Gopro Bones Fpv Drone Review

Insta360 SMO 4K‘due south success in the drone community, GoPro announced the naked version of their latest action photographic camera. The ‘Basic’ edition of the pop
HERO 10 Blackness
uses the same one/2.3” paradigm sensor and powerful GP2 processor as its twice heavier twin blood brother. Weighting just 54grams it tin can be installed on ultra-low-cal 2.five-4″ CineWhoop style FPV drones.

In social club to make information technology as lite as possible, GoPro has been removed from the HERO10 Black Bones photographic camera all the unnecessary components such equally displays and battery. The Bones is intended to be powered by the drone’due south master camera and tin can’t work in standalone mode.  Also, the naked HERO10 Blackness lost its waterproof or water-resistant capabilities.

desktop APP (Windows and macOS) delivers stabilization that goes beyond the already stunning in-photographic camera HyperSmooth four.0 to give drone pilots the level of performance they demand. Using video metadata (GPMF), information technology delivers flawless results on about any shot.

Top FPV Video Modes of the GoPro 10 Bones

  • 5.3K Wide 60/50/24p
  • 5.3K SuperView 60/30/24
  • 5K (4:3) Wide 30/25
  • 4K Wide 120/100
  • 4K (4:3) Wide 60/50/30/25
  • 2.7K (iv:3) Broad 120/100
  • 2.7K Wide 240/200

GoPro 10 Bones camera on CineWhoop drone

As you lot tin can run across in the paradigm above, the GoPro HERO10 Black Bones has a minimalist design. On the dorsum of the camera, is a standard mounting point that allows beingness installed on FPV drones. With the included mounting fingers, y’all can mount the camera on a standard GoPro mount.

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The GH 1.25 3-pin Power connector, Condition LED, Shutter and Manner buttons are as well on the back of the camera. It can exist controlled from the onboard buttons, remote controller, Quick APP, or from your drone’s transmitter.

HERO10 Black Bones Features

  • No compromises flagship image quality and stabilization: the same premium high-performance imaging pipeline powered by GP2 as HERO10 Black – including GoPro’s Emmy® Award-Winning HyperSmooth and 5.3K60 and 4K120 video
  • Lightest GoPro e’er: weighs only 54 grams – perfect for 3″ form and larger drones
    Well-ventilated, semi-durable enclosure: promotes continuous airflow cooling for long captures or flights
  • Bring your ain battery: compatible with existing drone batteries within spec (2S-6S, 5-27V)
  • Multiple ways to control: use two physical buttons on the camera, the Quik App, GoPro Labs QR Codes, GoPro’s The Remote, or a drone’s transmitter
  • Easy to set up: like shooting fish in a barrel to mount on drones with a single screw dominate, plus comes with an optional in-box adapter for the GoPro mounting ecosystem; utilizes standard FPV industry connector for quick setup
  • Replaceable Lens Cover: in the event of a crash, the lens cover is replaceable; also compatible with third-party HERO9 Black and HERO10 Black ND filters for reducing the camera shutter speed to cinematic levels
  • ReelSteady Stabilization included: license for Emmy® Accolade-Winning ReelSteady stabilization and other premium features in the GoPro Player + ReelSteady desktop app included with purchase

Cost and availability

The HERO 10 Basic drone camera is priced at $399 at This price includes a bonus 32GB micro SD card and 1-year of GoPro subscription. For now, the GoPro Bones is bachelor merely for US customers.

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Gopro Bones Fpv Drone Review