Motorola Moto G Stylus 2022 Review Specs Screen Battery Price

The Motorola Moto Grand stylus 2022 is i of the few phones with a stylus built into the phone body. It offers good value for money past providing the
stylus pattern,
elegant display,
longest bombardment life, and much more.

Motorola’southward Stylus Phone Moto G Stylus Review

Elegant design

The back panel of the handset is
and starts with a
pretty attractive textured pattern. Information technology takes most 7 seconds of utilise earlier information technology smears into Hell with
greasy fingerprints
and comes back. As you move, you lot’ll find a combo SIM/microSD tray on the left, volume on the right, and above the phone’due south power push button with an
integrated fingerprint scanner.

Moving down, the bottom edge of the phone, with its headphone jack, USB Blazon-C port, and speaker grille is pretty crowded. I’thou glad there is a headphone jack equally the mono output from the speakers isn’t very satisfying. Finally, at that place is the phone’s title stylus, which sits fully in the lower right corner.

The stylus is a capacities model, so it has a soft, rather a broad tip (at least as opposed to the narrow plastic dots you see on the
Due south Pen
). Although the shaft is quite thin and has a decent weight (five.48 k) for a stylus, it is too narrow for applied use, which is inconvenient.

All you’ll find boxed with the Moto G stylus is a USB C-to-A cable and charger. There is aught as sophisticated equally headphones. The phone supports
15W charging, but everything Motorola includes is a
tiny 10W device.

Large Screen

If y’all like big-screen phones, the Moto G Stylus will speak to you right away. It has a
widescreen of six.eight inches, merely beyond that, this puppy is heavy and the scale is tilted at
213 grams. On the i paw, this gives the user a nice,
wide canvas to interact
with using the phone’southward stylus, but too makes the phone more than cumbersome.

The screen’south
1080p resolution
is fresh considering the 720p panels of other 2022 Moto K phones.

Astonishing Camera

The photographic camera package of the G Stylus is
pretty impressive. With four lenses and an
elongated xenon-style
wink, it evokes the kind of retro-futurism I seek. Of class, information technology’southward only a regular spherical LED flash nether an unusual lens, and the camera hardware included in this package is less than great.

The cloak-and-dagger to getting good pictures of moss is the element of surprise. The main
48MP components
aren’t one-half that. This is the same setup you get with the Moto G Ability, which lets yous bin that resolution downwards to 12MP.

The Moto uses a completely
forgettable 2MP
and macro camera (the latter does worse for close-ups than the principal camera). But here’s the
8MP ultra-broad
selection added. Having that kind of flexibility is nice, but information technology doesn’t add much value.

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Corking performance

The new Motorola’due south Moto G Stylus has a
Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G
of Ram
and256GB of storage. The whole interface is jagged and things experience like the telephone is dropping frames in the process while things move fast plenty.

Gaming performance

If you play along the functioning lines of PUBG mobile, the game will work on this phone. The game can accept a little while to launch, but one time yous get into the game, the
hiccups are performed smoothly
at a low rate. To limit distractions, when you enter game mode, you have the pick to record your screen while the phone is playing. The phone gets warm over time when playing games.

Up to 2 days of bombardment life

bombardment is durable and you won’t accept any problems using it for two days between charges. Information technology can be easily extended farther. Of form, losing the stylus means room for a
bigger battery, just for now, the phone won’t hurt for more spares.

The relatively poor charging rate isn’t that corking, but the very exceptional demand to recharge doesn’t mean the world is over. Speaking of charging,
at that place is no wireless support hither. And NFC isn’t worth it either.

Operating system

Here, the
Android eleven experience feels very familiar and comfortably stays close to its native roots. Only at the aforementioned fourth dimension, Motorola has sprinkled a few extra features that make you lot feel at abode and truly enhance what you lot can do with this phone.

Moto’s Android software is total of many customization options. At the top of that list is Moto’south gesture controls, and the phone offers a good option to choose from, which you can activate as many times every bit you like. Flashlight remains the height standard nosotros hope to have on literally every Android telephone, and other phones like split-screen make a potent case.

These trade-offs keep when we see the situation with software updates. The phone comes with Android 10 and Motorola has promised to deliver an
update to 11 on a specific engagement, merely not much to say when it comes to planning the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Motorola G Stylus a skillful phone?

The Moto Chiliad Stylus is a
versatile, low-price phone with a stylus of Motorola’due south 2022 upkeep phone we’ve listed so far, this device offers the
best balance of features
cost-cut measures. Information technology offers a large display, stylus function, excellent bombardment life, and
rugged everyday performance.

How much does the Moto G Stylus 5G price?

The Moto G Stylus costs
with 5G features including a big
6.viii-inch 1080p
with a born stylus for taking notes and scribbles. It includes 6GB RAM, and 256GB storage and comes with
Android xi.

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Is the new Moto One thousand stylus 2022 worth $300?

At $300, it offers an culling to the stylish series that low-stop phone shoppers lack. The latest version of the Moto Grand Stylus ($299.99) launches
xiii months afterward
the 2021 Moto M Stylus hits stores. It’s bigger in every way, from the battery to the screen.

Does the Moto G Stylus 5G have a fingerprint sensor?

Yes! You tin utilise fingerprint security to unlock your telephone.

Where is the fingerprint sensor on the Moto g stylus?

The on-screen instructions to scan your fingerprint using the sensor on the
back of your phone.

Does the Moto G stylus take 5G?

The Moto Chiliad Stylus
5G has several upgrades
over its predecessor that cannot be ignored. And with built-in
Android 11 and 5G support, y’all tin be futurity-proofed.

How do I plough off/on 5G on my Moto G stylus?

From the home screen,
swipe up and tap Settings. Tap Network & Internet > Mobile networks > Mobile information to turn information technology
On or Off.

Where is the antenna for the Moto G stylus?

The internal GPS antenna is

located nearly the top of the unit

How long will the Moto K stylus battery last?

The Moto Grand Stylus isn’t bad either. Yes, there is a
smaller iv,000mAh battery, simply it still offers
two days of battery
life. This is more than than the all-time flagships currently on the market.

Why is Motorola not providing updates?

In a argument provided to the
Android Potency, the company said, “Each device has its unique strengths in terms of where information technology needs to exist updated and how many updates it sleeps. We are committed to one
Bone update, and we continue to review.

Does Moto M Stylus 2022 accept a removable battery?

The Motorola Moto G Stylus 2022 uses a
non-removable Li-Po 4000mAh battery
+ 10W charging.

Will the Moto G Stylus 2022 have NFC?

This phone offers 10W charging via USB-C but
still lacks NFC support. As for the photographic camera, at that place is a 48MP chief camera, 8MP ultrawide, 2MP macro, and the selfie camera is 16MP.

Is the Moto 1000 stylus waterproof?

In that location is
no IP rating,
dust, or
water resistance. It has a “non-splatter” coating just can handle a couple of intentionally poured drops. Do not submerge the Moto G stylus in h2o. A few drops of water on the phone are fine.

Does the Moto 1000 stylus take night vision goggles?

The more expensive G stylus got more Motorola love here. It has a
dark vision style, along with a 48-megapixel principal camera that shoots quad-pixel 12-megapixel stills and a two-megapixel macro lens that tin can focus on
objects 2 centimeters
(0.7 inches) away.

Does the Motorola Thousand stylus have wireless charging?

The Moto Chiliad Stylus (2022)
does non support wireless charging
. However, it supports
fast charging of10W. For reference, the Moto G Power (2022) supports
15W charging
and many other Motorola phones support 18W charging.

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Does Moto 1000 Stylus have force per unit area sensitivity?

Different the S Pen that came with the Samsung Milky way Annotation x and Lite, the Moto 1000 Stylus’s device is
not Bluetooth LE powered. As it is capacitive, there is too
no pressure sensitivity. Thankfully,
at that place is a dedicated
note-taking app.

Tin I put an SD carte du jour in the Moto G stylus?

Yeah, the phone supports
microSD cards up to 512GB microSD.

What types of glasses are available on the Moto G stylus?

Incredibly tough
Corning Gorilla Glass
provides excellent damage resistance to
bumps, and
drops of everyday utilise, enabling some of today’s
most fashionable smartphone designs.

How to use divide-screen on moto g stylus?

Follow the instructions to utilize the separate-screen view:

  • Open the outset app.
  • Drag upward from the bottom of the home screen and release.
  • In the contempo list, touch the app icon at the top of the app preview to display.
  • You have to touch the app icon instead of the preview to open the app.
  • Touch on Separate screen.
  • Choose the 2nd app yous want to use.
  • Drag the black divider up to or down to go out the split-screen view.

How do I switch between apps on my Moto G stylus?

Touch to view recently used apps. Or, if y’all’re using the navigation bar, drag up from the lesser of the Habitation
screen and release.

Do ane of the following:

  • Touch any app to return to the Apps screen.
  • Swipe left or right to see more apps.
  • Swipe up on an app to remove it from the list.
  • To clear the listing, swipe right completely and touch Clear All.

How long will the Moto K Stylus 5G be supported?

The G Stylus 5G comes with
Android 11
and is but
supported by one major OS platform update

two years of security updates


Walkthrough-How Long, Does Motorola Support Their Phones? 2022’south Latest Update

Final words about Moto G Stylus

And then far, we hope you’ve made it clear that you won’t exist getting a
fast charger
on your Motorola Thousand Stylus smartphone. Besides, at that place is
no support for NFC. It’southward not articulate why the visitor didn’t add some essential features. You’ll get the
best stylus design, brandish, battery,
at an affordable toll rate of

The Review

Moto Thou Stylus


  • Crawly battery life

  • Capable processor & RAM

  • Awesome stylus features


  • camera ultrawide quality Normal

Review Breakdown

  • Bombardment life Overview

  • Moto Thousand Stylus Camera Overview

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 665

Motorola Moto G Stylus 2022 Review Specs Screen Battery Price