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While straightforward SMS texting isn’t perfect by any ways, the adoption of the RCS standard means yous can practise pretty neat things in Google Messages that you couldn’t for a very long time. Follow along to learn a few tips and tricks for using RCS messaging and Google Letters features to the fullest.

Table of contents

  • What is RCS messaging?
  • How to use RCS on Android
  • What Google Messages tin can practise with RCS
    • Enable/disable read receipts
    • Enable/disable typing indicators in Google Messages
    • End-to-end encryption and “business messaging”
    • Grouping chats with RCS messaging
  • Things you tin practice with Google Messages
    • Smart Reply, Google Assistant suggestions, and suggested deportment
    • Update 3/ii: Organizing letters by category
    • Update 4/6: Turning on iPhone emoji reactions
    • Update 4/21: Scheduling letters in Google Messages
    • Utilizing additional features in chats
    • Using Google Messages via spider web client

What is RCS messaging?

RCS stands for Rich Communications Services and is a standard used by Google in lodge to provide messaging services that can handle a lot more than your standard texts. For instance, with RCS on Google Letters, you don’t have to worry nigh character count limit or sending downright awful quality photos.

Think of RCS messaging every bit “smart” texting. Of course, Apple already has iMessage for the iPhone, which incorporates a dissimilar protocol in order to enhance messaging betwixt users. Unfortunately, it seems that for the time being, merely Android users volition be able to accept reward of RCS messaging between i another. This ways if an iPhone user texts an Android user, the timed-out SMS messaging protocol will be in utilize.

Since RCS’due south adoption past Google in 2016 for Android, more carriers hopped on board to support the standard forth with their SMS services. This means that the chances are high you lot’ll detect some other Android user using the RCS standard on their device. While sole SMS texting uses your mobile carrier’s network, RCS messaging is washed over WiFi or mobile information, which lends itself to being able to send larger files and receive information and media quicker than SMS.

How to apply RCS on Android

Before you can take advantage of everything RCS messaging has to offering, y’all demand to enable it in the settings of Google Messages. Here’southward how you lot can do that:

  1. Open the
    Google Letters app
    on your Android device.
  2. Tap the
    three-dot menu
    at the top correct of the screen.
  3. Tap
    in the menu that appears.
  4. Tap on
    Conversation features.
  5. Look for the setting that says
    Enable chat features, and toggle it on.

What Google Letters can exercise with RCS

Enable/disable read receipts

Read receipts are likely very familiar to you. Apps like Telegram and WhatsApp utilize this tool to help people communicate a niggling amend and stay on the same page. In Google Messages, read receipts tin be turned on every bit well then friends and family know when you’ve seen their messages.

Of course, this is completely upwards to you. Personally, I don’t similar people knowing when I’ve read their message. If y’all exercise, hither’s how you lot can enable information technology:

  1. Open the
    Google Messages app
    on your Android device.
  2. Tap the
    3-dot card
    at the top correct of the screen.
  3. Tap
    in the carte that appears.
  4. Tap on
    Chat features.
  5. Notice
    Send read receipts, and toggle it on or off, depending on your preference.
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From now on, if some other Android user with Google Messages sends a message and yous glance at it, they’ll know that you lot did.

Enable/disable typing indicators in Google Messages

One of Google Messages’ features that comes in handy more often – and can take the place of read receipts, in my opinion – is typing indicators. Typing indicators announced in the form of iii little dots on the left bottom side of the conversation window. This indicator lets yous know the other person is typing something out to ship your fashion.

When you enable this characteristic, go along in mind that you lot’re turning it on for others. When you type, and then others using Google Letters volition know that you’re getting back to them in only a moment.

Hither’s how you can switch on typing indicators:

  1. Open the
    Google Messages app
    on your Android device.
  2. Tap the
    three-dot carte
    at the meridian right of the screen and tap
  3. Tap on
    Chat features.
  4. Tap
    Show typing indicators
    to toggle it on or off.

End-to-terminate encryption and “business concern messaging”

RCS also allows for end-to-end encryption, a security procedure that ensures your messages are your business only. This is something that SMS in its simplicity couldn’t allow for. Finish-to-stop encryption is becoming a staple of messaging services, with apps similar Telegram at the top of the list for security.

Along with that, the RCS standard paves the way for easier communication with businesses via “business concern messaging.” Business organisation messaging is a tool where customers tin interact with businesses through RCS messages without being put on hold and at their own step. As an example, airlines would be able to send boarding passes right in Messages without having to redirect you to a download.

Group chats with RCS messaging

The overnice thing about using the RCS standard is that with group chats, a few things are fabricated easier. For instance, with SMS texting, in order to leave a group chat, you would accept to suggest that the chat creator brand a new chat without you in it. With RCS, you can simply get out the group chat without having to modify the chat settings. Y’all can also join an already existing group chat without having a new one created.

Things you can do with Google Messages

Smart Reply, Google Assistant suggestions, and suggested actions

Another not bad characteristic of Google Messages is smart replies along with suggestions, whether they’re from Google Assistant or for certain actions similar attaching photos or sharing your location.

Smart Reply comes in handy if you just need to acknowledge a bulletin, give a quick answer, or let someone know you’re busy. These come upwards based on what the other person in the chat is saying. For example, if someone asks “How are y’all?” Google Messages may advise “Adept, yous?” or something along those lines.

Suggested actions work a little differently. These suggestions are based on what you ship to someone. If you were to say “Just got abode,” Google Messages would suggest that y’all share your location. Often times this is extremely useful because forgetting near the location sharing characteristic is easy, even though it’s a fantastic tool.

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As far equally Google Banana suggestions go, it tin sometimes be hit or miss. The idea is that if you mention a eating place or location, Google Banana may suggest it in the course of a link to Google Maps or a website. Past tapping the suggestion, you send that link to whoever yous’re messaging at the time.

Hither’due south how you lot can enable all iii:

  1. Open up
    Google Letters
    on your Android device.
  2. Observe the
    three-dot menu
    at the top of the screen, tap information technology, and so tap
  3. Look for and tap

    • All three types of suggestions mentioned will be hither, each individually toggled.
  4. Toggle either
    Banana suggestions,
    Smart Respond, or
    Suggested actions
    depending on which ones yous’d like to enable.

Update 3/ii: Organizing messages past category

One more of Google Letters’ terrific features that have surfaced recently is the ability to organize letters by category. Currently, Google Messages has ii categories available: Personal and Business. In Personal, you’ll find messages from friends, colleagues, and family. Generally, any message y’all get from a real human will be plant in the Personal section.

Business, however, will house any message you receive from automated systems. This includes OTPs (1-time passwords), any updates yous’d get from ride-sharing or food commitment services, and other texts from automated services. More and more recently, it seems similar automatic letters come in at an alarming rate. The categorization characteristic allows you to break up these messages into unlike sections for easier viewing.

When enabled, you’ll detect three tiles at the top of Google Messages:
Personal, and
Business organisation.
holds every message that comes in, while the other 2 sections will show only categorized messages. Here’s how to enable message organization:

  1. Open up
    Google Messages
    on your Android device.
  2. Look for and
    tap the three-dot menu
    at the top-correct corner of your screen.
  3. Tap
  4. Look for and tap
    Message organisation.
  5. Toggle on
    View messages by category.

Update 4/six:
Turning on iPhone emoji reactions

For the longest fourth dimension, when messaging someone with an iPhone, if they were to react to your message using ane of iOS Tapback options, the reaction would come back as a message that described what Tapback they chose. For instance, if an iPhone user “liked” your bulletin, a new message would appear that quoted the liked message.

With Google Messages, you can turn on emoji reactions for iPhone, which replaces these quoted messages with emojis that announced in Google Messages. To enable this feature, just
head into Google Letters
tap the three-dot menu. Tap
and so
Advanced. From here, you lot can toggle on
Testify iPhone reactions equally emojis.

Update 4/21:
Scheduling messages in Google Letters

While not necessarily a product of RCS messaging in Google Messages, scheduling messages is a fantastic characteristic, specially for an SMS/RCS app. If y’all ever want to transport a message simply don’t remember it’s the right time, Google Letters will let you schedule a time for that bulletin to send. This tin can come in handy for many reasons, whether it’s too belatedly to text someone or you know they won’t be available for a while.

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To schedule a bulletin, all you take to do is open Google Letters and find a chat or person you lot desire to text.
Type your bulletin
into the text bar, and
long tap the ship button. A window will appear with time suggestions for you. If none of those suggestions work, tap
Pick a date and time. Y’all tin can so go through the calendar to pick a day and so choice a fourth dimension. One time your choices are filled, tap
Save. You’ll know the bulletin is scheduled when you lot see a pocket-size tab in a higher place the text bar with a date and time listed. To cancel the bulletin, just hit the small
in a higher place the text bar.

Utilizing additional features in chats

While smart suggestions are neat, sometimes they don’t work like you lot desire them to. If they don’t, in that location is no need to worry. Whatsoever you wanted Google Messages to propose can be sent manually past hit the
plus icon
next to the text window in a conversation.

Once you tap the plus icon, a new window will appear with tons of options for sending content. Y’all can send GIFs, stickers, files, contacts, and more than. You lot can even have Google Assistant assistance you send restaurant or picture show suggestions.

Using Google Messages via web client

Some other feature that Google Messages takes reward of is assuasive users to view, compose, and send messages via a web client. A lot of other messaging apps practice this, and it’s honestly a fantastic feature. For those of united states who tend to be at a computer a lot of the time, having messages bachelor right on your Chromebook or PC is more than than welcome.

You can observe the web client here. In one case yous get to this website, open upward
Google Letters
on your Android device, tap the
3-dot bill of fare
at the peak right of the screen, and hit Device pairing. Tap the QR code scanner push button and aim your phone at your reckoner screen. In a matter of about two seconds, all your messages will now appear on your computer, allowing you to bulletin anyone with ease.

The best way to learn how to use these features is to play effectually with them. That really goes for Google Messages in full general. Using the new RCS features will make chatting with friends and family more enjoyable and a piddling more useful than strictly sending SMS texts.

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