Customize Windows 11 Taskbar

Windows eleven Beginning Surfacepro Lighting
(Epitome credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Windows 11 brings a new look to PCs, including a brand-new Beginning menu and a redesigned Taskbar. New, withal, isn’t always better. If you dislike the wait of Windows 11, there are enough of apps that brand it like shooting fish in a barrel to customize your PC. From bringing back the classic Start menu to having an animated groundwork, these are the best apps to customize the look of your Windows xi PC.

If we’re making some suggestions

Since Windows eleven is brand-new, we’ll have to test out some of the best apps to customize Windows ten. As we bank check to see whether those apps piece of work well with Windows 11, we’ll go on to update this list.

For at present, Start11 is a great place to, well, commencement. Information technology lets you lot customize the wait of the Windows 11 Showtime carte du jour. Y’all tin can as well employ it to bring back classic Start menu designs, such as those seen on Windows ten and Windows 7.

If you lot similar the overall look of Windows xi merely just desire to add a personal bear upon, Lively Wallpaper lets you lot set images, videos, and web pages as your PC’s background.

Customize Windows 11 Taskbar