Sony Linkbuds S Leak Reveals Pricing And A Launch Date For The Wireless Earbuds

Sony LinkBuds Due south leak reveals pricing and a launch date for the wireless earbuds

The original Sony LinkBuds
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It looks very much equally though the Sony LinkBuds true wireless earbuds are going to get a follow-up in the near futurity – with the nigh futurity existence Wednesday, May xviii, if the latest leak from the rumor factory is to exist believed.

Said leak comes from well-established tipster Jon Prosser
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, who says that the earbuds volition go their yard unveiling on that appointment. He as well expects the flagship Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones to exist launched on May 12.

We haven’t heard a huge amount about the Sony LinkBuds Due south up to this point, simply there has been a rumor that the hole in the center of the earbuds on the original LinkBuds will exist removed, with a round vent near the ear canal to allow sound to pass through instead.

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Paying the toll

Prosser has also leaked out the pricing of the Sony LinkBuds S: $199 (nearly £160/$AU280). Their predecessors were launched at a price bespeak of $179 / £149 / AU$299, so we’re looking at a slightly more expensive proposition.

It’southward been a busy time for Sony leaks recently, with plenty of details spilling out nearly the Sony WH-1000XM5 as well: better bombardment life and smarter noise cancellation could be on the table for the latest edition of Sony’south over-ear headphones.

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We should know for sure in the side by side few days, with both the headphones and the earbuds due to be revealed within the space of a week. As always, we’ll bring yous all of the news and the announcements as they happen.

Assay: more selection than ever

When the Sony LinkBuds S finally do go far, those of united states looking for a fine pair of true wireless earbuds are going to have more than choice than ever – don’t forget that the excellent Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds are also available from the same company.

Manufacturers know these products are a large hitting with consumers and are rushing to get more than of them on sale. Apple tree has of course played a big role in that, and nosotros’re expecting the long-awaited AirPods Pro ii to see the light of day before the cease of the year.

Google is trying difficult to go along up as well: it has the Pixel Buds A-Series currently bachelor, and there are rumors that nosotros could get a pair of Pixel Buds Pro in the near hereafter: they’ll exist more expensive and more than loftier-terminate, if the leaks are accurate.

Our guide to the all-time wireless earbuds should guide you lot to the correct product for your particular needs and ears, simply comport in mind all the models that are rumored to be launching soon as well – it could be that the best earbuds for you lot aren’t out notwithstanding.

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Sony Linkbuds S Leak Reveals Pricing And A Launch Date For The Wireless Earbuds