How To Check Your Xbox Account Balance

Xbox players might want to cheque their Microsoft account balance

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How ofttimes practise you lot look at your Xbox wallet? If you’ve non checked your Microsoft business relationship balance for a while, you might want to hop online and remind yourself if y’all’ve any leftover funds waiting to be spent.

Your Microsoft account residue is used to buy Xbox Series 10|South or Xbox One games from the digital Xbox shop. But as Redditor Cg6554
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recently pointed out, non all funds that are added to your digital wallet will last forever.

They had the sad realization that their current balance was due to expire on July 9, giving them little fourth dimension to make up one’s mind what to spend their money on. If they hadn’t clocked the death date so presently, the funds might accept disappeared earlier they could even be spent.

The postal service has generated a lot of give-and-take on the Xbox subreddit over account balance expiration dates. Some players have wondered how to cheque when their funds are going to disappear, and what they can do to terminate them from expiring altogether.

How to cheque your Microsoft account balance

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Fortunately, the whole issue is rather elementary. Any coin that’southward been added to your account using a not-promotional method will terminal forever. If you’ve redeemed a gift carte du jour or added money directly to your account using a credit carte, yous can residual assured that the funds volition be rubber and sound for every bit long as Microsoft’due south servers are active. Basically, don’t worry about it.

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If y’all’re using a gift card, nonetheless, do double-check. Gift cards bought from third-party retailers often accept added restrictions, which limit how long after their purchase the codes tin be redeemed. Make sure to redeem them in good fourth dimension so you don’t accidentally surpass their expiration date.

Things become a little trickier when promos come up into the mix. If you’ve added funds to your account by redeeming points through Microsoft Rewards, you
need to lookout out.

The Microsoft Rewards loyalty program lets users earn redeemable points for using various Microsoft services – such every bit searching with Bing, or taking a daily quiz. Earn enough points, and you can exchange them for a slew of Xbox perks. Right now, you can redeem 6,300 points to internet a £5 Xbox gift carte, the value of which will be added directly to your Microsoft account.

But stay alert, though, considering funds added through Microsoft Rewards don’t last forever. You’ll simply have ninety days to spend the gift menu before information technology expires. This is likely why Redditor Cg6554’due south funds are expiring.

If you desire to discover out when your rest is due to elapse, head on over to the Payment and Billing section
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of your business relationship. You should see a ‘manage’ selection in the meridian correct corner. Click that to open a sidebar and display all of your funds. If whatever portion of your residue is due to expire, it’ll be shown below. Make sure you spend that money before the listed date, otherwise it’ll evaporate into the aether.

  • While you’re at it, you might also desire to check the dorsum of your Xbox
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How To Check Your Xbox Account Balance