Free Up Space On Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch tin article of clothing many shoes; it tin can get your clock, activity tracker, music player, sleep tracker, messenger, and then much more…Simply in doing then and supporting all these apps and information, the watch gets filled to the skirt. So much then, that users are facing problems during watchOS updates. Don’t worry if yous are sailing in a like boat, we have got you covered with this extensive and stride-by-step guide on how to free upward space on the Apple Lookout.

  • Bank check Apple Sentinel Infinite
  • Delete Unused Apps on Apple Spotter
  • Remove Music
  • Manage Photo Albums on Apple Sentinel
  • Remove Audiobooks
  • Remove Podcasts
  • Disable Automatic Downloads on Apple Scout

Check Apple tree Watch Space

Before nosotros go along to some spring cleaning, allow’due south first cheque the condition of space on your Apple tree Watch. Quite like the iPhone’s storage info, y’all get to see the whole shazam and not only a percentage or number.

Forth with bachelor storage, the page shows the number of songs, photos, and applications stored on the device.

Check Apple tree Picket Storage on your iPhone

  1. Open the Picket app on the paired iPhone
  2. Select Full general.
  3. Tap on About.
  4. The screen will display a host of information including, the Capacity and Available storage.tap on about to check apple watch storage in watch app on iphone

What’southward great is that you tin check all this directly from your sentinel likewise.

Check Storage from Apple Watch

  1. On your Apple Watch, open the
  2. Select settings and tap on general on apple watch
  3. Whorl downwardly to tap on

Hither you can see the Available and Used storage. Further, scroll downwardly to see space occupied past various apps and content.

tap on usage to check storage on apple watch

Now that nosotros have figured out how much space is remaining and which app or data is consuming it, let’due south make some much-needed space step-by-step.

Delete Unused Apps on Apple Watch

In excitement, experiment, or for one-fourth dimension use, we might download some apps, that are nothing but load. Or you lot might use the said app occasionally simply information technology’southward taking quite some real estate on your device. It’s time to bid the adieu.

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To remove apps from your iPhone, open the Watch app, in the My Watch tab, Swipe down to the Installed on Apple Watch section. Tap on the app you want to delete.

open watch app and tap on installed app in my watch tab on iphone

And then toggle off the switch next to Evidence App on Apple Sentinel.

turn off show on apple watch to remove unused app from apple watch on iphone

The app will exist removed from the watch and will now appear in the Available Apps section in the My Watch Tab. Y’all tin can re-install the app, simply tapping the Install button.

Notably, you lot tin also remove the apps from the Apple tree Watch. In the Filigree View → Press and hold whateverapp
icon to enter the jiggle mode → Tap on the tiny
10to delete the app.

remove unused apps from apple watch to free up space

Notably, when deleting from Apple Lookout man,  you lot can also remove some stock apps such as Walkie Talkie, Exhale, Noise, etc. For more details on the topic, check out our dedicated blog.

Remove Music

The obvious next footstep on the list. And since syncing your music from iPhone to Apple Watch is so simple, you lot can rotate the playlist as per your mood swings. Hither’s how you tin remove music via iPhone:

  1. Launch the Watch app and go to the My Watch tab.
  2. Now, scroll down to find Music and tap on information technology.
  3. Swipe left on any playlist, album, or song to delete it from the watch.tap on music app in my watch tap then swipe left on item and tap on delete in watch app on iphone

If you desire to delete albums directly from the watch, open the Music app → Swipe to access Library → Downloaded.

tap on music app in my watch tap then swipe left on item and tap on delete in watch app on iphone

Here select Playlists, Artists, Albums, or songs according to your preference → now, swipe left on the item you want to delete.

choose albums and swipe left the album on apple watch

Now, tap on three dots icon and select Remove and confirm the action by tapping on Remove Download. There yous get, the music volition be removed from your Apple Watch storage.

tap on three dots and tap on remove to delete music to free up space in apple watch

Manage Photo Albums on Apple Watch

It is great that your iPhone tin can sync photos with your Apple Watch, but that also takes space on your sentinel. You don’t necessarily take to delete all photos to make space, you tin simply limit them.

  1. Open the
    Watch app
    on paired iPhone and curl down to
  2. Tap on
    Photos Limit
    in this department and limit it to 25.tap on three dots and tap on remove to delete music to free up space in apple watch
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The lookout’southward photo library will auto-sync to the lesser number of photos. This is kind of the best of both worlds, you get to continue photos and save space as well.

Remove Audiobooks

If you are a fan of Audiobooks, Apple Watch tin can be a swell companion. In fact, the device car-downloads and fills available infinite with new audiobooks if the toggles to Reading Now and Want to Read are enabled.

So, the audiobooks might have been your culprit all along, and hither’south how you tin can manage it:

  1. Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone and tap on Audiobooks.
  2. Here ensure that the toggle for Reading Now and Want to Read is disabled.
  3. So surf through the already downloaded novels to detect the ones you take already read or could delete.
  4. Swipe left to delete the private novel from your watch.

Now your Apple Watch should be a bit lighter! Just remember to remove novels as and when yous finish them, and so never have to face low-storage problems.

Remove Podcasts

Apple Watch auto-downloads contempo episodes of your subscribed Podcasts, so you can listen to them, fifty-fifty on a run. What’s bang-up it auto-deletes them afterwards you lot listen to them. So what more can yous practice to save space?

Well, there are two settings Up Next and Custom. The erstwhile option downloads one episode from your top 10 podcasts. Whereas you tin can select the shows in the custom section, limiting to 2-iii at a fourth dimension.

To do this, open the Watch app and tap on the Podcasts app. If Mind Now is selected, switch to custom and whorl down to toggle on/off the shows you want to sync with your Apple tree Watch.

turn off podcast in watch app on iphone

Play your cards correctly and your free-up Apple Watch storage now and for the coming days also.

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Disable Automatic Downloads on Apple Watch

This one is a temporary hack! While app updates aren’t mostly that heavy, they can at times snatch up the infinite y’all are emptying. The play a trick on is specially useful when you lot are making infinite for the latest watchOS update.

To do and then, become to the Settings app on your Apple tree Watch, scroll downward, and select App Store. Here Toggle off switch side by side to Automatic Updates.

open settings and tap app store on apple watch

disable automatic updates on apple watch

In one case the OS update is complete, you tin can enable it again to proceed app updates every bit per usual.

Signing Off

Storage space is a headache that comes with near all devices, whether its a spotter, iPhone or Mac. And rightly then, when yous are using a device to its fullest potential, it’s ought to be packed with information and apps. Thankfully, subsequently some adjustments, decluttering, and smart organization skills, the issue can be managed.

These were our hacks to gratis upward some space on Apple tree Scout, what tricks do you use? Practise share them with u.s. and our readers in the annotate section below. We will run across you next time with another interesting article, till so you can enjoy these:

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Free Up Space On Your Apple Watch