Vanmoof S5 A5 Electric Bike Price Date Specs

VanMoof’due south all-new S5 and A5 electrical bikes accept improved battery life and congenital-in phone charging
(Image: VANMOOF)

Dutch brand VanMoof is now taking pre-orders for its latest models, the VanMoof S5 and A5. These new models have been redesigned from the ground upwardly with a new “ultra silent powerful motor”, long-range battery, and anti-theft system. Despite the new bikes not existence out on the road yet, these sleek new designs take
been honoured with a prestigious Red Dot “Best of the Best” design award.
Prices for the award-winners showtime from £2,298 ($2,998 / €2,498)
and the start bikes will be delivered to customers in July. Still, some of the latest range of accessories, including a click-on external battery to further add to the range of these bikes, will be available at a later engagement in Summer 2022.

The VanMoof S5 and A5 are the follow-ups to the popular S3 series, just crucially, these new models are
related to
the forthcoming VanMoof V “hyperbike”.

The almost dramatic shift compared to previous models is the inclusion of a new angled frame, which drops the superlative tube and then that it sits at a diagonal. This new blueprint is available with the VanMoof A5 and should make this modelmuch more attainable to a wider group of riders. Non only that, but VanMoof has besides created a number of cargo options for this frame design, with cages above the front and rear bicycle to carry luggage. According to the company, when loaded upwardly, the VanMoof A5 should be able to carry the same amount of gear as a small metropolis auto. For those who prefer a diamond frame – like all previous bikes from the brand – the VanMoof S5 carries the same design as its predecessors.

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All wires have been routed through the frames, then there’south no sign of any brake cables flapping in the current of air as you ride.

Next up, VanMoof has reworked its trademark anti-theft arrangement. With a tap, riders tin trigger a new larger pin to lock out the rear wheel hub – stopping anyone from riding away with your shiny new electric bike. This chunkier bolt system should stop most thefts, but if someone is feeling particularly brave and starts moving the bike when it’s locked – a born alarm will alert passersby that something untoward is taking place. Don’t worry, this volitionnever happen when you jump on the bike. That’s considering, for the beginning time with the S5 and A5, the bike willautomatically retract the lock when you approach the bike. It relies on the companion app for your smartphone, available for both iPhone and Android, to determine when you’re close enough to disable the anti-theft system and permit y’all ride abroad without a pause.


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vanmoof s5 uk price release date

For the kickoff time, VanMoof has introduced a more than attainable, depression-slung frame design called the A5
(Image: VANMOOF)

vanmoof s5 uk price release date

The handlebars include LED bands – dubbed Halo Ring Interface – to inform you lot virtually your speed
(Image: VANMOOF)

vanmoof s5 uk price release date

A new phone mount will permit riders to secure their handset to the handlebars
(Prototype: VANMOOF)

You’llnever demand to worry about getting on your easily and knees and threading a chain through the bicycle and frame to lock up your bike. Instead, it’s a tap inside the app, and when you become back to the bike, yous’ll be able to jump on and ride into the distance. Elementary.

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Like previous models, the VanMoof S5 and A5 take built-in GPS, which tin can be used to continue tabs on the location of your bicycle. If the worst happens and your bike is stolen, y’all’ll be able to keep tabs on its movements within the VanMoof app as well as Apple’s Detect My app, which is used to track the location of your iPhone, AirPods, and other gadgets. If you lot sign-up for the optional Anti-Theft subscription (£328 for three years) a dedicated squad of Bike Hunters from VanMoof will track down your lost or stolen bicycle using the baked-in GPS bespeak.

VanMoof has created an optional phone mountain to secure your handset in the centre of the handlebars when you’re riding to follow turn-by-plow directions, keep tabs on the remaining charge, switch on the lights, and other smart features. The S5 and A5 both go far with a USB-C charging port, which uses the built-in battery to charge your phone, so you should never get in at your destination with anything less than 100% charge.

vanmoof s5 uk price release date

At launch, the latest frame design is only available in a light greyness
(Image: VANMOOF)

vanmoof s5 uk price release date

Pre-orders are open now, with the outset bikes shipping from July
(Epitome: VANMOOF)

But you won’t demand to have your handset on the handlebars to keep tabs on the vital stats from your electric bike, thanks to a new Halo Ring Interface. VanMoof brands this addition an “industry-first”. Essentially, these LED light strips in the handlebars are used to prove speed, battery levels, and connectedness. Remember of it as a dashboard for your electrical bike. For instance, these LED bands around the handlebars volition pulse bluish when y’all hit the Boost push button, which maxes out the motor for a quick speed bump.

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Both the VanMoof S5 and A5 are powered past the Dutch business firm’south fifth-generation motor, which includes upgraded electronics, rebooted torque sensor (that measures the pressure applied to the pedals to determine how much assist you need from the motor) and a new eastward-shifter (this changes the gears for you, like an automated auto).

vanmoof s5 uk price release date

Just like previous models, the built-in front- and rear-facing LEDs are powered past the battery
(Prototype: VANMOOF)

The additional bombardment inside the VanMoof S5 and A5 means you’ll be able to ride betwixt 34-37 miles with the maximum amount of aid from the motor, and upward to an amazing 93 miles when the electrical wheel is set up to eco mode. Every bit such, these new models will be just every bit suited to long weekend rides as short commutes throughout the week.

All electric bikes are limited to 15.5mph under Britain constabulary. At that point, the motor will cut out, and so you can’t await to pedal equally fast as possible downward a hill, with the current of air behind yous,and thrust from a powerful new motor to attempt to break the landspeed record. Instead, the motor is designed to flatten-out the hills ahead of you and ensure you get to work without enormous sweat patches (or the demand for an all-lycra cycle outfit). The built-in battery is likewise used to power the congenital-in LED lights, and then you don’t demand to worry about ownership lookout man batteries when the seasons change and you need lights.

Vanmoof S5 A5 Electric Bike Price Date Specs