Gopro Hero10 Black Bones Drones Fpv

GoPro just released their kickoff-ever FPV photographic camera – the “Naked” GoPro ten. It is substantially the beloved HERO10 Black, but stripped down to just the bare Bones (hence the name). The Hero10 Black Bones is purpose-built for FPV, keeping just the essential features for FPV pilots to brand it as light weight as possible, allowing them to be used on smaller drones.

What’s a Naked GoPro?

The term “naked GoPro” was invented when the FPV community started stripping down GoPro’south to continue the weight to a minimum. It’due south a adequately risky and ho-hum DIY task to do, and 3rd party power boards aren’t ever reliable. Information technology’s great that GoPro finally stepped in and offer Naked GoPro every bit an official product!

Here are the articles I have written on the unlike naked GoPro cameras if you want to learn more than:

  • Naked GoPro six
  • Naked GoPro eight
  • Naked GoPro 9

Where to Buy?

Product Folio (not affiliate link): states/shop/cameras/hero10-blackness-basic/CHDBO-101-principal.html

All HERO10 Blackness Bones cameras come bundled with the new GoPro Thespian + ReelSteady V2.0 software.

In the box, you go a transmission, mounting fingers, and a ability cablevision as accessories.

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera Unbox Accessories

Specs and Features

The epitome quality and stabilization of the Naked GoPro 10 are basically identical to the original Hero10 Black, as they both use the same paradigm sensor and processor:

  • ane/2.3” prototype sensor
  • GP2 system processor
  • 5.3K60 + 4K120 Video
  • HyperSmooth four.0 Stabilization

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera Compare Full Size

Left: full size Hero 10 Black; Correct: Hero 10 Black Bones

Flight on my five″ FPV drone:

Hither’s some other flight on a smaller three.five″ drone:

Notwithstanding the Hero10 Blackness Bones is made much slimmer and lighter by removing everything but the essential. This reduces the weight
from 158g to merely 59.9g

(my measurement is slightly heavier than GoPro’due south claimed 54g, maybe they didn’t include the lens protector).

Despite the huge reduction in weight, it’southward still considerably heavier than the older Naked GoPro’s (double the weight).

  • Naked GoPro 6 with BetaFPV V2 case: 25.7g
  • Naked GoPro 8 with GEPRC case: 27g
  • Naked GoPro nine with NamelessRC instance: 30.5g

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Compare 9 8 6

From left to correct: Hero10, 9, viii, vi

Only a 60g camera is nonetheless manageable for almost iii″ and even some powerful two″ FPV drones and Cinewhoops.

The Naked GoPro ten is also noticeably larger in dimensions than the older naked GoPro’s.

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Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Compare 9 8 6 Size

The input voltage is 5V to 27V (as stated in the manual), meaning information technology tin be powered directly from pretty much all the mutual LiPo batteries we employ on FPV drones (2S – 6S). Nevertheless some users accept reported issue with the camera stop recording randomly when powered past 5V, so perhaps information technology’due south best to power it from a college voltage ability source.

Information technology has an onboard microphone for recording audio.

Different previous Naked GoPro’southward you lot have to tear it down and gather it in an aftermarket instance all by yourself, the Bones comes fully assembled, set to apply out of the box.

When you buy the Hero10 Bones, you go a gratuitous copy of Reelsteady V2.0 ($99 value).

The best function?
GoPro offers damage protection and replacement for GoPro subscribers!

Closer Wait at the GoPro 10 Blackness Bones

At only 60g, the Hero10 Black Basic is the lightest camera GoPro has e’er launched (even the side by side lightest, the Hero5 Session weighs 74g).

The minimal weight is achieved by removing the displays, battery, speaker and GPS module in the Hero10 Black. They also replaced the metal enclosure with a lightweight plastic enclosure still offers some degree of protection.

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera

Inside the well-vented protective housing, there’s a heatsink for cooling.

I wanted to accept a look inside the camera, at the PCB and what they are using to power the GoPro chief lath. However the plastic example seems to exist glued together, in that location’s no screws on the outside so it can’t be open easily. I don’t want to risk breaking the camera enclosure before testing it, so I will leave it for now 🙂

But I took a screenshot from GoPro’southward promotion video showing the BEC that powers the main lath, and the heatsink. The heatsink appears to be similar to the original heatsink, which is pretty heavy. Probably explains why the Bones is so heavy.

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera Pcb Tear Down Decase

The Bones has the exact same removable/replaceable cover drinking glass as the original Hero10, information technology offers protection to the lens and it can be swapped on your favourite 3rd political party ND filter.

The SD carte du jour slot is located on the correct side. I wish they had some sort cover to foreclose the micro SD card from adventitious ejection in a crash, but I’ve tested this photographic camera for a few days now with numerous crashes, it has not caused any event so far.

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Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera Sd Card

There are ii buttons on this camera but like the original Hero10 Black – Shutter and Fashion/Power. They are located on the back.

The power input is also located on the back, it’s a

Molex PicoSPOX (i.5mm pitch) iii-pin connector
, which is an unusual connector and is hard to observe. They were initially going to use

GH 1.25 iii-pivot connector

same equally the one on the GEPRC BEC, only in the terminate they inverse information technology hence it still says that on the manual simply dissimilar on the concluding product. That doesn’t fit at all as the shape is different. Some say

Molex PicoBlade

(clones are sold every bit

Micro JST1.25
) sort of works but not recommended, considering it’southward slightly bending the pins due to the different pitch and the connectedness is not secure. Another pick is

, pitch is the aforementioned so might be a amend fit but however to exist confirmed.

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera Back

There’south a mounting pigsty right behind the lens, when mounted on a drone, it keeps the lens right in the middle.

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera Mount

With the mounting fingers provided, you tin can mount the camera on a standard GoPro mount adapter or 3D printed mountain for a drone.

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera Mounting Fingers Drone

This is on my v″.

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera 5 Inch Drone

On my GEPRC Smart (3.5″ FPV drone).

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera Micro Drone

Input Power

The Naked GoPro 10 takes 5V to 27V input ability, so it’s possible to power the camera directly from a 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S or even 6S LiPo battery. Since I will exist using this camera on my 4S FPV drones, I soldered a 4S rest connector to the power cablevision.

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera Power Cable Balance Connector

So I can just plug the camera direct to the battery’s residue port.

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera Power Cable Drone

Detect at that place are 3 wires in the provided power cable – ruddy, black and yellow. The xanthous cablevision is for connecting to your flight controller’s TX pivot of a spare UART. This allows you to start and stop recording using a switch on your radio when you set it upward in Betaflight. I don’t see myself using this feature very much, since I will be mostly using the physical button on the camera for that, and then I only left the yellow cable unconnected.

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Hither’s the ability consumption under unlike modes:

  • Idle – 0.15A @ 16.4V (2.46W)
  • 1080p 60fps (highest bitrate) – 0.29A @ 16.4V (4.76W)
  • 4K 60fps (highest bitrate) – 0.34A @ 16.4V (v.58W)

If you are powering the camera at a different voltage, just split up the wattage by the voltage and you volition get a rough estimation of what the amp draw would exist. Take amp draw into consideration if you are using a voltage regulator between the power source and camera, I think this would be a popular approach as it adds an extra buffer/protection against voltage spikes.

Changing Settings

To change camera settings, there are many means:

  • Using the Quik app (Android/iOS) over Bluetooth/WiFi
  • Scanning QR codes
  • Theoretically yous tin also employ the physical buttons – simply there’due south no display and then yous wouldn’t know what you are pressing

I’ve found using the Quik app the easiest, it was piece of cake to pair and change settings. The preview is really useful to bank check your exposure level since there’s no screen on the photographic camera..

As well information technology’south good to learn that y’all take full control of Protune settings in the app, including bitrate, shutter speed, ISO, white rest, sharpness, etc.

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera App Quik Settings

Here’due south the manual that comes with the camera explaining the basics.

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera Manual

Should You Get The Bones?

The Hero 10 Black Bones is surprisingly tough. I had a crash (lost video, the drone free vicious from about 50 meters), information technology broke the arm of the drone but the camera was completely fine!

Naked Gopro 10 Hero10 Black Bones Fpv Camera Crash TestWith that said, the Hero10 Blackness Bones is non really fabricated for crashing, and it’s a lot easier to break than the total size Hero10.

But information technology’s definitely the all-time yous can get correct now as a 60g camera in terms of image quality, and I call back it’s a fantastic tool for the professional cinematographers and skilled pilots. Still it’s not for everyone, non only because it’s less crash resistant merely too it’south limited to FPV use only due to the lack of internal battery and displays, you tin can’t really use it for everyday recording similar the original Hero10.

Gopro Hero10 Black Bones Drones Fpv