Find My Friends How To Share Your Location With Others On Iphone

You can share a lot of sensitive data from your iPhone. Sometimes this occurs accidentally, but it can also happen intentionally, such as when you lot share your location with a friend or family unit member.

But if you don’t disable their ability to see your location, and so they volition be able to encounter where y’all are whenever they want to.

If y’all often share your location with others, either so that yous tin hands observe each other, or as a means for each other to know where the other person is for security reasons, then y’all may exist sharing your iPhone location with a lot of people.

Our guide below volition testify you how to see the list of people with whom you are sharing your location then that you can manage this data and sharing.

Who Am I Sharing My Location With on an iPhone?

  1. Open
  2. Select your Apple ID.
  3. Tap
    Find My.
  4. View the people who can see your location.

Our article continues below with boosted data on who y’all are sharing your location with on an iPhone, including pictures of these steps.

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How to Meet Who You Are Sharing Your Location With on an iPhone (Guide with Pictures)

The steps below were performed on an iPhone 11 in iOS 13.4.i, simply will besides work on other iPhone models using iOS thirteen.

Pace 1: Open the

Step 2: Select the Apple tree ID bill of fare at the top of the menu.

select the Apple ID banner

Step 3: Gyre down and tap on the
Find My

touch the Find My button

Step 4: View the list of people with whom you lot are currently sharing your location.

how to see who you are sharing your location with on an iPhone

Notation that it is possible not to share your location with anyone, and that y’all can disable that feature at any time. I have had it disabled on my iPhone for a very long time, and information technology’s why I don’t take anyone listed with whom I’m sharing my location.

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If y’all had previously been sharing your location with someone from your iPhone, then you terminate sharing information technology with them, they volition see a notification that you accept stopped the location sharing.

Often Asked Questions

How do I cease sharing my location without them knowing?

There isn’t an effective way to do this while notwithstanding being beingness able to utilise your iPhone. For example, you could turn off the device, or put it into plane fashion. This volition go along your location equally the last known location, even if you lot are on the motion. Alternatively if you take an iPad, a Mac, or some other iPhone that shares the same Apple ID y’all could use that device to share your location instead.

Tin someone see when you check their location on an iPhone?

No, there isn’t whatsoever kind of listing or notification that shows when someone checked your location. Someone could go to
Privacy > Location Services
and encounter if the Find My Friends app has viewed their location recently, merely it doesn’t provide data about who checked, when they checked, or how many times they checked.

Can someone rail my location?

If someone has admission to your Google Account or your Apple tree ID login data, then they tin can view information shared with Google Maps from your device, or they can view your device’s location through the “Detect My” apps. Additionally, whatever person with whom you lot have shared your location could track yous through that.

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Find My Friends How To Share Your Location With Others On Iphone