Android Google Photos Screen Saver How To

How to set a Google Photos screen saver on an Android phone

If you take more images in your Google Photos app than you know what to exercise with, why not put your phone to piece of work displaying them? With a few simple steps, yous tin use your Android phone’southward screen saver feature to turn your telephone screen into a digital moving picture frame while it charges.

This works peculiarly well for phones with wireless charging (and then you lot can see your photos with the phone propped upwardly on a charger), only it will piece of work with any kind of charging mode or if you connect your phone to a dock. Information technology’s congenital right into the operating system, and it’due south a bang-up, easy way to bear witness off some of your favorite photos.

I used a Motorola Moto G Stylus (2022) for the steps below, but the procedure is very similar on a Samsung or Pixel phone. You’ll need to have the photos you want to display in a Google Photos album.

  • Go to
    Settings > Display.
  • Tap
    to reveal more bill of fare options (if you lot demand to) and select
    Screen saver.
  • Tap
    Current screen saver
    and choose the Google Photos app icon. This volition take you lot back to the chief screen saver carte du jour page. From in that location, tap the
    gear icon
    side by side to
    Electric current screen saver.
  • From here, yous can access some preferences, like turning the blithe zoom result on or off. To select which photos the screen saver will show, choose your Google account to bring up a list of your Google Photos albums. (You may also see a list of the albums you lot have on your device.) Place a checkmark next to the ones that y’all want to include.
  • Navigate back to the main screen saver carte page and tap
    When to start
    to cull when the screen saver will turn on — either while charging, docked, or both.
  • Navigate back to the chief screen saver menu page, and tap
    Get-go at present
    Preview) to see what it will look like.

Find the screen saver option on the display settings page. It may be nested under “Advanced” settings.

You can choose which albums to show and tweak a few display preferences.

You’re done! Here are a few boosted pointers for your make-new, no-additional-toll digital photograph frame:

  • Obviously, vertically oriented photos will await best.
  • Choose photos in which the subject is centered, or else they might be cropped correct out of the picture.
  • If yous do have a lot of horizontally oriented photos, turning off the “photos make full screen” option will help, but your images will look quite pocket-size on your display.
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The screen saver volition always showtime with the first photo in the album and continue showing them in whatsoever order the anthology is sorted in. If that sounds a little too repetitive, you can create an auto-updating album. Here’s how to do information technology:

  • Start a new album in Google Photos. In the app, you’ll tap the
    tab at the bottom of the screen and select the plus sign for a new album. Or, cull an existing album by going to the aforementioned Library tab and selecting an album.
  • Give your new album a title, and nether add photos tap
    Select people & pets. Selection the subjects you want to include in the album. Google will automatically identify them in new images uploaded to Google Photos and add them to your album.
  • If you lot’re using an existing album, tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner, select
    Options, and nether
    Automatically add photos, tap the plus sign and select who you want to include. Check
    Likewise add existing photos
    if you want.
  • New images will announced at the beginning of the album, then they’ll exist the showtime to display when your screen saver starts.

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Android Google Photos Screen Saver How To