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The new NordicTrack iSelect Vocalism-Activated Dumbbells are more than expensive than the competition, but if yous already have an iFit membership – not to mention an Alexa-powered gadget or two – these adjustable dumbbells add together exponential value to any home gym.


  • +

    Alexa-compatible for hands-free adjustments

  • +

    Nifty for strength training at every level

  • +

    Streamlined design is well counterbalanced

  • +

    Contoured steel knurl feels great in the hand

  • +

    Includes tablet/smartphone holder and storage tray

  • +

    Comes with xxx-twenty-four hour period iFit trial membership


  • Premium price indicate

  • Relatively bulky build

  • Requires power outlet to change weight plates

NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells: Specs

Weight Range:
v to 50 pounds each
Dumbbell Size:
16.5 x 7.three x 7.3 inches
WiFi and Bluetooth
Included Accessories:
Storage tray, tablet holder

At starting time glance, the NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Activated Dumbbells await similar to other adjustable dumbbells I’ve tested over the past year, simply upon closer inspection, there’s clearly much more than than meets the eye, ear, or fist. Just when I thought my gym gear couldn’t get whatsoever smarter — or more customized — NordicTrack raises the bar all the same again.

Without exception, force training is a pivotal part of any fitness routine, and the
best adjustable dumbbells
let yous ability through each pump without making yous fumble around with loose weight plates in between sets. NordicTrack’southward new dumbbells, still, have an extra techie trick up their sleeve: instead of using manual knobs or dials for weight plate adjustments, their dev squad baked in electronic mechanisms to swap out each plate on command —
command — activated via digital dial or
Amazon Alexa.

Are these loftier-tech dumbbells overkill for your dwelling house gym? I certain thought so at first, but by the time I finished testing the NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Activated Dumbbells, it was hard to argue with how seamlessly they complement the company’s other iFit-connected gear. This item model is on the expensive side, just adjustable dumbbells are one of the most fundamental pieces of gym equipment you can ain — minus the bulky footprint of a traditional dumbbell set. They’re ideal for loftier-energy
HIIT routines,
helping you lot torch through those calories and
boost your metabolism
in the process.

As you’ll discover in our NordicTrack iSelect Vocalisation-Activated Dumbbells review, in that location’s a lot to like about these adjustable dumbbells. They don’t accept up besides much space, and the inner tech fits in well with the rest of iFit’due south interconnected ecosystem of personal trainers. Read on to see if they’re for y’all.

  • The
    all-time trail running shoes
    will keep you light on your feet
  • The
    NordicTrack Vault
    comes with its own built-in dumbbell set
  • Demand help with your close-eye? Endeavor i of
    the seven best Alexa skills to help you sleep

NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells Review: Price and availability

The NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Activated Dumbbells are available from the company’southward website for $599, which is even more expensive than their Select-A-Weight 55 Lb Dumbbell Set ($499). The latter model offers nearly identical specs, but no newfangled voice controls. If you don’t demand that much weight resistance in your weekly routine, however, NordicTrack’s $349

(opens in new tab)

merely go up to 12.5 pounds, and they offer plenty of versatility in a tidy bundle. All three adjustable dumbbell sets come up with a thirty-day
iFit Family membership

(opens in new tab)

which is a decent perk. (More than on that below.)

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NordicTrack also carries an excellent
conditioning bench

(opens in new tab)

for $299, if y’all have some extra greenbacks leftover. There are plenty of dumbbell exercises yous can do without a workout bench, simply owning i instantly doubles the value of both gym tools. Weights and weight benches go together similar almond butter and sugar-free jelly, after all.

NordicTrack iSelect Vocalism-Controlled Dumbbells Review: Design and build

At 16.5 x seven.iii ten 7.3 inches each (minus the holding tray), these are the bulkiest dumbbells I’ve tested to appointment. Which isn’t exactly a bad thing, by the way. The 15.8 x 9 ten 8-inch
Bowflex SelectTech 522 Dumbbells
— my previous favorite in the product category — characteristic a tapered design that gets smaller on the ends. I liked those general ergonomics, but in a side-past-side comparison, the iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells are far more than streamlined, peculiarly since each weight plate has the aforementioned squarish size, shape, and diameter. This design felt a picayune clunky at first in mitt, but the stop event? Superior residue and equal weight distribution across the board; in my testing, the contoured knurl provided a dainty, comfy grip with every rep, and the plates fit together nice and snug. (Lesser dumbbells rattle effectually a chip.)

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Whereas about adaptable dumbbells require the twist of a knob or handle on the dumbbells themselves to alter the weight plates, NordicTrack opted for a more futuristic road. In that location are no controls whatsoever on the dumbbells. Instead, a slap-up knob is nestled in the middle of the storage tray, which plugs into the nearest outlet, allowing you to adjust the weights in 5-pound increments. Every bit the inner mechanisms click into place, unused weight plates are left behind on the storage tray equally you option the dumbbells up. At the end of the mean solar day, it’s an automated version of the Select-A-Weight 55 Lb Dumbbell Set up, to some degree.

NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells in stand

(Paradigm credit: Tom’s Guide)

Notation: Don’t effort attaching any loose plates dorsum onto the dumbbells without putting them back into their proper tray slots get-go, or using the dumbbells to support your torso weight. (You’ll want traditional dumbbells for that.)

NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells Review: Setting upwards

Since these adaptable dumbbells are from the futurity, they require a fiddling techno-TLC one time yous’ve settled on the proper storage tray placement. I’d suggest somewhere virtually a total-length mirror and/or your
smart TV, if you have either. (And a ability outlet, of course.)

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First, you want to attach the included tablet holder, which merely takes a few seconds. Next, yous’ll need to connect the dumbbells to WiFi and pair them via Bluetooth with a nearby
Amazon Alexa-enabled device
— like the
Repeat Dot with Clock,
Echo Testify eight, or
Sonos One
— and your telephone or tablet. The dumbbells are still technically useful fifty-fifty if your home is Amazon-free, but why buy voice-activated fettle equipment if yous tin’t even utilize the characteristic?

NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells in stand

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

From the iSelect app, you can edit WiFi settings, alter the proper name of your new toy, and create movement presets for 15 dissimilar exercises; if yous click on any exercise in the app, yous’re treated to a brief video that illustrates proper course via iFit coach. (Neat!)

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

One time everything is connected, barking orders like “Alexa, increase weight past ten pounds” or “Alexa, set weights for bicep curls” lets you instantly adjust the weight plates for your side by side set up, sans hands. Well, semi-instantly. I experienced a brief filibuster (read: two to five seconds) between spoken commands and the dumbbells’ internal adjustments. Luckily, this delay didn’t affect my workouts much — since I’m not the Flash — and resting between sets is office of strength training anyway.

(Image credit: Tom’due south Guide)

To play around with customization, I inverse the dumbbells’ name from “Weights” to “TeejMachine” via my iPad mini, and the wake work from “Alexa” to “Computer” in the Alexa app. (So when I shout stuff similar “Calculator, gear up the TeejMachine to x pounds” I feel like I’m working out on a holodeck.) Later on irresolute these settings, withal, getting Alexa to recognize my commands was a mixed bag that depended on proper pronunciation, so I eventually changed them dorsum. Still fun, though.

NordicTrack iSelect Vocalism-Controlled Dumbbells Review: Performance

It takes a few seconds to swap out weight plates on the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells, but it takes even
seconds with the iSelect Dumbbells’ digital dial, which worked flawlessly in my testing. When opting for the voice-controlled method of adjustment, everything worked as advertised to a relatively seamless degree; I never had any issues with the mechanisms sticking or apps malfunctioning. (Though Alexa would occasionally have problem recognizing the commands of longer workout names, such as “overhead shoulder press.”)

NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells in stand

(Prototype credit: Tom’due south Guide)

After using the iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells for a multifariousness of iFit strength-preparation classes — in improver to some of my ain casual workouts that didn’t crave a coach — I can confidently say that in terms of adjustable dumbbells, these are my new favorites. I nigh hate myself for this, by the way, because voice-activated annihilation in the gym feels like cheating somehow. But even if you took abroad the voice activation and digital dial, dumbing these dumbbells dorsum downwardly to manual adjustments, I’d still select them over the Bowflex SelectTech 552 or Core Domicile Fitness Adaptable Dumbbell Set any day. (Though to be off-white, I prefer Cadre Home Fettle’ aluminum-and-steel stand over NordicTrack’southward plastic tray, but that’s a small quibble.)

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NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells adjustable notches

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The ergonomics are sound, the weight plates fit snugly together when in utilise, and the contoured steel knurl feels fantastic in mitt; each dumbbell was comfortable to grip during sumo squats, skull-crushers, bicep curls, and any other exercise I performed. In dissimilarity, the plastic grips on NordicTrack’s Select-a-Weight dumbbells got slightly glace if my hands were besides sweaty, and because of this, I never felt too confident lifting them over my head. These dumbbells aren’t designed for powerlifters, especially since dropping them on the flooring is admittedly not encouraged.

NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells Review: iFit

The iSelect app is pretty bare-bones, but if y’all take an iFit membership, information technology increases the value of these dumbbells tenfold. NordicTrack and iFit have been bedfellows for a while now, and this unique personal preparation ecosystem is growing more dynamic every month.

NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells and ifit band

(Paradigm credit: Tom’s Guide)

Your iFit subscription is a virtual gateway to dozens of world-class personal trainers, accessible right from your smart Telly, smartphone, or any iFit-equipped piece of gym equipment.

NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells classes

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Afterward sampling a number of sweat sessions from John Skin, Gideon Akande, Casey Gilbert, and several other certified personal trainers, I truly did appreciate their motivational free energy during each grade, non to mention their detailed footstep-by-step instructions.

NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells classes

(Image credit: Tom’south Guide)

I had an fantabulous experience viewing these classes from my iPad mini, but I had a much better experience firing up the same workouts on my Amazon-powered Tv set; you can filter forcefulness-training workouts past intensity, duration, surround, or trainer.

NordicTrack iSelect Vocalisation-Controlled Dumbbells Review: Verdict

I had skilful things to say about NordicTrack’s $599 Select-A-Weight 55 Lb. Dumbbell Gear up when I reviewed them last year, and I nevertheless appreciate the ergonomics of
Bowflex’due south $399 SelectTech 552 Dumbbells. Only I’m always on the lookout for the future of fitness tech, and that’s exactly what we have here with the iSelect Vocalism-Controlled Dumbbells, folks.

For that same $399,
Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Set
offers similar functionality (minus the fancy tech), simply if you pony up to the complementary $170 stand, all 3 models cost roughly the same price.

At the stop of the day, this is a premium product with a premium price point, and some may view voice activation as an extraneous feature when it comes to pumping fe. (Which it is.) Simply every second of every workout is valuable in my book, and if these stone-solid dumbbells relieve me five minutes every week, they’re already worth their weight in sweat.

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Nordictrack Iselect Adjustable Dumbbells Review Amazon Alexa