Google Chrome May Soon Get A Screenshot Editor And You Can Thank Microsoft

Google Chrome may shortly get a screenshot editor — and you can thank Microsoft

New features are coming to Google Chrome
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Google Chrome looks set to get a few new tools for advanced screenshot editing if a new developer flag in Google Canary is whatever indication.

According to Neowin
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, the new tools in the beta version of Chrome (called Canary, because of course) give you the selection of calculation and resizing different shapes like circles, lines, arrows, and squares, also equally options for adjusting thickness, different castor shapes, text captioning and more than.

Microsoft Border also has a capture function known as Spider web Capture, but at this time you tin can add merely hand-drawn (or mouse-drawn) annotations on the resulting image.

Neowin couldn’t get many of the features to piece of work properly, if at all, and it appears that the new features are in the very early on stages of development, so there’s not much you can exercise with it yet (it fifty-fifty deletes your screenshots if y’all refresh the browser). Only be it does: Download Canary from Google and type “chrome://flags” in the accost bar, then enable “Desktop screenshots” and “Desktop Screenshots Edit Way,” and restart your browser.

To screenshot a web page, select the “Share” button on the far right of the address bar and select “Screenshot” and select “Edit” when shown the screenshot preview.

Analysis: the spider web browser state of war spurs innovation

Earlier this week, Microsoft Edge officially captured more than x% of the desktop browser market share for the starting time time always, even though information technology was still manner behind Google Chrome in terms of user base (Chrome has well-nigh 6.five times the number of users as Chrome at the moment).

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Still, that doesn’t mean Google Chrome tin merely continue to coast when there’s a hungry and well-funded rival roaring up from behind. When Chrome took over the market and became the only real game in town (other than a fading Firefox), it could beget to but be a browser and rely on others to develop extensions to its functionality.

That isn’t what Microsoft is doing, however, and the more feature-rich Border itself becomes, the more enticing information technology will be for those who distrust 3rd-party extensions. Many extensions don’t play nicely with each other; many come from dubious sources.

Sure, a Chrome extension might easily replicate the Edge browser’south screen-capture feature, but giving that power to a third-party app that might be secreting away your screenshots for some purpose is a dicey proffer for many. People will trust that Microsoft will non do the aforementioned, and so Border becomes more appealing.

If Google wants to keep its … edge, it volition need to meet Microsoft where it is and develop its own internal features rather than simply rely on others. That ways Google Chrome will hopefully become a much ameliorate production than it otherwise might accept been.

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Google Chrome May Soon Get A Screenshot Editor And You Can Thank Microsoft