and interesting shapes of indoor architecture

Focus on the hard lines and interesting shapes of indoor architecture

Have some time to actually capeesh the build of your home, even if it’southward just a elementary doorway or a congenital-in shelving unit.

Get up close and personal with the patterns and textures of wood, brick, or concrete, then play with these shapes in your photography. Try, for example, playing with the idea of leading lines or framing – both of which will bump up your composition skills a notch.

Try apartment lay photography

Try flat lay photography

With your camera and the net to keep yous company during a lengthy stint indoors, at present is every bit good a fourth dimension as any to revive that Instagram account you fabricated last year and so promptly abandoned (it happens to the best of u.s.).

Flat lay photography is ane of the near pop photo formats on Instagram and other social media sites, so requite it a try with nutrient, journals, your skincare routine, or admittedly anything else yous tin discover in your house!

Capture your pets at their all-time (or worst!) moments

Capture your pets at their best (or worst!) moments

If yous’re anything like us, y’all probably already have a few hundred (or more than) pictures of your pets in your phone, but attempt taking more high-quality and deliberate shots of your pets while you’re stuck at home with them!

Break out the Christmas decorations

Break out the Christmas decorations

It’s a lot of fun to play with colored lighting and fairy calorie-free effects, and we’re willing to bet that you take some strands of Christmas lights stored away in your attic until side by side year.

If that’s the case, bring them downwards and encounter what shots you can come up with past setting a new, colorful tone.

Play with unique materials similar glass marbles

Play with unique materials like glass marbles

Be particularly mindful of interesting shapes and textures you find around your house, fifty-fifty in the almost mundane objects.

Glass beads or glass marbles make for fun discipline matter due to their whimsical colors and reflective surfaces. See what you can do by shining light through them, for example.

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Blow some bubbling

Blow some bubbles

Appease your inner child by bravado bubbles and photographing them as they tumble and fall across the room.

It can exist a bit challenging to capture a bubble’s cogitating surface, especially while it’due south in movement, but that’s what makes this photography project a good i to try for when you have plenty of fourth dimension. Be patient, and with some exercise on your focusing technique and shutter speed theory, yous’ll get the shot you desire!

Use up those bath bombs you’ve had lying around

Use up those bath bombs you’ve had lying around

Bathroom art is e’er a fun fashion to engage in some well-deserved rest and relaxation while experiencing some creative photo opportunities, besides.

If you lot take any bath bombs or bubble bath lying around, at present’southward the time to utilize them! Before you lot hop in, photo the satisfying release of color and buzz into your bathwater.

Endeavor some DIY projects to expand your collection of gear

Try some DIY projects to expand your collection of gear

Paradigm by Martin Cooper

Believe it or not, you can make everything from light boxes to reflectors to a host of other lighting modifiers using mutual household objects and what equates to little more than trash. That’s right – we’re talking Pringles cans, corrugated paper-thin, and Elmer’s glue!

Break the rules in ways you wouldn’t otherwise

Break the rules in ways you wouldn’t otherwise

For case, utilize lenses for situations you wouldn’t normally. Intentionally create some “bad” compositions and see where you can encompass beauty in the chaos.

Change up your style in a way that you would never attempt outside of this pandemic’south stay-calm orders. Merely take fun with information technology. Laugh at yourself. Rules are made to exist broken, anyhow.

Freeze objects!

Get surreal by freezing objects you wouldn’t normally find encased in ice

Playing with ice can be a treat. All you lot’ll demand is a clear container and, well, annihilation you’re okay tossing in the freezer. This could be annihilation from flowers to the pens and newspaper clips on your desk.

Photographing them while the ice melts can create fascinating opportunities for reflection.

Try food landscaping

Try food landscaping

If y’all’ve already given food photography a shot, level upwards with a fun trivial project called food landscaping (or “foodscaping“). This do involves the careful placement of miniature figurines on food surfaces to create some surreal scenes. Or, you tin can try creating complete scenes using food, too.

This is your chance to get creative! For example, the hairy skin of a kiwi could symbolize grass in your scene.

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Pigment lite trails with a flashlight

Paint light trails with a flashlight

You don’t demand sparklers or other kinds of pyrotechnics to paint light trails, and you don’t even demand to be outside!

In fact, all you demand is a flashlight, a tripod, your camera, and a dark, open space. This could be your living room with the lights turned off!

Then, set up a self-timer or inquire an assistant (i.e. family fellow member) who is stuck indoors with you to be your field of study by swirling the flashlight throughout the length of the shot.

Learn time-lapse photography

Learn time-lapse photography

Again, in that location’southward no need to be outdoors to embrace this technique. Fifty-fifty if you don’t have a balcony or a porch to ready up on, you can always try time-lapse through your window!

From the motion of cars and people outside to the lazy way clouds float beyond the sky, you’ll exist amazed at what you can capture just from your apprehensive home.

Make some “outfits of the day” with clothes from the back of your cupboard

Clothes from the back of your closet

We all accept those outfits that accept found their way to the back of our closets and gone unworn for many an historic period.

Whether they don’t fit us whatsoever longer or if they’ve but gone out of style, take the actress time indoors to revive these outfits. Yous don’t fifty-fifty have to wear them ‐ just arrange them neatly, coordinate with some accessories, and use the apartment lay technique we mentioned earlier.

Make it front end of the camera for once

Get in front of the camera for once

As photographers, it’due south not frequently that nosotros find ourselves in front end of the photographic camera rather than behind it.

Now is the time to go out of our comfort zone! Fifty-fifty if yous’re alone during these weeks of pandemic-induced self-isolation, y’all can notwithstanding use the cocky-timer to get creative with self-portraits and artistic poses.

Don’t exist surprised if you learn a thing or two while trying out these projects. You lot may discover some new techniques or ways to arroyo photography that you lot wouldn’t experience otherwise, just from trying something new. Most of all, take fun with your fourth dimension indoors.

At the very least, you won’t be bored once you’ve made it through this list of things to try!

9 Fun Photography Projects To Keep You Sane While Youre Stuck Indoors

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