Change Customize Apple Watch Faces

  • You lot tin can change your Apple Spotter confront by swiping from side to side on your lookout man.
  • You can also add, remove, or customize watch faces from your Apple Watch or iPhone.
  • Apple Lookout man complications — like weather, action, and other app info — tin also be customized.
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The beauty of an Apple Watch is that it serves many functions: a fitness tracker, a stopwatch, a way to peek at notifications without taking your phone out, and of course, to tell the time.

Y’all can customize sentry faces and manage your collection from the Lookout man app on your iPhone or directly on your Apple Watch.

Here’s how to alter and customize your Apple Watch faces.

How to modify your Apple tree Watch face

Swipe from border to edge on your Apple tree Watch to see the faces in your current drove.

When you notice the watch face y’all want, simply stop swiping to stay on that face.

How to add together, remove, and customize watch faces from your iPhone

Open the Picket app on your iPhone.

To add a lookout man face up, go to the “Face Gallery” on the bar at the bottom of the app.

Go to the “Face Gallery” tab.

Abigail Abesamis Demarest/Insider

Scroll through the bachelor watch faces.

Select a face to customize its color, mode, and complications. Tap “Add together” one time finished to add the face up to your drove.

To remove a watch face, get to the “My Picket” tab of the Watch app.

Tap the “Edit” push side by side to “My Faces.”

On the “My Sentinel” tab, select “Edit” next to “My Faces.”

Abigail Abesamis Demarest/Insider

Tap the red dash “-” push to the left of the face you lot want to remove. Tap the red “Remove” button.

Tap the ruby circle next to a face you want to delete.

Abigail Abesamis Demarest/Insider

Tap “Done.”

How to add, remove, and customize spotter faces from your Apple Watch

Firmly tap on the watch face.

To add a sentry face, swipe left until you lot reach a window that reads “New.” Tap the plus “+” icon.

Tap the “New” plus sign.

Apple tree

Scroll through the list of available sentry faces by turning the digital crown or swiping with your finger.

Tap the face to add together it to your collection.

To customize a face up, tap “Edit” on the face you lot want to change. Swipe to either side to find and select a feature to customize. Turn the digital crown to cull a new customization, similar colors and markings, for that feature.

Y’all can besides customize face up complications, similar weather and activeness. Swipe to the left-well-nigh screen, tap a complication, and turn the digital crown to change it.

Yous can add complications like weather, timer, activity, and more than.

Apple tree

When you’re finished customizing faces or complications, press the digital crown to save your changes.

To remove a watch confront, swipe to the confront you’d like to remove.

Printing firmly on the display, then swipe upward. Tap “Remove.”

Select “Remove” to delete a watch face.


Change Customize Apple Watch Faces


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