Death Stranding 2 Has Been All But Confirmed

Expiry Stranding two seemingly confirmed past Norman Reedus: “Nosotros but started part two”

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Death Stranding 2 is apparently in early development at Kojima Productions.

That’s according to lead thespian Norman Reedus, who plays protagonist Sam Porter Bridges in the original game. Speaking with

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in a recent interview, Reedus casually mentioned that “nosotros simply started the 2d i” in reference to Death Stranding.

Discussing the game’s reception, Reedus added: “And so the game came out, and it just won all these awards, and information technology was a huge thing, and then we just started part two of that,” reiterating that Death Stranding two is indeed in active development.

With this in mind, there’due south a non-fiddling run a risk that Death Stranding 2 will properly surface during the upcoming slate of summer shows. This year’southward
Summertime Game Fest
seems a probable phase; the Geoff Keighley-run bear witness previously hosted
the reveal of Death Stranding Director’due south Cutting, and Keighley has worked with Hideo Kojima multiple times in the past, fifty-fifty actualization in Death Stranding as a hologram graphic symbol.

The interview doesn’t revisit this bombshell announcement, nor has Kojima Productions followed up on it at the time of writing, so we can only take Reedus’ word at face value for at present. That said, this isn’t the beginning we’ve heard of Death Stranding two. Every bit of August 2021, the sequel was said to exist “in negotiations” –
also co-ordinate to Reedus
(by way of Google Translate).

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This wouldn’t be the first time an off-hand remark from the thespian has unveiled what was probably meant to be a secret project, but just to exist safe, we’ve reached out to Kojima Productions for additional details and confirmation regarding Reedus’ comments.

The closest thing we have to an on-the-record comment from the studio is
a cursory note from Kojima dating back to Oct 2020.

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Addressing a snippet of concept art tied to a new project thought to be set in the Death Stranding universe – based purely on the technology and terminology used in the sketch rather than any official word – Kojima teased that “these aren’t major plans, but but fragments of new ideas.” If Reedus’ latest comments are accurate, it would seem Death Stranding 2 has since become quite a major plan.

Kojima Productions is

reportedly working on two games
: i large, one pocket-size, with the latter apparently launching a new IP.

Death Stranding 2 Has Been All But Confirmed