Automatically Set Up A New Iphone

If you got a new iPhone or iPad for Christmas and you already have at least one iOS device that’south running iOS 11, setting upwards the new device is unproblematic and quick with Automatic Setup.

Introduced in iOS 11, Automated Setup streamlines the setup procedure for new iPhones and iPads, transferring over Apple ID info, your WiFi network credentials, your preferred settings, and your iCloud Keychain.

Automatic Setup is meant to be used in tandem with a restore from an iCloud backup, because while it transfers many settings, it does not offer total device-to-device content transfer. When you buy a new device, Automatic Setup will pop up automatically, simply in that location are some steps to follow to get everything transferred over:

  1. Power on your new device, which volition open to a menu asking you to pick a language.
  2. Afterward choosing a language, you’ll come across a “Prepare Upward Your iPhone (or iPad)” prompt.
  3. When this appears, identify your existing iOS device near the new device to initiate Automatic Setup.
  4. Your existing device will show a pop upwardly letting you lot know you can use Automatic Setup. Tap “Continue” to outset.
  5. An Apple tree Lookout-manner pairing image volition appear on the new device, and you’ll be instructed to scan information technology with the camera on your existing device.
  6. In an area with decent lighting, hold the existing device’s camera over the image on the new device to pair the two together.
  7. Enter the passcode from your existing device on the new device.
  8. From there, all of your data will start transferring from the onetime device to the new device.
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When the first few Automatic Setup steps are complete, your iPhone or iPad volition walk you through setting up Impact ID/Face ID, Siri, and Apple Pay, which are separate steps.

An additional “Limited Settings” feature following Automatic Setup is designed to speed upwards new device activation even further. Express Setup automatically enables Find My iPhone, location services, and analytics, so if yous don’t desire these features on, make certain to tap “Customize Settings” to alter them.

Once you’ve transferred all of your settings with Automatic Setup, you lot can restore from an iCloud backup to get all of your apps transferred over. If you desire to set up a device as new without downloading all of your old content, though, you’re finished once Automatic Setup is completed.

If yous don’t have an iOS device running iOS 11, you’ll need to become through a more traditional setup process. The steps are a lot like Automatic Setup, but instead of choosing an existing device after setting a linguistic communication, you’ll demand to manually enter data similar your Apple ID and your WiFi countersign.

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Automatically Set Up A New Iphone