Best Websites Apps For Buying And Selling Locally

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If yous’re looking to get rid of clutter and clean up effectually the house a flake, selling your unused possessions is 1 of the
fastest means to make money

Every twelvemonth, my neighborhood holds a customs-wide yard sale.

People put their used clothes, toys, article of furniture, and whatever else they take out in their driveways, hoping customers finish by to brand purchases.

As time has gone by, the number of homes participating has decreased, most probable due to the ascension in selling apps and other ways to sell used items online.

But with and then many online options, it’s hard to know which ones are worth using and which ones you should decline.

The 13 Best Apps for Selling Items Online

In that location are different apps to sell used stuff online depending on whether yous’re selling a physical product or a service. From apparel and video games, to antiques and cameras, here are the all-time resale apps to offload your stuff for greenbacks.

ane. Flyp

Flyp, y’all can sell your clothes and shoes across different apps without having to do whatsoever of the actual work that comes with selling.

The app works past connecting you with a network of vetted Pro Sellers who sell your items on commission.

When you lot sell with a pro seller instead of to end consumers, you don’t take to worry about having to deal with photographing and modeling items, finding selling sites, managing listings, handling shipping, and dealing with the drama of customer service. You also get to avoid those potentially creepy Craigslist encounters.

Instead, all you have to do is take ane photo per detail of what y’all’d similar to sell, and Flyp’s Pro Sellers will bid on your lot. Y’all choice your favorite seller, print off a aircraft label, and mail your lot to them. Then, sit back and relax. When your items sell, you become paid.

two. Decluttr

lets you lot sell used CDs, DVDs, games, and tech online. Just pack your particular, stick on the label, and drib information technology off at the nearest UPS location, Customer Center, or Authorized Retail Outlet. The mean solar day after your items make it, you’ll receive payment via direct deposit, PayPal, check, or as a donation to the charity of your selection.

Selling with Decluttr is simple and straightforward. As soon as you enter your item via the app or website, you
get an instant valuation
. If you determine to move forward with the sale, Decluttr sends yous a free shipping label to transport your items.

They have an A rating with the Better Concern Bureau and a 4.6 rating from Trustpilot.

3. Buyback Boss

Buyback Dominate,
which has an A+ BBB rating and iv.eight Trustpilot rating, you can go cash for your used smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or other electronics. After answering a few questions nigh the device, it’ll give you an instant quote. If you accept the quote, it’ll send yous a pre-paid shipping characterization then you lot can transport the device.

After it’s received and passes the visitor’southward inspection, yous can opt for payment in the form of a physical check, PayPal deposit, or a donation to Lighthouse for Hope.

Unlike other sites, its quote comes with both a 14-day price lock and a price-matching guarantee, then if you go a college offer on another site, it promises to accolade it.

4. thredUP

With an A+ rating from the Meliorate Business Bureau, thredUP is ane of the most trustworthy buy and sell apps out there. This app is congenital for
selling used clothes
from brands like Sometime Navy, Gap, and J. Crew as well as designer brands.

The site lists the specific items customers are looking for, so you tin notice the items most likely to exist selected.

To become started, you’ll demand to society a gratuitous closet clean-out kit. In one case the bag arrives in the mail service, put in your gently-used wear, send it off, and wait. Once your order is processed, y’all’ll receive payment via thredUP shopping credit, PayPal, or a VISA prepaid carte.

You won’t know how much you’ll go until you lot ship your dress off, and you lot’ll take to pay a $10.99 fee to get them back. But y’all tin can use thredUP’s payout figurer to get an idea of your potential earnings before sending in your appurtenances.

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5. OfferUp

OfferUp is a free app that connects people selling items similar jewelry, cars, smartphones, and other tech items with local buyers.

Unlike other selling apps, OfferUp allows buyers and sellers to communicate in-app, then there’s no need to give out personal information. It also offers a network of public community meetup locations like police force stations

OfferUp lets buyers charge per unit sellers and so it’s important to be honest almost the item. You can also link your Facebook account to boost your credibility.

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6. Poshmark

Poshmark is an app where you lot tin list used clothes, accessories, home decor, and more than. It’s a marketplace that connects you with buyers. All you need to do is register for an business relationship and upload pictures of what you’re selling.

Buyers pay for shipping, only some sellers can offer discounted or free shipping to lure potential buyers. Poshmark does charge a high commission – 20% of the auction price on items over $20 and a apartment $2.95 for items under $15.

vii. Facebook

Facebook is i of the all-time apps to sell stuff online since you can achieve potential customers in your social network and beyond.

quick sell app: Use the Facebook marketplace to buy and sell stuff locally
Facebook Marketplace is a quick and easy fashion to sell items locally. Facebook, Inc.

Facebook purchase and sell groups

One way to sell items on Facebook is through local buy and sell groups. Typically y’all’ll need to bring together the group before y’all can start selling, and groups often accept themes. For instance, some groups may target baby items while others are simply for advertising 1000 sales. Read the guidelines before listing your items.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another Craigslist alternative for selling items locally. Information technology’southward free to listing an particular, and you can communicate directly with the potential buyer.

Facebook Business organization Pages

If y’all have a Facebook page for your business concern, you can sell directly items to clients from that page past adding a “Store Now” button for your visitors to see.

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8. Instagram

You lot wouldn’t typically think of Instagram as a place to sell stuff online, simply all y’all need to do is have a motion-picture show and insert some appropriate hashtags. Add a text overlay and so users don’t have to read the caption to see what you’re selling. Don’t forget to include the details in the description, including price, size, location of the item, and if you’re willing to ship it.

9. Recycler

Recycler is a marketplace that connects local buyers and sellers. The main categories include vehicles, pets, and housing. There are also options to list article of furniture, apparel, and other used household items. You tin create an account using your Facebook login and immediately offset posting items for sale.

10. 5miles

5miles is an online marketplace that’s unproblematic, safety, and fun to use. With this online selling app, you lot tin filter your results to within five miles of your current location.

Categories include the same types of items as other apps (clothes, electronics, furniture, etc.) and options to list jobs and services. Although 5miles is used widely throughout the U.Southward. and diverse other countries, you’re more than likely to run into success if yous’re near 1 of its popular cities, like Dallas, Tampa, Miami, or New York.

11. Trove Marketplace

The Trove app is a bang-up source to purchase and sell used furniture online. When you lot list an item on Trove, y’all can set a fixed toll or accept bids from buyers. You also get to make up one’s mind what kind of payment you want to accept such as cash or credit/debit cards.

In one case you accept an offering and confirm the price, you can schedule a time to meet your buyer and make the exchange. Don’t let the buyer exit with your particular until you’ve been notified by Trove that it has submitted the payment.

12. Chairish

Like its name, Chairish is an app designed specifically for selling used furniture online. Just snap a movie of your piece of furniture, create a listing with a title and clarification, and gear up your toll.

List with Chairish is free. There’s a 20% commission charge for items yous sell. When your item sells, the buyer has 48 hours to return it through Chairish. Subsequently the 48-60 minutes window expires, your payment is released.

One significant difference between Chairish and Trove is that the items on Chairish accept a much higher selling price. Therefore, if you lot have quality furniture in good status, it may exist worth it despite the college commission rate.

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thirteen. Airbnb

If yous take a spare guest room that sits empty about of the year, consider renting it out on
Airbnb. Renting out infinite with Airbnb is an excellent manner to make some extra money on the side.

A 2017 survey found that people who used Airbnb
made about $500 a month.

Creating a listing
is quick and simple. Take a few photos of your space, add a clarification, and prepare your toll. You’ll go ameliorate results if yous clean the infinite and add some actress decor. Here is a
pace by pace guide for getting started
if you need some aid.

At that place may be some initial investment like ownership an extra set of sheets, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, but hosting with Airbnb can be a lucrative side hustle.

viii Best Places to Sell Services Online

If yous’re washed selling all your extra stuff, yous tin can consider
selling your services and abilities online.

14. NextDoor

NextDoor a neighborhood-specific social networking app. It serves equally an culling to customs pages or groups on Facebook and keeps residents informed of local events and news. It’s also a corking fashion to sell your services to your local customs. The app encourages people to promote their businesses and stuff they have to give abroad or sell, but they practice have some rules. For case, it asks that if you lot’re selling services through your personal profile, yous add that specific concern to the biography section of your contour.

15. Fiverr

People list digital services such as graphic design, writing, and video editing on Fiverr. There are over 100 different categories to choose from, and Fiverr encourages sellers to “be artistic.” Equally long as it’s legal and within its terms, you can sell information technology on the site.

Dissimilar other freelance sites, you go to choose the exact service you offer and set up the price. There’due south no bidding on projects. You can price your services anywhere from $5 to $995 and upsell customers with upwardly to three packages at increasing price levels.

16. Rover

The Rover app is designed specifically to connect pet owners with reliable and trustworthy caretakers. Rover’southward fees are straightforward – you take home 80% of your pay. Services you lot tin can offer include dog boarding, house sitting, doggie daycare, walking, and drop-in visits.

With Rover, you gear up your ain rates after choosing which services to offer. If you love animals and want to make some extra money, this could exist a dandy app for you.

17. Upwork

Upwork is a global platform that connects businesses with freelancers around the world. That makes information technology the perfect place to notice new clients and grow your freelance business. Fifty-fifty if you’re not looking to build a business, it’s also only an
easy style to brand money online

Once you register for a free business relationship, Upwork suggests ideal jobs based on the information you submitted. Y’all can also manually search for boosted opportunities.

Later you notice a project that fits your skill gear up, the next footstep is to submit a proposal. The buyer then chooses from among all the freelancers who bid on the projection. Payments are available through PayPal, straight deposit, wire transfer, local funds transfer, Payoneer, or Skrill.

Some projects are an hourly rate while others have a fixed price. Upwork does accept a 20% fee so be aware of this when you bid on a project.


If you lot’re interested in babysitting, you can register for a complimentary account with The site will connect you with parents in the area looking for short or long-term kid care, earlier or after-school intendance, or only on occasion.

Y’all get to set your rates, availability, and how far you’re willing to travel, and negotiate and collect payments directly from clients.

If you’re non interested in babysitting, you can likewise provide house cleaning, pet care, tutoring, and errand and odd chore services on

19. Airbnb Experiences

Even if y’all don’t take infinite to rent in your dwelling house, you can all the same brand money with
Airbnb Experiences
. Offer a class or workshop, an outdoor fettle class, or lead a grouping bout.

Think of an feel you lot tin offer that’s unique to your location or your skillset. The goal is to immerse visitors into the lives of locals, and so the more unique and authentic the experiences are, the more people y’all’re probable to get.

twenty. Amazon Home Services

Amazon isn’t merely a identify to find books, kitchen accessories, and streaming Tv shows. Now, with Amazon Dwelling house Services, you can advertise services like plumbing, house cleaning, and piece of furniture assembly to people in your surface area.

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Unlike other sites, you have to complete a background check, including a criminal background cheque, and provide proof of licenses and insurance to be featured on Amazon Home Services.

21. TaskRabbit

If yous don’t think you’ll qualify for Amazon Habitation Services simply nonetheless have handyman services you desire to sell, consider using TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit connects customers with people who can help them with various tasks similar moving or assembling furniture, doing minor home repairs, or cleaning. Y’all tin find jobs in your area past submitting an application and attending an informational session.

You volition set your own rates and negotiate job details with clients, simply TaskRabbit handles the invoicing and payment collection process.

Traditional Ways to Sell Stuff Online

Let’s not forget about the original players in the online selling globe.

22. eBay

eBay is i of the most popular online selling platforms. With eBay, you tin purchase and sell almost annihilation and popular categories include used video games, phones, tech, and shoes.

You tin likewise use eBay to sell stuff locally online. When creating your list, coil down to the section titled “How you’ll transport it.” At that place’south a selection for “Offer local pick up only.” When you choose this selection, your item will simply exist offered to buyers who alive in or most your ZIP Code.

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23. Craigslist

Craigslist is a go-to when it comes to selling used stuff. It’due south especially useful if you live somewhere where other apps have yet to gain traction.

The Craigslist app may not be equally convenient as others, but its popularity ensures access to the largest pool of potential buyers.

24. Amazon

The Amazon Seller Marketplace is a cracking identify to sell used stuff online. Popular categories include books, electronics, jewelry, and tech. Amazon offers memberships for serious sellers turning over a significant number of items.

If you’re just looking to sell things sporadically, then an individual plan is your best choice. With this plan, you won’t incur a monthly fee only you’ll have to pay listing and selling fees for each item sold.

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25. Etsy

If you’re crafty, Etsy is probably the starting time place to sell your handmade and vintage items online. An online market for selling unique handmade goods, starting an Etsy shop is free, easy, and a great fashion to brand money from your hobbies. Yous tin even sell digital items like budget trackers, inspirational quotes, or printable coloring pages.

While there is a fee to listing your items on Etsy, you become to set your ain prices and you lot go on all of the internet profits.

26. Shopify

isn’t a place to sell used appurtenances. It’s an online platform used to set your own digital storefront for dropshipping items like books or coffee mugs. You can also use it to sell your services, digital products, memberships, and even ticketed events.

Although Shopify does offering a costless trial, there’due south a fee to use the platform. In that location are a variety of paid options, and y’all can select the one that works best for yous. You accept the choice to increase or decrease your plan based on sales and need.

27. Your own website

You’ll take the nigh control over inventory, pricing, shipping, and advertising if you sell products via your ain website. Since yous’re the proprietor, you don’t have to worry about commission, list fees, or bidding confronting other people for the same task.

Yous also get to decide how customers volition pay you, return policies, and you can even offer coupons and discounts. It’s non easy to sell products from your own website, merely it can be the most lucrative.

Questions You Should Enquire Before Picking an App to Sell

Choosing the all-time selling apps depends on the items yous have, the status they’re in, and how much hassle you desire to get through.

What does information technology specialize in?

Wait at what yous’re trying to sell and see if there’due south an app that specializes in that category. For example, thredUP is cracking for selling gently-used clothes. But if you have a huge CD drove, you lot’re better off going with

Are there any fees?

Some apps charge a apartment fee while others charge a percentage of the listing price. Take the fee into account when pricing the item.

Near apps are pretty straightforward in terms of their fee structures. Don’t forget to read the terms before deciding on the best apps to sell stuff.

Best Websites Apps For Buying And Selling Locally