Check Iphone Battery Health

If your iPhone has iOS 11.iii or afterwards installed, you lot can easily bank check battery health with a cursory dive into the Battery section of the Settings app. Notwithstanding, information technology simply relays the electric current maximum charge capacity in percentage terms. If yous desire to figure out the number of charge cycles that your iPhone’southward battery has been through, y’all won’t find it at that place.

Apple puts the lifespan of an iPhone’southward battery at roughly 500 charge cycles—the more than you get through them, the less charge the battery holds. So what can yous exercise to check the number of accuse cycles on your iPhone’southward battery? If you accept a Mac or a PC at hand, use the iii apps beneath to uncover it speedily. Let’s go started.

1. iMazing (Mac and PC)

iMazing supports both macOS and Windows. It’s an iPhone management tool that you tin can use to perform a host of tasks—create backups, access photos, transfer music, etc. While you must pay to employ most of the features in iMazing, you can bank check the battery stats on your iPhone, including its charge wheel count, for gratis.

Download and install iMazing on your Mac or PC. Afterward, open up the application and connect your iPhone. Follow by selecting your iOS device from iMazing’s left-side navigation pane. Then, click the Bombardment icon—located to the lower right-side of the programme window—to bring out the Bombardment fly-out.

On the PC, y’all must accept iTunes downloaded and installed. iMazing may not discover your iPhone otherwise.

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Check Iphone Charge Cycles 1

Underneath the Technical Data section, yous can notice the charge cycle count of your iPhone listed side by side to Bombardment Accuse Cycles.

The Battery wing-out will also include a host of other battery-related information, such as the electric current charge and temperature. You can also find the battery’s overall health condition to the top of the wing-out. This effigy uses the effective max charge, so it will be different from the Maximum Capacity reading shown within the iPhone’southward Settings app.

2. CoconutBattery (Mac Only)

CoconutBattery is a neat (and free) program that should allow you quickly figure out the bombardment charge cycles for your iPhone. However, you tin only employ it on the Mac.

Showtime past downloading CoconutBattery. You can and then launch the plan immediately––information technology does non require installation. Connect your iPhone, switch to the iOS Device tab, and run into the number of charge cycles listed side by side to Cycle Count.

Check Iphone Charge Cycles 2

CoconutBattery will also display MacBook-related bombardment information—switch to the This Mac tab to bank check that.

three. iBackupBot (Mac and PC)

iBackupBot is an iPhone backup utility for the PC and Mac. Just like iMazing, it also displays the number of charge cycles for your iPhone. You must pay to unlock the features in iBackupBot, only the plan offers a 7-solar day trial for offset-time users (no billing info required). That should exist more than than enough for the task at hand.

Download and install iBackupBot on your Mac or PC. Open up information technology, and then select your iPhone via the navigation pane to the left side of the window. Follow past clicking More Information. On the window that shows up, cheque CycleCount underneath the Battery section to get the iPhone’southward battery cycle count reading.

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Check Iphone Charge Cycles 3

If iBackupBot fails to detect your iPhone on the PC, launch iTunes alongside information technology. That should prompt iBackupBot to discover your iPhone immediately.

Tip: Check Charge Cycles With iPhone Only

If you don’t take a Mac or a PC at hand, you can utilize your iPhone itself to get the bombardment charge bicycle count. Nonetheless, it requires a bit of endeavor.

Kickoff past going to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data. Scroll downwards and tap the final entry that begins with ‘log-aggregated.’

Check Iphone Charge Cycles 4
Check Iphone Charge Cycles 5

On the screen that follows, select all the text within––double-tap and elevate the right selection handle to the bottom of the screen and continue property until you highlight everything. Tap Copy to add the text to the iPhone’s clipboard.

Create a new note in the Notes app and paste the text into it. Adjacent, tap the More icon to the upper-right corner of the note, and then tap Find in Annotation. Follow by typing ‘BatteryCycleCount.’

Check Iphone Charge Cycles 6

That should prompt the Notes app to highlight the relevant word within the text. Merely underneath information technology, you should see the charge wheel count listed betwixt the integer tags.

Bombardment Cycles

Despite checking the number of charge cycles on your iPhone, you lot should put more stock on the Maximum Chapters per centum reading displayed with Settings > Bombardment > Battery Health. With proper charging practices, an iPhone that has gone through lots of accuse cycles tin can still accept decent battery health. Yous may also want to enable the Optimized Bombardment Charging functionality on your iPhone to ho-hum down the adverse bear upon of repeated charge cycles.

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Check Iphone Battery Health