Get Organized 3 Methods For Better Time Management

10 tips for mastering fourth dimension management at work

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We’ve all experienced the woes of time management at work. You wake up hopeful and optimistic—not only volition you meet all your deadlines, merely you’ll striking the gym and make a healthy home-cooked meal, likewise.

And so life happens. You leave late, you striking traffic, and you arrive at your desk already frustrated with the world. Sitting downwards to finally knock out that project you’ve been procrastinating for weeks, you lot realize you’ve got dorsum-to-back meetings until noon—and yes, y’all’re already late for the start ane. You finally walk out of the last meeting, and you start wading through emails when you go pulled into a meeting with the VP. He has a last-infinitesimal request for you. “Information technology should only take an hour,” he says. Try iii.

The practiced news is that in that location are means to reclaim those seemingly elusive lost hours of the mean solar day. It’south all most personal time management—manage your fourth dimension instead of letting information technology manage yous. We’ve got ten time management tips for work to get you lot started

ane. Figure out how you’re currently spending your fourth dimension.

If you lot’re going to optimize your personal time management, you first need to figure out where the time is going. Try diligently logging your time for a week by tracking your daily activities. This audit will assistance you:

  • Determine how much you can feasibly accomplish in a twenty-four hour period.
  • Place timesucks.
  • Focus on activities that provide the greatest returns.

Equally you deport this time audit, information technology volition become pretty articulate how much of your time is spent on unproductive thoughts, conversations, and activities.
You’ll gain a more accurate sense for how long certain types of tasks take you (which volition be very helpful for executing on a later tip). This exercise tin can too assist you make up one’s mind the time of day when you are virtually productive—that style, you know when to piece of work on your projects requiring the most focus and inventiveness.

2. Create a daily schedule—and stick with it.

Daily Schedule (Click on epitome to alter online)

This footstep is absolutely crucial for learning how to manage fourth dimension at piece of work. Don’t fifty-fifty endeavour starting your day without an organized to-do list. Before you go out piece of work for the day, create a list of the most pressing tasks for the side by side day. This step allows yous to get going as soon as you get to the office.

Putting everything on paper will prevent you lot from lying awake at night tossing and turning over the tasks running through your brain. Instead, your subconscious goes to work on your plans while yous are asleep, which ways yous can wake upwards in the forenoon with new insights for the workday.

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If you can’t practise it the mean solar day before, make sure you write out your list first thing in the morning. Y’all’ll notice that the time y’all spend creating a articulate plan is naught compared to the time you’ll lose jumping between tasks when y’all lack such a plan.

Learn how to create a time management schedule that works for you.

Learn more

3. Prioritize wisely.

As you organize your to-do list, prioritization is key for successful time direction at work. Kickoff by eliminating tasks that you shouldn’t exist performing in the kickoff place. So place the three or four most important tasks and practise those kickoff—that way, y’all make certain you stop the essentials.

Evaluate your to-practice list and brand sure you organized it based on the importance of a task rather than its urgency. Important responsibilities support the achievement of your goals, whereas urgent responsibilities require immediate attending and are associated with the achievement of someone else’s goals. We tend to allow the urgent dominate when nosotros should really focus on activities that support our business organisation goals.

To avoid this pitfall, utilize 1 of the time direction tips for work constitute in Stephen Covey’s book
First Things Start. He offers the following time management matrix, known as the Eisenhower matrix, as an organizational tool for prioritizing tasks based on these ideas of importance and urgency.

eisenhower matrix
Eisenhower Matrix (Click on image to modify online)

Here’s a closer look at each of these quadrants:

  • Important and urgent:
    These tasks have important deadlines with high urgency—complete them right abroad.
  • Important only non urgent:
    These items are important only don’t require immediate action and should involve long-term development strategizing. Strive to spend most of your time in this quadrant.
  • Urgent merely not important:
    These tasks are urgent but non of import. Minimize, delegate, or eliminate them because they don’t contribute to your output. They are generally distractions that may event from the poor planning of others.
  • Not urgent and not important:
    These activities hold picayune if any value and should exist eliminated every bit much every bit possible.

Here’s a look at what sorts of activities fall in each quadrant. Try creating your own fourth dimension management matrix and inserting items from your to-practice list and day-to-twenty-four hours activities to evaluate how you are currently spending your time. You can create one in Lucidchart in less than a minute—that’s what we did!

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eisenhower matrix example
Eisenhower Matrix Case (Click on prototype to alter online)

When you tin can figure out prioritization, your personal time management can reach a whole new level. You will know where to focus your fourth dimension during those days when there merely aren’t enough hours.

4. Group like tasks together.

Salvage yourself time and mental free energy by trying to complete all of one type of to-practice before moving on to the next. For case, create split chunks of fourth dimension for answering emails, making phone calls, filing, etc. Don’t respond emails and messages every bit they come in, every bit doing so is distraction at its finest. Plough off your telephone and e-mail notifications to completely eliminate the temptation to check at an unappointed time.

5. Avoid the urge to multitask.

This is one of the simplest time management tips for work, notwithstanding it can be 1 of the hardest to follow. Focus on the job at hand and block out all distractions. It can be tempting to multitask, but you’re just shooting yourself in the pes when you attempt to do so. You lot lose time and decrease productivity when switching from one task to another.

Similarly, don’t get overwhelmed past a to-exercise list stretching a mile long. Stressing over it will not arrive shorter, so breathe in, breathe out, and take it one task at a time.

half dozen. Assign time limits to tasks.

Function of creating your schedule should involve setting time limits on tasks instead of just working until they’re washed. To-do lists are great and wonderful, but sometimes you might feel like you never check anything off.

If you’re looking to set a steady stride to your workflow, the Pomodoro Technique can help you bank check off your to-exercise list in 25-minute chunks, taking short breaks between each stint and a longer break after completing four. This technique balances a narrow focus with frequent breaks, reducing mental strain and maintaining motivation.

If you’d rather set your ain pace, timeboxing allows you to cake out varied amounts of time. Utilize your time log (pace #1) to get an estimate for how long an activity will accept you. One time you lot’ve spent the designated amount of time on that job, motion on to the next important activity. You’ll discover your productivity skyrocketing and your to-do list shrinking when you lot have these parameters in place.

timeboxing example
Timeboxing Example (Click on image to change online)

7. Build in buffers.

1 of the more enjoyable time management tips for piece of work: Brand breaks a part of your schedule. When y’all finish a job, requite yourself time to breathe. Take mini breaks to recharge, whether that exist a short walk, a game of ping pong, some meditation, etc.

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viii. Learn to say no.

Yous’ll never learn how to manage time at work if yous don’t learn how to say no. Only you lot truly know what you have fourth dimension for, so if you need to decline a request in order to focus on more of import tasks, don’t hesitate to do and then. And if you take on a project that is obviously going nowhere, don’t be afraid to let information technology go.

Rather than doing a lot of tasks that yield little or no value, consummate fewer tasks that create more value. Remember the lxxx/twenty rule—80% of your output comes from twenty% of your inputs. Focus your efforts appropriately.

If you can’t say no, delegate it. While delegating can exist a hard skill to learn, information technology can work wonders for your personal time management. You’ve put together a talented team, so decide the tasks you can laissez passer on.

nine. Get organized.

For effective time management, this tip needs to actually go on your to-do list. If you have piles of papers scattered all over your desk-bound, finding the i y’all actually demand will be similar finding a needle in a haystack. There are few things as frustrating as wasting valuable fourth dimension looking for misplaced items. Not to mention how hard clutter can brand information technology to focus.

Little things make a big difference. Create a filing system for documents. Unsubscribe to emails you no longer need. Just recall—y’all only have to exercise it one time, but you get the benefits forever.

10. Eliminate distractions.

Social media, web browsing, co-workers, text letters, instant messaging—the distractions at work tin be limitless. A key to personal time direction is being proactive about getting rid of them. Shut your door to limit interruptions. Close all tabs except the ones you are currently working on. Plough off messaging notifications and leave your personal phone calls for lunch.

Have babe steps. Identify your top two distractions and focus on acquisition those for two weeks. And remember that getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and eating healthily tin can all assistance you stay focused during the workday—specially when that afternoon slump hits.

There you lot accept information technology—ten tips for time management at work that can take your productivity to a whole new level. Y’all’ll exist striking the gym and cooking similar Martha Stewart in no fourth dimension.

Get Organized 3 Methods For Better Time Management