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In MacOS Monterey, Apple tree introduced a new way to view and manage content that is sent to you by friends. Called Shared with Yous, this feature groups together all your received photos, podcasts, news articles, and more, all in a convenient identify for easy viewing.

For instance, in the Messages app, all y’all need to practise is click a sender’s information push button, and you will find everything that person has sent you in i place without having to trawl through your message history to find each and every photograph and link. It volition relieve yous the time and endeavour of having to chase downwards these items individually.

Today, we’re going to show you how to enable Shared with Yous, which apps and content types it works with, and where to discover everything on your Mac. And then, no matter what content you have been sent, you will know exactly where it is and how to view it.

What tin exist shared?

At the time of writing, nosotros were using the MacOS Monterey public beta. This let usa share content in six of Apple’s own apps: Messages, News, Photos, Podcasts, Safari, and Goggle box. Apple tree might decide to aggrandize this listing in the future, just for now, that’due south what Shared with Y’all works with.

Content has to be sent through Apple’s Messages app — it won’t appear in an app’due south Shared with You section if you send information technology in WhatsApp or Telegram, for instance.

Regardless of which app you view the shared content in, you will notice the sender’s proper noun under the shared content. Clicking this takes you to the specific message where the content was sent and then yous tin can run into the context and go along the conversation.

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How to plow the feature on or off

Adjusting Shared with You settings in the Messages app in MacOS Monterey.

You might want to disable Shared with You entirely or turn it off on an app-by-app basis. Fortunately, you can do both.

Step 1:
and click
Messages > Preferences
in the card bar.

Stride 2:
Click the
Shared with You

Pace 3:
To disable the feature for a particular app, untick its checkbox. Or, to disable it for everything, click
Turn Off.

To re-enable Shared with You, simply click
Plough On, or tick each app’s checkbox.

How to find content that’s shared with you

Received news stories in the Shared with You Section of the News app, running on MacOS Monterey.

Each app is slightly unlike. In the Messages app, click the proper noun of the person whose content y’all want to observe, click the
button in the peak-right corner, then scroll downward to view their sent content. It’s divided into sections like photos, podcasts, links, and more.

The Podcasts and Apple Goggle box apps piece of work in like ways to each other. In Telly, click
Watch Now, and then scroll down until you lot see the Shared with You section. In Podcasts, the relevant section is on the Mind At present page. In the News app, meanwhile, the Shared with You section is nestled in the sidebar.

In Safari, you’ll find the shared content on the Starting time page when you lot open a new tab. To enable this, click
Safari > Preferences > General
and ensure
New Tabs Open With
Start Page. At present, open a new tab, and click the slider button in the bottom-right, then tick the
Shared with You

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At the time of writing, Shared with You did non appear to be enabled in the Photos app. However, we wait Apple will enable information technology before MacOS Monterey launches in the autumn. When it is enabled, nosotros would await information technology to exist added to the left-hand sidebar like in the News app.

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