Cancel Or Modify Netflix Subscription

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How to Abolish or Modify Your Netflix Subscription

If you don’t use Netflix anymore or it’s too expensive, you tin can alter your programme or cancel information technology outright. Hither’south how to say farewell to Netflix’s streaming and DVD plans.

Netflix recently increased its subscription cost again. If the new price is as well much money, you don’t watch as much as you once did, or you accept too many video-streaming services to pay for, you lot have two options. Either change your subscription to arrive less painful on the wallet or cancel it outright.

Modifying your subscription is a good place to showtime, since a dissimilar programme may assist the toll fall within your budget. However, cancelling may exist the all-time option if you no longer savor Netflix’due south offerings. Hither’s how to modify or cancel your Netflix streaming (or DVD!) subscription.

Business relationship Details

netflix account

Open the Netflix website and sign into your business relationship if you’re not already logged in. Choose your user profile, then click the down arrow adjacent to your profile epitome in the upper-right corner. Select Account from the menu to see various settings and information, including a Plan Details section with your active streaming or DVD plans.

netflix account page

Cancel Streaming Plan

cancel netflix

You can cancel your account by clicking
Cancel Streaming Program
side by side to the appropriate plan. When asked to ostend, click
Finish Counterfoil. Your streaming plan will then exist cancelled at the stop of your current billing bicycle.

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Modify Streaming Programme

netflix plans

If y’all prefer to modify a streaming program, click the
Change plan
link instead, and a screen volition pop upward with a few different choices. Bold you desire to scale back on your streaming to reduce the price, click i of the less expensive options and click Continue. Netflix asks you lot to confirm the alter. Click
Ostend Modify, and your programme change will go into result at the beginning of your next billing bike.

change plans

Cancel DVD Programme

cancel dvd plan

Aye, Netflix still offers a DVD plan. If you’re ready to leave the world of concrete discs behind and encompass the streaming age, go back to your account page and click
Cancel DVD program
in the Program Details department. Netflix informs you that all DVDs you take out must exist returned within seven days of cancellation. Check the box next to
Go along to Counterfoil
and click Continue.

confirm cancel

Netflix tries to convince you lot to hang onto the plan, with the option to pause shipments should you simply want to give the program a temporary residual. If your listen is fabricated upward, make sure the box next to
Stop shipping DVDs to me
is checked and click
Yes, cancel my account.

Change DVD Plan

dvd plans

If you’d rather simply cut back on your current Netflix DVD plan, click
Change DVD Plan
from the Account page. Y’all will then be given four different plan options. Assuming y’all desire to scale back, select one of the cheaper plan options, then select Ostend. The change will take place at your side by side billing cycle.

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choose plan

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Cancel Or Modify Netflix Subscription