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Apple tree Misrepresenting Ane Of Its Most Popular Products?

Apple isn’t misrepresenting whatever of its products. All the same, for ane production, time and time once again, they are standing to pass a major opportunity by. If y’all ain an Apple tree Magic Mouse and so you lot might know exactly what that missed opportunity is. For all of its advantages, particularly for Apple users, the Magic Mouse has one major downside. You accept to accuse it upside down. However, The Verge offered up a very real solution to the odd disadvantage that plagues the Apple mouse – to replace information technology with a mouse and mouse pad made by Logitech.

Considerately, The Verge’southward solution could exist a very viable option for those drawn and bellyaching over Apple’s consequent failure to revise the Magic Mouse’due south upside-downward charging blueprint flaw. The publication pointed to the Logitech PowerPlay Wireless Charging System and a compatible Logitech mouse every bit the possible solution to solve the Magic Mouse conundrum.

The Logitech PowerPlay Wireless Charging System, if cipher else, is certainly a super convenient solution to the Magic Mouse dilemma. Why? Because when yous pair information technology with a uniform G Series Logitech Mouse yous’ll never have to think nearly charging your mouse ever once again. Using information technology volition merely negate whatsoever need for yous to take any thoughts about charging your reckoner mouse. That’s the awesome role. The not-and then-awesome part, though, is the price. For the mousepad alone you’ll take to lay out $119.99. The compatible G-Series mice don’t come inexpensive either. The virtually reasonable model, the G703, clocks in at $99.99. Hence, for current Magic Mouse users who don’t take that kind of money to driblet on this convenient Logitech philharmonic, it might not be a practical solution.

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That being said, notwithstanding, if you lot do have the extra greenbacks floating around and merely tin can’t take the inconvenience of charging your Magic Mouse upside downwards whatever longer then opting for the aforementioned Logitech philharmonic may well bear witness to be a worthwhile investment. This is especially true for Apple users who are fans of the tech giant’s products because of the propensity for Apple products to merely work. Sean Hollister at The Verge pointed out that the organization itself “just works,” which is certainly a win.

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On the flip side, despite its flaws, the Magic Mouse is still a solid mouse for Apple users to ain. For one, aesthetically information technology matches perfectly with Apple tree’south products. While that may not seem important, it is certainly nice to have uniformity to your tech setup. Additionally, for users fully integrated into Apple’s existing ecosystem, it’s nice that yous can use gestures with the Magic Mouse. Frequent users of gestures will no longer become to utilize them if they opt for a Logitech option instead. At $79.99, The Magic Mouse is also cheaper than all of Logitech’due south G-Serial mice.

At that place is besides the fact that the Magic Mouse gets nine hours’ worth of battery juice from just a quick two minutes of charging, making the upside-down charging a lilliputian less inconvenient. Of course, there is as well the chance that you may autumn into the pocket-sized camp of people who find the Magic Mouse’s blueprint flaw endearing. All in all, the Logitech combo solution might work for some and non for others. That’s the reward of having options. That’south the beauty of technology.

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Magic Mouse Apple Logitech Powerplay