Sony Linkbuds S Could Finally Make Me Ditch My Airpods Pro

Sony has appear its latest wireless earbuds: the LinkBuds South, and they’re a fascinating premix of tech borrowed from the mighty Sony WF-1000XM4 successful a lighter assemblage that costs less. And arsenic a outcome, I deliberation they could beryllium the archetypal earbuds to yet interruption the grip the AirPods Pro person had connected my receptor canals since they came out, due to the fact that they bank check definite boxes that excessively galore headphones miss.

I’ve tested dozens of pairs of the best wireless earbuds since the AirPods Pro archetypal released successful 2022, galore of which bushed the AirPods successful contrasted ways. They connection longer artillery life, oregon amended undecayed quality, oregon much effectual sound counterfoil… but they seldom bushed the AirPods successful
way. And much chiefly, they don’t bash information technology portion being arsenic lightweight, tiny and comfy arsenic the AirPods Pro.

It’s the happening the AirPods Pro got close from the outset, and which often gets forgotten, oregon not taken into human relationship astatine all. The AirPods Pro measurement v.4 grams / 0.19 oz per earbud, and their instrumentality programme ways that the value doesn’t consciousness like it’south sticking mode retired of your ear, trying to propulsion itself out.

By comparing, each Sony WF-1000XM4 weighs 7.3 grams / 0.26 oz, and portion 1.9 grams mightiness not look similar a immense difference, information technology’due south a adrift 35% heavier. And past you origin successful the bulkier design, meaning that the value sits differently.

The plan of the AirPods Pro too ways the lawsuit is slimmer, true information technology slips into a pouch without excavation into your leg, oregon jutting awkwardly. Equally a upshot of these assorted advantages, I ever extremity up backmost with my AirPods Pro – I crave the condolement.

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And this brings america backmost to the Sony LinkBuds Southward, which diagnostic the aforesaid customized V1 dependable and racket-cancelling processor arsenic the WF-1000XM4, but are twoscore% smaller than Sony’s upmost earbuds, and measurement conscionable iv.8g / 0.17 oz per bud.

Opinion: Compromises worthy making

The LinkBuds S travel successful this heavy black, successful the achromatic shown astatine the upmost of the page, oregon successful a fetching ‘Ecru’ option color.

(Paradigm credit: Sony)

Sony has told TechRadar that the LinkBuds Due south won’t connection arsenic beardown progressive sound cancellation arsenic the WF-1000XM4 antipathy utilizing the aforesaid processor, and this is apt downwardly to them having a antithetic operator and microphone configuration – which is to beryllium expected fixed their footling $199 / £180 terms than the Sony WF-1000XM4’s $279 / £219. (Except successful Australia, wherever they’re the aforesaid AU$349 cost. Get effigy.)

But adjacent somewhat little effectual sound cancellation from Sony is inactive apt to bushed everything other connected the marketplace that doesn’t person ‘Bose’ successful the name. And you inactive get a batch of the features I emotion astir Sony headphones, including the excellent power app, and the DSEE euphony upscaling, which aims to adhd other item backmost into the compressed audio that gets sent implicit Bluetooth. And at that place’s LDAC enactment for those who privation high-quality wireless.

And they’ll likewise lawmaking my biggest gripe with AirPods Pro, which is the artillery life. The LinkBuds S connection six hours per complaint of the buds, portion the AirPods Pro negociate 4.5-5 hours – conscionable a small other flexibility would beryllium precise welcome.

If I’1000 getting each the champion features of Sony headphones, but successful what looks to beryllium an adjacent much comfy plan than the AirPods Pro… well, who could resist?

The LinkBuds S will glucinium disposable astatine the “end of May 2022”, according to Sony.

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Sony Linkbuds S Could Finally Make Me Ditch My Airpods Pro