Mediateks Wi Fi 7 Promises Speeds 100x Faster Than Your Average Broadband

Revolution or evolution?

We have to geek out a petty in this article to really explain merely why 5G is going to be and so superior to 4G, so stay with u.s.!

4G built upon the data and application engineering introduced by 3G in the early 2000’due south – just recall about the launch of the app-powered smartphone that’south now role of our everyday. The promise of 5G’southward ultra-fast speed and high reliability with low-latency owes much to the 4G network1.

That’s why the first phase of the 5G network is to essentially enhance the current capabilities of the 4G network – a kind of 4.5G networkii.

5G is more capable

Right at present, 4G LTE (Long Term Development) applied science is only capable of using lower frequency bands, operating up to 6GHz, whereas the radio bands that 5G will be able to handle will be anywhere between 30GHz and 300GHzane.

It’s a big leap forrad and it will change the way we apply our mobile devices. Since 5G tin operate at such a high frequency, we’ll come across huge speed increases and support for massive data transfers. Not only that, but these radio frequencies won’t exist crowded with existing devices — 5G is a new engineering, meaning information technology could free upwardly bandwidth.

What near speed?

This is where 5G stands head and shoulders above 4G.

In theory, 5G is probable to achieve speeds that are xx times faster than 4G LTE1. 4G LTE has a peak speed of 1GB per second; 5G could theoretically attain speeds of 20GB per 2d. These are of course what you might call ‘top speeds’, we’ll only take to come across when 5G is rolled out what the existent-world performance is similar.

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Merely where you might get 10Mb per second from your 4G network today, 5G could maybe provide 100MB per second everyday speeds1.

5G versus 4G

You may exist wondering why you should upgrade when 5G devices become bachelor.

Firstly, you’ll be able to do all the things you practise today, but so much faster and more reliably. The 4G network in Australia today is crowded. All these devices, competing for bandwidth are slowing the network down.

5G may have the capacity to handle upward to a million devices per square kilometre3. You will accept less concern with dropped connections or how many devices you have connected to the network, it’s that much more reliable.

Don’t await any revolutionary changes at offset, but you lot tin can expect to practise everything you’re doing now with more than speed, lower latency, and meliorate reliability in terms of the connectedness.

Generation Theoretical Speed Technology Features
2G 9.half-dozen/14.4Kbps TDMA, CDMA 2G enabled phones were use for making calls and transferring data.
3G 3.1Mbps CDMA 2000


3G enabled fast data browsing on a mobile device and paved the way for video conferencing and streaming.
three.5G 14.4Mbps HSPA Fifty-fifty faster data transfer.
4G 100-300Mbps WiMax


Incredibly fast download speeds, paved the style for HD Streaming.
5G 10-30Gbps Developing Ultra-fast internet, low-latency and improved reliability.

Source: https://world wide

4G didn’t supplant 3G and the same tin be said about 5G replacing 4G.

4G will offering essential support to the 5G networks and deed as a bridge betwixt the major cities. 4G will also go along to provide coverage in the less populated areas of Australia. Equally Telstra and Optus take already demonstrated with their first stage plans for their 5g rollout, that 4G and 5G networks will work together.

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Well-nigh every modern phone is 4G-prepare, and so it won’t cause whatsoever issues for the majority of people today. 4G will get the new baseline coverage everywhere, which is bang-up level of minimum service for people living in more remote areas.


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Mediateks Wi Fi 7 Promises Speeds 100x Faster Than Your Average Broadband