Dictate Text In Microsoft Office

The Dictate role in Word allows yous to utilize speech-to-text functions to create content using your microphone.  Learning how to dictate in Word volition provide a quick and easy fashion to put your thoughts into words and capture ideas efficiently. Information technology is great if I am wanting to freely create content without the need to type information technology out.

Dictation is besides a great tool for utilize in the classroom to permit students to get their thoughts out and into words which can then exist congenital into total sentences.

Dictation allows yous to comprise punctuation by saying the type of punctuation you want to apply. This includes phrases such every bit “full end”, “new line”, “delete” and much more. You lot tin can even include some formatting options such equally “assuming”, “italics”, “strikethrough”, “align” and more than. Want to outset a bullet or numbered list? No issues, utilise terms such every bit “start list” or “starting time numbered list” and y’all are prepare to go.

Create a document using the dictate feature

Beginning to utilise the dictate function in Word is very simple. The feature is available via the Home tab and will immediately begin listening for y’all to commence speaking so that dictation begins.

  1. Open
    Microsoft Word
  2. Create a new blank certificate if needed
  3. From the
    tab click the
    push button
Click the dictate button on the Home tab.

  1. The dictate feature is now active and listening for you to begin speaking
The dictation feature is now listening.

  1. Brainstorm talking so that the dictation will commence. You will see your spoken language converted to text in the document.
You will see your speech converted to text.

Break Dictation

As yous are speaking, you can hands pause the dictation function if you lot need to think about what yous desire to say next, or mayhap yous need to speak to someone or respond a phone telephone call.

  1. From the dictation window, click the
Click the microphone icon to pause dictation.

  1. You will see the condition change from
    Tap the microphone to resume
  2. If you lot wish to begin dictation once more, click the
    icon again.
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Another great option instead of having to use your mouse and click the microphone, is to say “break dictation“. You lot cannot start dictation back upward using voice every bit it is not listening to you when not in utilise, but you tin can pause the dictation.

Editing text whilst dictating

Although dictation is crawly, information technology tin can sometimes make a mistake with the voice to text recognition, or perchance you say a sentence in a particular way and then determine it doesn’t sound right. You can activately edit the text as you dictate using a few piece of cake commands.

  1. Click the
    to begin dictation.
  2. Say a judgement just deliberately put in an incorrect give-and-take.
  3. Say “delete” afterwards you lot say the incorrect word.
  4. Give-and-take will delete the last give-and-take.
  5. Again say a sentence with a dozen or so words.
  6. At present say “delete last five words“.
  7. Word will delete the terminal 5 words y’all said.
  8. Take a chip of a play with some of the editing options below.
disengage delete delete that * delete terminal {# words}
insert infinite backspace backspace {1-100}

Using Punctuation

The dictation feature allows you to include punctuation by only maxim which blazon of punctuation you want to exist included. Phrases such equally “total stop”, “comma”, “new line” etc will all exist recognised by the dictation and included in your certificate.

  1. Click the
    to brainstorm dictation
  2. Say a sentence and say “full end” at the end of the sentence.
  3. Dictation will automatically add the total stop for yous.
  4. Repeat the procedure and use “comma” as your next selection.
  5. How about add together a question mark at the end of a question, say “question marker“.
  6. Have a play with some of the punctuation options below.
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Phrase Response Phrase Response
full stop . comma ,
question marker ? assertion marking !
new line new line apostrophe
colon : semicolon ;
open quotes / close quotes ” “ hyphen
ellipsis open/close parentheses ( )

Include Formatting

The dictation function lets you including formatting as you speak. No need to go back and add in bold formatting or create a bullet or numbered listing. You lot tin practice this equally you speak and salvage fourth dimension later.

  1. Click the
    to begin dictation
  2. Say the following sentence “All participants should get in past 9am“, so say “assuming participants“.
  3. The word “participants” should now be made bold.
  4. Allow’south try italics, begin dictation and say “Using dictation is fun.”, and so say “italics dictation“.
  5. The word “dictation” should now be in italics font.
bold italics underline strikethrough
superscript subscript indent decrease indent
articulate all formatting align (left, eye, right) get-go list showtime numbered list

Dictation Settings

In that location are some options you can edit within the Dictation settings to adjust how dictation works. This includes punctation, a profanity filter and the ability to alter the language you are speaking.

  1. Make sure dictation is active
  2. From the dictation window, click the
Click the settings button within the dictation window.

  1. You can cull to enable
    Machine punctutation, turn on or off the
    Profanity filter
    or choose a different oral communication from the options bachelor.

I hope this has helped you lot to explore the globe of dictation in Microsoft Word. Yous can actually find the dictate function in many of the Microsoft Office programs including Microsoft Outlook and PowerPoint. Be sure to leave any comments or questions below.

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Dictate Text In Microsoft Office

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