Twitter Alt Badge Improved Image Descriptions Accessibility

ALT badges and exposed image descriptions accept been globally launched on Twitter afterwards a menstruum of express availability and rounds of fixing bugs and accounting feedback from the release group in the beta phase.

Image descriptions or alt text amend the accessibility of images for people with no or low vision, users who use assistive technology such as screen readers that render images or text as verbal or braille output, or the ones who alive in the low-bandwidth areas. Such users would be able to admission a description such every bit “2 people seated at a dining table” or “A white coffee mug” by clicking the “ALT” push button. Public ALT badges and exposed image descriptions are the new features launched on Twitter on Android, iOS, and the Spider web.

Public ALT badges and exposed paradigm descriptions are the new features launched on Twitter. The platform developed these features by working on a user business garnered on the requirement of improving accessibility on images for differently-abled users and ones located in low-network areas.

Both features for alt text or image descriptions had previously just been launched for 3% of Twitter users, the platform will develop the features further, gathered feedback, and fixed bugs over a menstruum of a month, and roll information technology out with global availability.

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To view the clarification, users can select the ALT badge and the description will open up, and information technology can be closed past selecting the Dismiss button, escape key, or borer any spot exterior the box.

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The development towards making Twitter more accessible began in September 2021 when the launch of Vocalism Tweets unsheltered a gap that differently-abled users could non cross to access several parts of the platform. Prior to that, Twitter remained considerably inaccessible for differently-abled users.

This led to the initiation of new teams built to focus on this piece of work, the Accessibility Middle of Excellence and the Experience Accessibility Squad. Automated captions to audio and video, and the newly launched epitome descriptions are a part of the long-term development of improving accessibility to the platform.

How to add image descriptions:

  • Afterward uploading an image to a Tweet, select Add description underneath the image
  • Enter a clarification of the image in the text box. In the corner of the text box is the character count, users have up to one,000 characters bachelor
  • Select Salve. An ALT badge volition appear in the corner of the image. (“ALT” is the abbreviation for culling text, the technical name for image clarification)
  • Select Tweet. When someone selects the ALT badge, the image description appears on the screen

How to add image descriptions to multiple Tweets:

  • If more than i paradigm is added to the Tweet, users will see arrows at the tiptop of the dialogue that allows navigating to each paradigm to add together the descriptions
  • Select Save. Afterimage descriptions are added, they’ll see the ALT badge appear on the images that take a description. A note below the images that say “2 image descriptions” as well confirms how many image descriptions take been added
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Twitter Alt Badge Improved Image Descriptions Accessibility