Twitter Unmentioning Features Conversations

Larn what happens when you utilise Twitter’s unfollow feature which it says helps command unwanted attention on the platform by letting you get out a tweet conversation.

  • Twitter is testing a new option with some users on the web to make it like shooting fish in a barrel to leave a tweet chat, untag yourself and stop futurity mentions
  • May users have clamored for the ability to only untag themselves from irksome threads or heated conversations
  • The new choice has yet to appear in Twitter’due south mobile and desktop apps

What’s Twitter’s “Leave this conversation” option?

Twitter can sometimes ruin your day, like when yous get sucked into a tweet thread you don’t want to be part of. So now when someone mentions you in a contentious Twitter exchange that you don’t want to be part of, y’all can leave the conversation and the mention hyperlink will turn into plain text. Read: How to create Twitter lists

“Nosotros’re experimenting with Unmentioning—a manner to help yous protect your peace and remove yourself from conversations,” the Twitter Safety account tweeted out a GIF showing what “unmentioning” will look like.

Leaving the conversation still won’t prevent people from seeing the mention, simply information technology will no longer be hyperlinked to your Twitter handle. And once you’ve removed yourself from a Twitter thread, no one tin add you dorsum. Twitter has been working on “Exit this chat” for a while now. In February 2022, Researcher Jane Manchun Wong shared a screenshot of an onboarding UI.

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Twitter could add together more functionality earlier rolling out this characteristic to all users. Co-ordinate to early concepts that Twitter designed Dominic Camozzi shared earlier, Twitter could alarm you lot if an account that doesn’t follows you lot mentions you. There might fifty-fifty be an option to stop all Twitter users from mentioning yous for 1 twenty-four hour period, three days or seven days.

How to untag and remove yourself from a Twitter thread

To untag yourself from, and go out a Twitter conversation, select the Twitter thread you no longer want to be part of, then click the share icon and choose the choice labeled “Go out this conversation”. You will then be greeted with an onboarding screen laying out how “unmentioning” works. Hitting the “Leave the conversation” to continue or “Never mind, I’ll stay” to abolish.

Twitter is currently testing this feature with some users on the spider web. Sentry this infinite to stay informed as to when removing yourself from Twitter threads will curlicue out to all Twitter users on mobile, desktop and web.

What happens when you leave a Twitter chat

Leaving a thread will untag you and stop future mentions/notifications. People won’t be able to mention you lot again in this convo. No ane in the thread will be notified if you “unmention” yourself, which is how untagging yourself should work in a public forum like Twitter. Your username volition stay in the original tweet and all replies but as plain text, and you’ll still run into the conversation. Read: Tips for using Twitter search

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Twitter Unmentioning Features Conversations