I Changed My Slack Notifications Into Hummus But Now Im Hungry For More

I changed my Slack notifications into hummus, but now I’m hungry for more

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Did you know that you can alter the default notification sound on Slack? Perchance yous did, but 1 of the options is not like the others – among the various jingles and drumming noises, you’ll find comedy gilded in the form of a British adult female firmly saying the word ‘hummus’.

This fun lilliputian Slack feature won’t assistance spare you from the agonizing terminal few hours of the workday, but it’due south random plenty to put a smile on your confront every fourth dimension a colleague messages you to nudge for any updates.

It should too be said that this is past no means a new characteristic to have appeared on the popular messaging plan, merely it doesn’t appear to exist peculiarly well known, and as the globe’due south biggest fan of hummus (self-identified) that seems similar a real shame to me.

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Twitter user @charlottekennny
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is responsible for bringing this to my attending, and after the initial defoliation passed I did a picayune digging around to run into why this existed in the offset identify.

As it turns out, this is something of an inside joke amid Slack staff. Back in 2016, Slack employees allegedly fell in dearest with how the company’s then editorial managing director Anna Pickard said the word ‘hummus’ in her English accent, so they decided to immortalize it equally an MP3 file that can exist used on the platform.

Information technology’s easy to replicate on your ain system if y’all want to give it a try yourself. Only select onto your profile image at the top right of the screen and select into ‘Preferences’.

From here you’ll land on the ‘Notifications’ page where yous tin curl down to the section labeled ‘Sound & appearance’. There are two dropdown boxes for notification sounds, ane for messages and another for huddles, so you can set them to different sounds to easily differentiate between them while you’re working (Hummus is located at the very bottom).

Opinion: Slack should go all in with this

This is a total gimmick, but it doesn’t need to be. In fact, I’d argue that this could be used as a valuable productivity tool if a few additional developments are made.

Slack doesn’t currently back up custom notification sounds, nor does it permit you lot to set a different notification for each aqueduct yous’re a role of, and that’s a crying shame. However, you tin can customize a multifariousness of other elements in Slack, from emojis and aliases to integrations, which can result in potentially transformational increased productivity or pure hilarity, depending on your taste. So, why tin’t we customize notifications?

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Every bit someone that suffers from anxiety, beingness able to set up custom notifications that audibly say what channel I’m being pinged in doesn’t just help to avoid stress levels spiking as you run to bank check if your manager wants to jump an immediate 1-2-i on you, but you tin as well prioritize urgent work without needing to bank check Slack every time a notification goes off.

A not bad example would be if you’re part of several channels, with many of these being socially focused and a few being more work orientated. If you get a bulletin in a channel that requires urgent attention, you could record a quick sounds that says ‘urgent’ so that yous know
when y’all need to refocus on another job.

There are ways to record custom notification sounds, though the procedure isn’t officially supported and requires some technical know-how. It also doesn’t solve the restriction around setting unlike sounds for each channel, only I promise that this is something Slack could look to introduce downwards the line.

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I Changed My Slack Notifications Into Hummus But Now Im Hungry For More

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