Best Google Docs Tips

If you regularly apply Google Docs to create content for your website, then you’re probably well aware of how useful this free tool is.

Withal, at that place are a ton of shortcuts, apps, and built-in features that you might not be using. By reading through and applying the hacks highlighted in this mail service, y’all’re going to turn yourself into a Google Docs practiced.

Becoming more efficient and practiced with Google Docs will allow you to write faster, collaborate ameliorate, and go more work done.

Below you’ll learn about the ins and outs of Google Docs and hopefully learn about a few cool features you didn’t know existed.


Well-nigh people use Google Docs equally a pure writing tool. To improve your word counts and become a more effective writer, check out the absurd features below:

1. Start With a Template

You’re probably used to firing upward Google Docs with a bare certificate. But, at that place’due south also a massive library of free templates yous tin tap into. If you’re looking to requite yourself a head start can find any kind of template you lot’re looking for. You’ll find resume templates, brochures, business messages, and more.

Not but will you notice dozens of different categories, simply there are multiple different templates within each category too. You’ll be able to observe exactly what you’re looking for.

You can access the template library by going to
File>New. Then select ‘From template’ from the drop-downwards list that appears.

Then, you’ll be able to choose from the list of categories and templates, every bit shown below:

All you lot have to practise is click on the template you lot desire to use and start filling in the blanks.

2. Add Fonts

You’re probably already familiar with the list of standard fonts that Google Docs offers. Out of the gate Google is equipped with dozens of different fonts for you to choose from. To admission this listing just click on the current font yous’re using at the height of your toolbar, for most this will exist Arial.

If you desire to add together fifty-fifty more fonts to choose from, so click that aforementioned box, and choose the
‘More fonts…’

option that’s at the top of the toolbar.

Clicking this volition open a new window that gives you lot all kinds of fonts to choose from. All you have to do is click the fonts that you lot desire to add to the list, then click the
push at the bottom of the screen.

Now, you’ll be able to choose from the fonts from the standard font drib-down carte.

3. Add together Your Ain Words to the Dictionary

Are yous tired of seeing the squiggly scarlet line underneath words you know are correct? It tin go frustrating to take to correct the same words once more and again. Often, terms used past a particular manufacture haven’t made their fashion into the Google Docs dictionary even so.

Luckily, you lot can add these words to the lexicon, then you lot’ll never see the dreaded red line again.

To add your own words to the dictionary click on
Tools>Spelling and grammar>Personal dictionary.

And then, on the new window that shows upward, enter the word you want to add to the dictionary and click ‘OK.’

iv. Utilize Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are what separates the pro from amateur Google Docs users. When you’re using keyboard shortcuts, y’all can significantly improve your workflow and reach tasks without your fingertips leaving the keyboard.

Google Docs has a ton of unlike keyboard shortcuts for you to use. About volition allow you lot unlock nearly all of the features on this list.

You accept the standard copy and paste shortcuts. Only, beyond that, there are a bunch that are unique to Google Docs.

For example, here are a few very useful shortcuts:

  • Shift + t: Create a new document
  • Ctrl + alt + yard: Insert comment
  • Ctrl + shift + y: Open up dictionary
  • Ctrl + shift + >: Increase font size

For even more keyboard shortcuts spend some time exploring the entire list.

Keep in mind that what you’ll type to open specific shortcuts will depend upon what kind of Bone yous’re running, whether that’southward Mac, Windows, or Chrome Bone.

five. Create Your Own Shortcuts

If the shortcuts above aren’t enough for you lot, then you can create your very own shortcuts. This tin can give you a truly customized Google Docs experience, which tin assist you accomplish tasks at a much faster rate.

If you have a few shortcuts in mind that aren’t currently offered, then you can create your own past going to Tools>Preferences>Automatic Commutation. This volition give you a listing of shortcuts you lot can add, or create your own from scratch.

You can create text shortcuts, symbol shortcuts, number shortcuts, and more than. Have fun experimenting with fresh ways you tin improve your writing workflow.

6. Add together Headers

As you’re writing, you probably don’t want all of your text to be the aforementioned size. This is especially truthful if you’re writing for the web.

Content on the web will be formatted in a specific way and cleaved up via headings. Luckily, Google Docs includes these various types of headings for y’all to cull from.

To select a different heading for your article, click the driblet-downwards box that currently says ‘Normal text.’ And then, in the drop-down menu, select the heading format yous want to switch to.

Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, marshal with the H1, H2, and H3 tags that are used past WordPress.

seven. Apply the Research Tools

Did you know you tin do online inquiry as you lot’re writing? No need to open upwards your browser, you can do it right within Google Docs. This can assist to better your workflow and efficiency significantly.

To access this tool, click on the ‘Tools’ menu option at the summit of your document, then select ‘Explore’ from the driblet-down listing.

This will open up up a window on the right-hand side of your document. You can either apply the search bar to search the web, browse for images, or search through existing documents on your Google Drive.

eight. Add together Footnotes

Footnotes are a great way to add references to your content. Once you’ve added a footnote to your document, this will evidence upwardly at the bottom of the page with a respective number.

Wikipedia is an excellent example of how footnotes work on the internet.

Take note of the [1] and [ii] within the image to a higher place. When you click these you’ll be taken to the respective footnote at the bottom of the page.

If you’re creating a piece of content that relies heavily on enquiry, then you can cite your enquiry with footnotes.

Hither’s how you can add together them to your certificate.

Showtime, click where you lot’d like the footnotes to appear. And then, select ‘Insert’ from the folio menu, and then select ‘Footnote’ from the drib-downward list.

And then, type in the footnote and click save. The footnote volition now appear at the lesser of the folio, and the corresponding number will prove up where yous placed it.

nine. Apply the Dictionary

Are you ever unsure if yous’re using a word correctly? Or, maybe you want to find a synonym and spice up your writing? Instead of having to get out your electric current writing session and open up a new window, you lot tin can fire up the dictionary correct within your electric current document.

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To open the dictionary, all yous take to exercise is highlight the discussion yous want to examine and click ‘Define’ from the drop-down menu.

On the correct-mitt side of your document the lexicon definition will prove up, and at the bottom of the definition, you’ll notice synonyms for the highlighted word when applicative.

10. Add Language Accents

If you’re writing content in different languages, or need to add together an accent to certain words, then Google Docs has your back. Instead of scouring the web for the correct grapheme, open up the language accent tool, and cull the proper accent required for the chore.

To access this tool, y’all’ll need to install an addition called “Like shooting fish in a barrel Accents.” This add-on volition give you accents for over xx dissimilar languages.

To install the add-on click ‘Add-ons’ from the acme menu and search for “Easy Accents.”

Once y’all’ve installed the addition, you’ll be able to access the tool past going to Add-ons>Like shooting fish in a barrel Accents. So select your language of choice and you’ll have a list of bachelor accents you can insert into your commodity.

xi. Let Google Suggest Links

Let’s say you just finished an commodity and you realized you forgot to include hyperlinks! You could get through each sentence and encounter where you could link out, so fire up Google and notice trustworthy sources you could link out to.

Or, you lot could allow Google Docs exercise it for you. Here’s how you search for and add together a link directly from Google Docs.

Starting time, highlight the phrase that you lot’d like to link and correct-click. Then on the pop-up card select ‘Link.’

In the box that pops up, you’ll find a drop-down listing of links to choose from. Or, you can click ‘Detect more’ at the bottom of the list, and it’ll pull up a web search on the correct-hand side of your document.

Adding links this way can salvage y’all a lot of time, as you lot won’t have to keep clicking dorsum and forth between your document and the web.

12. Turn on Voice Typing

Voice typing can be a pretty useful feature. Maybe your fingers are tired from writing, or you’ve heard almost the magical give-and-take counts writers have been able to reach by speaking their words, instead of typing.

Whatever your reason, Google Docs has a congenital-in voice typing characteristic. The simply caveat is you need to be using Google Docs from inside the Google Chrome browser. You likewise need to take a working microphone, either internally via your computer, or externally, connected through your headphone jack.

In one case you have those in identify navigate to Tools>Phonation typing.

Then, click the new microphone icon, and equally presently equally yous outset speaking, you’ll see the words automatically start to announced on the page.

If you desire to add together punctuation to your certificate, y’all’ll as well have to speak the punctuation, so “comma,” “period,” “question mark.” Y’all can create a new paragraph by maxim “new paragraph” or “new line.”

Editing & Formatting

Google Docs is a phenomenal tool for editing your work, and collaborating with others to edit and ameliorate the quality of your piece of work. Beneath you’ll larn about the coolest editing and formatting related features Google Docs has to offer:

13. Clear Old Formatting

Have you always pasted text into a Google Doc, merely to find that the formatting doesn’t marshal with the remainder of your document? Information technology can be a real headache to attempt and get the formatting just right.

You can even clear the formatting on your entire certificate if y’all notice at that place are trivial font changes, or you can’t get the formatting right.

But, there’southward a little known hack for these common bug.

All you have to do is highlight the text causing y’all a problem, so go to Format>Clear formatting.

The text will now exist in alignment with your existing content–problem solved.

xiv. Turn on Suggestion Mode

If you’re regularly collaborating with other people, then you might already be familiar with the commenting characteristic. But, at that place’s another mode to brand edits to your document without actually making edits, and information technology’s chosen suggesting.

Past suggesting edits, instead of actually making them, you can give suggestions of how you’d change the text to other members of your team. This can aid to improve the writing of anyone you’re giving feedback to, as they can tangibly see the changes you lot’d make to the certificate.

To plough on suggestion mode, click the pencil icon in the upper right-manus corner. Then, on the drop-down list select ‘Suggesting.’

At present, whenever you make whatever changes to the document, these will bear witness up equally light-green colored marks. You’ll likewise see how the changes are reflected on the right-hand side of the document, and who made the suggestions.

15. Add Comments & Tag People

Naturally, as you read someone else’s piece of work, yous’re going to have comments and questions. But, instead of firing up Gmail or Slack, you can do then correct inside the document itself by leaving comments directly in the certificate.

This can besides exist helpful if y’all’re a author. Instead of having to fact-cheque a sentence, or expect something up, you tin can but leave yourself a note to come up back and double-check afterward.

Other users who yous’re sharing the document can reply to comments as well and create a conversation thread. Once the comment has been resolved, and so the entire thread can be closed.

Here’s how you insert a annotate into your certificate.

Outset, highlight the portion of the text y’all want to leave a comment on and click on ‘Insert’ at the top of your document, and then select ‘Annotate’ from the drib-downwardly list. Or, you tin right-click on the highlighted text and click ‘Comment’ from the list that appears.

You’ll notice that a comment box will appear to the right of the text that you selected. You can blazon your comment right into this box.

If some other user has commented on your article, then you’ll notice a ‘Answer’ text at the bottom of the comment box. This is where other users tin comment to create a thread.

If yous want to straight your comments towards a specific person, you can tag that person in your comment. To do this type the @ sign or the + sign when you lot beginning typing a comment, then blazon their email address, or name.

Google will give yous a list of people to tag, based upon your Gmail contacts. Once you’ve submitted the comment, an e-mail will automatically be sent to that person. Only, if that person doesn’t already accept permission to edit the document, so you’ll need to give them permission to edit or comment on the document.

16. Find and Replace Words

If yous’ve e’er misspelled a word wrong for an unabridged article, you know how time-consuming it can be to go dorsum and change every case of the mistake. Luckily, Google Docs makes information technology piece of cake to find and change every example of that fault with a single click with the Notice and Replace function.

To utilise this highlight the error you want to change in your document, then click ‘Edit’ on the top carte. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Find and supersede.’

In the pop-up box, you can blazon the word that you’d like to supervene upon it with. Then, you can choose to supervene upon the unmarried instance of the word or select ‘Supervene upon all’ and correct it across the entire document.

17. Interpret Your Doc to Some other Language

Google interpret isn’t the perfect way to translate your documents. But, it does give you a rough translation that should, at the very to the lowest degree, exist readable.

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If you need to translate something apace, so you lot can really translate the unabridged document right from Google Docs.

All you have to do is navigate to Tools>Translate document.

Then, you lot’ll create a new file and select the linguistic communication you desire the document to be translated to.

18. Add Bookmarks

If you lot’re creating a long document or an article with multiple sections it can get fourth dimension-consuming to continuously whorl down to detect the department you’re looking for.

Instead, you tin rely upon the bookmarking feature to link to different sections of your certificate. To employ this feature, click on ‘Insert’ at the top navigation carte, then select ‘Bookmark’ from the drop-down list.

At present, you tin can link to your bookmark from anywhere else in your mail service. All you accept to do is highlight the text you lot want to link, right-click and select ‘Link’, and so select your bookmark from the drop-down list.

nineteen. Create a Table of Contents

If you lot have a long and detailed document with multiple sections, it tin can get time-consuming having to curlicue downward endlessly again and again. Ane keen workaround is to add a table of contents to your document.

The tabular array of contents will display to the correct of your content as yous’re writing, so it’due south ever accessible. Then, if you want to jump to a specific section, click the corresponding headline, and yous’ll automatically be taken to that portion of your certificate.

To activate this, you’ll need to install an addition which is aptly named ‘Table of Contents.’ To install this, click on ‘Add-ons’ at the peak of the page, and search for “Tabular array of Contents.”

In one case it’south installed and activated you’ll now see a table of contents to the right of your doc, which volition easily help you leap between sections of your post.

20. Edit Images Within Your Content

Did you know that you lot can edit images from within Google Docs itself? Just because you added a picture and it isn’t perfect doesn’t mean you have to head back to your photo editing program.

With Google Docs, you can still edit an image afterwards you’ve inserted it into your commodity.

All you have to do is click on the image you lot’d like to edit, and the top toolbar will change and give you image editing options. In that location are a lot of things you can do similar cropping, calculation borders, calculation a mask, and a lot more.

For starters, we have the cropping tool. To employ this, click on the image, and select the ‘Ingather Paradigm’ icon. Then, drag the sides in, and you’ll be able to resize your prototype, as shown below.

Another thing you can practise is open upward the ‘Image options’ tool. Once you select your paradigm, click the menu item titles’ Image options’. Then, yous’ll have a sidebar on the right that allows you to practise things similar, modify the color of your prototype, and adjust the brightness, contrast, and transparency.

21. Add a New Folio

For most user’south setup, Google Docs won’t automatically add new pages as yous’re writing. This can be helpful if you’re creating a multi-folio certificate.

If you lot want to add new pages equally you’re writing, and then place your cursor where you desire the page pause to show upwards. Then, click on Insert, and from the drop-downward carte, select Break, then Page Suspension.


Google Docs is built to be used with other people. Whether you lot’re working on an article together, passing your piece of work on to an editor, you’ll want to know about these collaboration features:

22. Review the Version History of a Doc

If yous’re doing multiple revisions to a document and it’southward passed between numerous rounds of edits, you might want to come across the dissimilar versions of the document. Peradventure you lot’d even similar to revert to an older version of the document?

With Google Docs, you can view all of the previous revisions, and fifty-fifty restore to an earlier version of the document.

To do this navigate to File>Version history>See version history. Then, on the right-hand side of the document, you’ll see a tab that shows who made changes to the document and the time that the changes took identify.

You can also restore your certificate to a previous version by clicking on one of the previous versions of the certificate.

23. Share Your Document With Others

Maybe yous similar to create your initial draft abroad from the world, with but your optics to see it. If and then, you can create your offset typhoon and bring other people into your certificate later.

To practise this just click the blueish ‘Share’ button in the right mitt corner of the screen.

So, you lot tin either enter the electronic mail address of the person you want to share the document with, or yous tin create a shareable link. When you enter the email address of the person they’ll receive an electronic mail to admission the document.

While, if you desire to create a shareable link, you tin can link to this when you’re sending an email, or reference it from another document.

You besides have the ability to choose the sharing settings. For example, you tin give people the ability to view, edit, or comment on a document.

24. Conference Calling or Screen Sharing Your Dr.

Google Docs was congenital to make it easy to collaborate on whatever yous’re working on.

Every bit a result, y’all’ll take several collaboration tools built into the platform. One of those really lets you present your certificate in front end of other people.

To turn this feature on y’all’ll demand to install an add-on called ‘UberConference.’ This volition permit you to plough your existing Google Medico into a live briefing telephone call. This way everyone on the telephone call can see and edit the document every bit y’all hash out changes.

Instead of having to go back and forth with all your document edits, you tin can do it all at once.

To install this awarding go to Add-ons>Become add-ons, then search for ‘UberConference.’

One time the awarding is installed, you tin plow on UberConference by going to Add-ons>UberConference. Then, yous’ll accept a sidebar on the correct-hand side where you can initiate the telephone call.


Beyond all the features highlighted above, in that location’due south even more we couldn’t clasp into the above sections. If you want to link upward your Google Docs to your existing WordPress site, consign your document into other formats, or something else entirely, then this section is for y’all:

25. Link it up With Microsoft Word

Microsoft Discussion is one of the virtually popular word processors in the world. Chances are, you’re going to take to piece of work back and forth between Google Docs and Word a lot.

To make your life easier, you can install a Google Docs improver for Chrome that will automatically convert Word files into an editable format within Google Docs.

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To install the add together-on, head over to the Chrome web store and search for ‘Role Editing’.

Once you install the add together-on, y’all’ll exist able to import .docx files, and they will exist automatically converted to a useable format.

Then, if yous want to catechumen the File back into the Word version, navigate to File>Download, then select ‘Microsoft Word’ from the listing.

26. Organize Your Content With Folders

Google Docs stores all of your documents in the cloud. These automatic backups can exist a existent blessing, merely in time your Google Drive tin become very disorganized. This is doubly true if you’re sharing folders on Google Drive with other members of your team.

But, if you lot want to take back command of your document organization, then you can exercise so within Google Docs. This can be helpful if you’re creating a series of articles, or have a variety of different documents and files that y’all’ll desire to go along together.

To do this, we’re going to head over to Google Drive. In one case you’re inside, click on ‘New’ button that has a big plus sign next to information technology. Then, select ‘Folder’ from the drop-downwardly listing.

Then, you can move any existing documents or files into that folder for more accessible system.

If you lot want to move an existing file, right-click on the document, select ‘Motion to’ from the drop-down list, then select the binder you just created.

27. Access Your Work Offline

Google Docs is an online tool, but you can likewise use information technology offline like a standard text editor. This tin exist useful if you’re working on an article on the go, and won’t always have access to the cyberspace.

If you want to work on a document when you’re offline, select
File>Make bachelor offline.

As well, remember that the useful autosave function won’t piece of work when you’re writing offline, and so make sure yous save your document often. Google Docs will keep a local file on your reckoner and update this to the new version once you connect to the net again.

28. Explore the Improver Library

If Google Docs isn’t feature-rich enough for y’all, and so you should spend some time exploring the addition library. You’ve probably already seen a few quality add-ons mentioned in this mail service, simply at that place are hundreds more.

Just select
Add-ons>Go add-ons.
On the pop-upward screen, you’ll see the Improver library dwelling house screen.

Here y’all can install popular add-ons, browse by category, or even search for a specific keyword. A lot of the add together-ons are costless, but for more features you’ll usually have to pay. Nevertheless, this could be worth it depending on how ofttimes you apply the extension.

29. Add together an East-signature to Your Doc

If you’re creating a business document that requires your signature, you can actually sign it right inside Google Docs. For the simple signature insertion method, all y’all have to exercise is go to
and and then click on
And so, you lot tin can draw out your signature with your trackpad or mouse.

If you want to insert a more official signature, then you’ll need to install an add together-on similar Docusign or Hellosign.

To install ane of these click on
Add together-ons>Get add together-ons, so search for i of the tools mentioned higher up. Once you’ve installed one of those tools, you can insert a professional signature into your documents.

xxx. Connect Your Doc to WordPress

If yous’re a WordPress user who writes blog posts in Google Docs, and then you tin link the two together to streamline your publishing process.

If you’ve ever pasted a Google Docs document into WordPress, then you lot’re probably enlightened of all the formatting problems this can create.

Luckily, there are two easy solutions you can implement to brand this process much easier for you:

1. Use Jetpack and the Chrome Extension

Jetpack is a plugin that y’all might already exist using on your WordPress site. If then, then all you need to practice is install a browser extension and you’ll be able to easily link the two together.

To install Jetpack you’ll need to be logged into your WordPress dashboard. And then, once you’re in the backend navigate to
Plugins>Add together New
and search for “Jetpack”.

Once the plugin is installed, you’ll need to sync it with your electric current WordPress site.

At present, information technology’s time to install the Google Docs improver. Install the add together-on by going to Add-ons>Get add together-ons and search for “ to Google Docs”.

To link Google Docs and your WordPress site together navigate to
for Google Docs>Open up.

Then, on the right hand side of the document you’ll be able to add together your WordPress site. And then, you lot can publish posts straight to your WordPress blog. You lot’ll notice that when the posts are on your blog feed the formatting will be perfect, and images will transfer over besides.

two. Use a Plugin Chosen Wordable

Wordable is a premium plugin, but it was built from the ground up to make integrating Google Docs and WordPress as uncomplicated as possible.

With this plugin installed you lot use Google Docs as you lot normally would, then import the document into your WordPress site.

If you lot’d similar to requite the plugin a endeavour, you have an initial 7 day free trial period that lets yous import three different documents.

Before y’all install the plugin you’ll need to create an business relationship, so y’all can link your WordPress site. So, caput over to Wordable and create an account (

Then, install the plugin on your WordPress site by navigating to Plugins>Add New, and search for “Wordable”.

One time the plugin is installed on your site and your account is created you can import content directly from your Google Bulldoze.

The plugin will automatically create a folder within your Google Drive where you tin can cull posts from, or you can search for content you lot’ve already created.

So, all you have to do is click the ‘Export equally Draft’ push button and the post volition automatically show upwardly as a blog post draft. All that’s left for you to do is click ‘Publish.’

Closing Thoughts

By now yous’re on your fashion towards becoming a Google Docs master. If Google Docs is an integral part of your workflow, and so you must implement a scattering of the tips covered in this postal service.

Equally you become more familiar with, and customize Google Docs to your unique needs, yous’ll become a much faster worker. No matter what you lot apply Google Docs for, being able to work faster is a great benefit.

Now over to you. Practise you have any awesome Google Docs features or hacks we didn’t mention in this post? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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