Genshin Impact Tips For The Frugal Adventurer

This is a Beginner’s Guide for Genshin Bear on. This guide includes early game tips & tricks, how to play, character & weapon leveling, gacha, chance rank, combat, and elements.

2.3 Version Updates


Arataki IttoArataki


The Warrior Domestic dog Energy Amplifier

Starting An Account

Business relationship Linking (Cross Salve)

Which Platform Should I Play On?

Genshin Impact can be played on multiple platforms including PC, Mobile, and PS4. It is recommended to create a Mihoyo account and so y’all can access your game files on different devices.

Check Out Cantankerous Save Guide – How To Transfer Data Here!

Rerolling For The Characters Y’all Want


Just similar any other gacha game, you tin can reroll by creating another account and wish for the characters y’all want to get.

It Is Non Recommended To Reroll

Information technology takes effectually thirty-40 minutes to re-roll. 5★ Characters have a very depression rate (0.half-dozen%). You just get xl Wishes at the start as well so information technology isn’t really worth the time.

Check Out Reroll Guide – Tier List & How To Reroll Here!

What To Practice As A Beginner

Priority Tasks
High – Activate Teleport Waypoints

– Adventure Rank

– Consummate Archon & Story Quests

– Farm Materials

– Level Upwards Characters Yous Will Use

– Upgrading Statues of the Vii

– Wish for Characters & Weapons
Low – Complete Earth Quests

– Cooking Food

– Explore the region and find chests

– Unlock Shrine of Depths

Increment Chance Rank

Follow The Story To Increase Adventure Rank

Aim to finish the main story (Archon Quests) to go Adventure EXP fast. Your Adventure Rank volition increase as you learn more Run a risk EXP.

Bank check out Archon Quests (Main Story) Walkthrough hither!

Complete The Challenges In The Charlatan’s Handbook


Under the Feel tab, you lot can come across challenges that you can complete that gives really good rewards and Adventure EXP!

Explore The Region For Adventure Rank EXP

Activating teleport waypoints, opening chests, unlocking domains & shrines, and upgrading Statues of the Seven
all give Adventure Rank EXP
then don’t be afraid to explore to your heart’s content!

Benefits Of Increasing Run a risk Rank

1 Unlocks level caps for Characters & Equipment.
2 Unlocks new functions like Daily Commissions & Multiplayer.
iii Increased Globe Level for better & rarer loot.
four Increased Domains you can take on.
5 More facilities that can be used in settlements.

Aim To Reach Adventure Rank 12 First

Aim To Reach Adventure Rank 12 First

▲Daily-resetting quests that will provide a lot of Adventure EXP when completed.

Equally you increase your Adventure Rank, new functions will unlock. We recommend aiming for Adventure Rank 12 to unlock Daily Commissions.

Cheque Out Our Adventure Rank Farming Guide Here!

Gamble Rank Unlock Features

Lv.12 Daily Commissions

Quests that reset daily. Provide a big corporeality of Adventure EXP & materials when completed

>> Daily Commission (Quests) Guide
Lv.fourteen Expeditions

Send out characters on a gathering trip, collecting food (for cooking) & materials as fourth dimension passes.
Lv.16 Multiplayer / Coop

Unlocks the multiplayer function where y’all can play with other players
> Check out Multiplayer / Coop Guide here!
Lv.20 World Level Becomes 1

Enemy levels & boodle rarity are increased
Lv.25 Articulate a quest for the World Level to increase to 2

Enemy levels & loot rarity are increased

Upgrade Statues Of The Seven


Hidden items called Anemoculus are scattered beyond the map. If you find them and bring them to the Statue of The Vii, y’all’ll go
added benefits like an increased Stamina cap, Adventure EXP, or even precious loot!

when they show upwards!

Try To Go Anemoculus Immediately


Anemoculus won’t show upwards on the map unless you lot get close, and they may be a pain to become back to if not collected when found, so catch them ASAP

Employ This Helpful Anemoculus Map & Checker!

Use This Helpful Anemoculus Map & Checker!

Anemoculus can be difficult to track downwardly, so we fabricated this helpful map tool you can employ to runway their locations! Do requite it a try!

Check out Anemoculus Map here!

Activate Teleport Waypoints For Fast Travel

Activate Teleport Waypoint For Fast Travel

If you interact with Statues of The Seven, Teleport Waypoints, Domains etc,
they will open up that location to be used for fast travel. Information technology is advised you try to activate whatever Teleport Waypoint y’all come across for easier travel.

Check Out The Domains & Dungeons

Farm Materials


Materials are required to strengthen your characters. Exist sure to selection upwards any materials you run across in Teyvat. Y’all can too cheque our material farming guide!

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Materials / Items List & How To Go ii.3▲Return To Table Of Contents

Elements & Elemental Reactions


Elements are the very essence of Genshin Impact’s combat organisation. Each character has a vision that grants them elemental powers which vary for each character.

Elements Are Needed When Exploring

In that location are certain puzzles in the field, which for example, need you lot to utilize Fire to open Vine-covered chests, or freeze the surface of rivers and then they can exist traversed easier.

Elemental Reactions

Elemental Reactions

Source: this post on the Official Forums..

An Elemental Reaction occurs when an enemy is afflicted with two or more elemental statuses simultaneously. Depending on the reaction, enemies
will take additional harm, have their defense lowered, and more.

Learn More Nearly Elemental Reactions & Combinatons Hither!

Grapheme Roles & Priority

Character Roles

Characters have unlike roles and are classified into 3 groups: Main DPS, Sub DPS, and Support. You can check the character list to run into what role each character fits into.

All Characters List | Graphic symbol Elements & Weapon

Which Characters To Prioritize


Every character tin be powerful when built correct, and so information technology’s all-time to employ the characters yous enjoy playing the nearly!

Recommended Characters

If you desire to know which characters excel the most or plan to follow the meta for loftier level content, you can check out our tier list to know more than details nearly them.

Character Tier Listing

Combat System & Party Setup

Team Composition

A party more often than not consists of 1 Main DPS, 2 Sub DPS, and one Support. This setup focuses on providing elemental reactions for your Main DPS while having a support graphic symbol that tin can heal or buff.

Check Out Best Team Compositions Here!

Create What Your Team Needs

Recommended To Have Parties With Elemental Resonance

You don’t e’er accept to follow this since it tin can depend on what you lot need for your team. For instance, you can have 2 supports instead if you’re having problem keeping your team live and want a more than defensive approach.

Case Of A Balanced Party

Principal DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
DilucDiluc XianglingXiangling KaeyaKaeya BarbaraBarbara
– Similar to the previous build, Diluc will be the main DPS of this team comp
– Xiangling will provide additional ATK through her skill and Pyro Resonance while dealing off field Pyro Harm.
– Kaeya volition work equally the Cryo application of the squad to further increase the Harm of the team through Melt reactions.
– Barbara’s main purpose is to heal and go along the team’due south wellness as much as possible. She can also enable Vaporize reaction.

Elemental Resonance

Passives Given With Having Multiple Elements On Party

Elemental Resonance is a unique passive that can only be unlocked past having at least two types of the same chemical element characters or having 4 unique element characters in a party.

Bank check Out Elemental Resonance Guide Here!

Grapheme Rotations & Combos


Rotations are combinations done by switching characters to unleash elemental skills / bursts and create elemental reactions for maximum damage output.

How To Do Rotations & Combos?

Rotations are done ordinarily past unleashing all the abilities of one character then switching to another to boost or provide more damage output. This tin be done in many ways as it tin depend on what reactions you want to create.

Example Of A Rotation

Hither is an example of Xiao’southward combat rotation.

Recommended Rotation
one Build energy by using Elemental Skill. Use ii in succession to go increased damage for the second one
2 Switch to other characters and unleash Buff/Bursts to support Xiao
3 Bring out Xiao and use Elemental Outburst
4 Spam Plunging Assail

Check Out One-Shot Comp Rotations Here!▲Return To Table Of Contents

Leveling & Ascension – Beginner’s Guide

Leveling Characters

How To Power Up Your Character

Leveling upwardly characters is needed to strengthen your characters. It increases their main stats such equally Max HP, ATK, Def, as well every bit bonus stats.

Focus On Leveling Main Party Characters

Focus on raising upward your main characters instead of trying to level multiple characters you don’t usually utilise at the same time.
This is because enemies will have college levels and resource will exist hard to farm later on.

How To Level Up Fast?

The best mode to level upwardly your characters is through the use of Character EXP Materials. You can get them from quests, defeating elite enemies, and from chests around the earth.

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Check Out Leveling Guide Here!

Ascending Characters

Focus On Growing 1 Character In The Beginning

Ascension increases your Character Level Cap. It as well requires you to reach a certain Run a risk Rank Level as well as eat ascension materials to do and then.

Bank check Out Rise Guide Here!

Character Talents & Constellations – Beginner’south Guide


Requires Ascenion Level 2 Per Character

Talent materials are needed to increase the abilities of characters. Each graphic symbol has a specific type of talent materials they demand to use so take note of that when building characters.

Cheque Out Talent Upgrade Guide Here!

When To Increase?

You’ll desire to increase your talents equally soon equally possible or at least when y’all want your abilities to go more stiff.

What To Increase?

Talent priority can differ for each character since information technology tin depend on what they rely on or utilise the well-nigh, so be sure to check our character guides to know which talents to upgrade offset!

All Grapheme List 2.2 | Character Elements & Weapon

Where To Find Talent Materials?

Forsaken Rift [Mondstadt]

Talent materials can exist found in domains. Check our domains list to find their locations!

All Domains List


Can Still Get Dupes After Complete Constellation

Constellations are passive abilities that either increase the potency of your talents, increment stats, and add new skill effects that tin can benefit your character.

Constellation Guide – How To Upgrade & Materials

How To Get Constellations

Duplicate Wish

When you become a indistinguishable character when pulling for gacha, that character will automatically exist converted to Stella Fortuna.
Accept annotation notwithstanding that the converted Stella Fortuna can only be used to the indistinguishable character.

Dupes Guide – What You lot Go After Max Constellation▲Render To Table Of Contents

Weapons & Artifacts – Beginner’s Guide



There are five unlike types of weapons in the game which are Swords, Claymores, Bows, Polearms, and Catalysts.

All Classes / Weapon Types Guide

How To Power-Upward Weapons

1 Level Up

Increases Weapon stats. Proceeds exp for the weapon by using Enhancement Ore or using other weapons as materials
ii Arise / Rising

Increased Weapon Level Cap. Requires yous to reach a certain Adventure Level as well as consume materials to do and then
three Refine

Heighten a weapon’s skill. Refine past using a weapon of the aforementioned name as materials. Each weapon tin exist refined up to 5 times

There are 3 methods to ability-upwardly your weapons. There isn’t much benefit to enhancing different weapons of the same class early on the game, so
focus on powering-up merely 1 weapon that your main character uses effectively.

How To Get Weapons


You can go weapons from Wishing and through crafting weapons from the blacksmith with the required materials.

Craftable Weapons List

Weapons Have Secondary Stats & Furnishings


Each weapon has dissimilar secondary stats and effects. Be certain to use the right weapon with the stat your character needs and refine it each fourth dimension you get a indistinguishable to increase their effect.

All Weapons List



Artifacts are similar accessories that yous tin can equip for stat bonuses. You have 5 unlike slots, in which you can equip 1 Artifact per slot. Check out the Artifact Guide to see how they work!

Artifacts Guide 2.ii – Set List & Locations

Enhancing Artifacts


Unlike weapons & characters,
Antiquity level can but be increased past using other Artifacts every bit materials.
Although, Sanctifying Uction & Sanctifying Essence are items that can be used to upgrade them as well.

No Need To Level Up Artifacts in Early Game

As artifacts are powered up through using other artifacts as materials, its not toll effective to level up the weaker early-game Artifacts.
Relieve your resource for Artifacts with ★3 or above.

five Artifact Slots Explained

1 Flower of Life

Mainly increases HP
2 Plumage of Death

Mainly increases ATK
3 Sands of Eon

Randomly increases HP, ATK, DEF, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery
4 Goblet of Eonothem

Randomly increases HP, ATK, DEF, Concrete DMG Bonus, Elemental DMG Bonus
five Circlet of Logos

Randomly increases HP, ATK, DEF, Healing Bonus, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, Elemental Mastery

Each slot tin only equip an Artifact designated for that slot.
For example, you lot tin but equip Bloom of Life artifacts in the Blossom of Life slot, and non in other slots such as Plume of Decease.

What Are Set Bonuses?

While its crucial to select Ready bonuses for sure playstyles in the mid-belatedly game,
for the early on game just catch whatever reasonable set bonus you tin become.

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Artifacts Build Guide – Best Set For Characters▲Render To Table Of Contents

Wishing & Primogem Management – Beginner’s Guide

Wish Function – Gacha


Genshin Impact is a gacha game which ways that you will become most of your weapons and characters from the Wish Banners.

How To Become Characters – Wishes & Free Characters

Wish Banners

Wish Banners
Time-Limited Banner Time-Express Weapon Banner Permanent Banner

Time-Limited Banners usually final upwardly to 3-4 weeks.

Who To Wish For?

Since Genshin Bear upon employs a Gacha system where the characters you get are random, it’s inevitable that recommendations will differ depending on a given role player’s current grapheme lineup and preference.

Best Wish Banner & New Wishes (Gacha) | Latest Imprint Added!

Primogem Management


Primogem is the currency used for Wishing or replenishing resin. It can be caused through various ways such as completing quests, events,spiral abyss, unlocking chests and more!

How To Use

It is recommended to salvage your Primogems for the wish banners instead of spending information technology on resin since it replenishes every eight minutes. Check out the primogem farming guide if you’re looking for ways to get more than of them!

Primogems – How To Farm And Grind Fast

Paimon’s Bargains


You can too larn them with the Stardust and Starglitter you obtained from wishing to larn more Primogems.

Paimon’south Store▲Return To Table Of Contents

Tips & Tricks – Beginner’s Guide

Don’t Forget To Use Upward Your Resin


Original Resin replenishes every 8 minutes, so it is best to use them everyday to subcontract more than efficiently.

Original Resin Guide – How To Use & Bank check

Endeavor To Save Your Delicate Resin For Artifact Farming


Frail Resins that you get from doing quests and leveling hazard rank tin can be used to restore Original Resins. One Fragile Resin tin can restore 60 Original Resin. Try to salvage them upwards for late game.

Ley Lines Are Your Friends!

Ley Line Overflow - Blossom Locations

Whenever yous find yourself defective resources, remember that
ley lines give EXP Books while
ley lines give Mora.

Apply The Adventurer’s Handbook For Farming Enemy Drops


Yous tin can easily track enemies from the handbook. It will show yous their location and possible drops. After killing a sure number of an enemy, you will have to wait for it to respawn again.

Have annotation that respawn timers can vary. Either it resets on server fourth dimension or resets randomly

All Bosses & Enemies Fight Listing | Dropped Materials 2.two

Raising Friendship Level

How to Change Facial Expressions

Growing one character will not but help you boost your level, but it will also increase your friendship level which will unlock more rewards similar facial expressions.

Check Out How to Modify Facial Expressions

Have At To the lowest degree A Claymore & Bow User When Exploring

Recommended To Break With Claymore

Not just elements, only besides weapon types bear upon exploration & gathering. We recommend you to bring Claymore & Bow Users.


Claymores tin pause downwardly ore for rock & metal resources while also dealing heavy damage to enemies with shields.


There are also puzzles that require you to shoot things from a distance with a bow.

Don’t Forget To Spend Your Sigils!

In-Game Shop

In guild to purchase the items from the Souvenir Shop, you volition need to collect and apply Anemo Sigils as this is the master currency.

Anemo Sigils – Farm Location, & Vendor Shop Uses

Try To Cook Nutrient Whenever You Tin!

Process Materials At Stoves

Cooking tin really exist useful as information technology can create food that can heal, buff, and revive your characters! Be sure to use characters that give a special bonus when cooking.

Recipe Locations 2.2 | Cooking Recipe List

Do Not Level Multiple Characters

Use Character EXP Material

As said before, just level up characters that you more often than not apply because resource tin can be difficult to become afterward. Likewise, most back up characters are already constructive around level 70-lxxx, so you can omit to level them up all the way to 90.

Leveling Guide – How To Level Up Characters▲Return To Table Of Contents

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