Forget Facetime Try Teams On Windows 11

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If Microsoft Teams is getting on your nerves in Windows xi—popping upwards when you log in, ever running in the background, or launching when you click the “Chat” taskbar icon—hither’s how to get rid of it.

Why Does Microsoft Want Me To Use Teams?

Teams is Microsoft’s collaboration and chat app. It supports sound and video calls, text-based conversation, group chat, and synchronizing schedules, among other features. Teams is a competitor to services such as Zoom, Google Chat, and Slack, and tin can be considered a replacement for Skype, some other Microsoft Product. Microsoft adds value to its Windows platform by getting people to use its services, which helps information technology make more money. That’s why it wants you to use Teams.

While Teams can exist handy for some people, if you don’t apply it, having it always running on your system tin be an badgerer. Luckily, it’southward possible to avoid or disable Teams, although you lot can’t remove information technology completely without potentially damaging your Windows 11 installation, considering Microsoft considers it an essential function of Windows. We’ll go over several strategies in the sections alee—ranging from least-to-most drastic removal measures.


What Is Microsoft Teams, and Is It Right for My Business?

Hide the Teams Chat Taskbar Icon

By default, Windows xi shows a Teams Chat icon in your taskbar (that looks similar a regal word bubble with a camera icon within). If you’d like to hide it, right-click the taskbar and select “Taskbar Settings.” When Settings opens to the Personalization > Taskbar page, aggrandize the “Taskbar Items” section if necessary, then flip the switch beside “Chat” to “Off.”

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<p>The Chat icon volition disappear immediately from your taskbar. This doesn’t stop Teams from running in the groundwork, but it does put information technology one step further out of sight.</p>
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<h2 role=Foreclose Teams From Launching at Startup

If you’ve used Windows 11 for a while, you’ll observe that Teams likes to pop up whenever yous log into your Windows user account. Luckily it’s easy to make information technology finish. Start, open Settings by pressing Windows+i. Or you can correct-click the Start button and select “Settings.”

When Settings appears, click “Apps” in the sidebar, and so select “Startup.”

In Startup settings, you’ll see a list of “Startup Apps” that launch whenever you lot log in. Locate “Microsoft Teams” in the list and flip the switch beside it to “Off.”

Later that, close Settings. If Teams is still running in the groundwork, quit information technology by clicking the caret arrow beside the speaker and Wi-Fi icons in the taskbar (also, near the clock). When a tiny bubble carte du jour appears, right-click the Teams icon (purple with a “T” on it) and click “Quit.”

At this indicate, Teams won’t run again unless you launch it manually, although it’s still on your arrangement. If that’s a problem, move on to the next section.

Uninstall Microsoft Teams

If you’d like to remove Microsoft Teams from your application list, it’due south adequately like shooting fish in a barrel to do. First, open Settings by pressing Windows+i (or right-clicking the Start button and selecting “Settings”). In Settings, click “Apps,” then select “Apps & Features.”

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In Windows Settings, select "Apps," then choose "Apps & Features."

Scroll downward in the Apps List and locate “Microsoft Teams.” Click the three vertical dots button beside its entry in and select “Uninstall.”

Settings will ask yous to confirm with a popular-up. Click “Uninstall” again. Later on a moment, Microsoft Teams will completely vanish from the list of installed Apps.

But surprise! Teams is not completely gone from your system, because it’s an essential function of how the “Conversation” taskbar icon works. To keep Teams from coming back, disable the “Chat” icon in the taskbar (see the section above). If y’all click that icon, Teams will automatically reinstall itself again and undo every step in the sections above.


Here’s How Windows eleven’s Teams Chat App Works

How to Reinstall Microsoft Teams

If you previously uninstalled Microsoft Teams but you need to go it back, it’southward actually just a click away. It seems that even if y’all uninstall Teams, Windows 11 always keeps a backup re-create to load over again when you click the “Chat” icon in the toolbar.

To re-install teams, all yous need to do is enable the taskbar Chat icon (if it isn’t already) and click it. To see the Chat icon, open Settings > Personalization > Taskbar and aggrandize “Taskbar Items.” Click the switch abreast “Chat” to turn it “On.”

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<p>After that, click the Chat icon (the purple word balloon) in your taskbar.</p>
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Teams will automatically reinstall itself—and volition too make itself launch at startup again. If you need to disable whatever of these features individually, meet the sections above. Happy chatting!

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How to Utilize Teams Chat in Windows 11

Forget Facetime Try Teams On Windows 11