Get Organized 3 Ways To Use Asanas New Kanban Boards

Projection managers demand an amazing channel to keep runway of all the tasks and monitor the progress of every squad. Now, imagine that y’all receive a study addressing the issues in your team related to productivity and meeting deadlines along with the solution to these problems!

The Kanban tool is exactly what you just imagined. An all-in-i solution for project managers to march towards the success of their projects and teams.

With sticky notes and whiteboards getting outdated, some of the best Kanban tools have taken over team planning and management for faster and efficient overall project completion.

Still, you will probably notice a ton of Kanban tools online out there, which makes it difficult for you to choose the all-time solution. We have taken care of it by scouring the web and narrowing the list downwardly to xv tools, from which you tin decide the best Kanban app for your project.

Simply before we bound to the list, let united states first sympathize what Kanban is and how information technology is beneficial for your visitor and team.

What is Kanban?

With pasty notes and whiteboards getting outdated, Kanban is something that allows y’all to easily manage your work, especially as it goes through a process. It visualizes both the procedure, your workflow, and bodily work passing through the defined process. The ultimate goal of the Kanban procedure is to identify the bottlenecks in your project and fix them to salve cost and time.


Fact Time

: Often spelled as “


” the Japanese word


translates to “Billboard,” which simply means ‘available capacity to work’. It is a concept related to Just-in-Time production (JIT), which tells you what to do, when to practice, and how much to do.

The Kanban process was initially adult for

Toyota automotive

in Japan. Information technology emerged with the physical cards moving down the Toyota production line. When the car moved during product, the corresponding card would motility from i worker to another. This marked the commencement of each new chore and helped managers to check productivity and optimize the process by re-assigning workers to meet the piece of work requirements efficiently.

“The two pillars of the Toyota product system are simply-in-fourth dimension and automation with a human being touch, or autonomation.”

– David J. Anderson.

In a like way, Kanban tools help the project managers and teams to ready bottlenecks by assigning high-priority tasks at the right time by utilizing the bachelor resources. It is very helpful for team members too to track tasks, and go along towards project completion.

Core Kanban Method Practices

Many companies attempt Kanban board apps to see if in that location is an increase in productivity and quality, and a decrease in waste. For a successful implementation, there are six core Kanban method practices that need to exist present.

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1. Visualize the Workflow

To efficiently work with the Kanban procedure, you lot first need to visualize it. With an upward-to-date Kanban lath, you need to understand how to convert a request to a deliverable production. Then only volition yous be able to make the necessary changes in your workflow?

2. Limit Work in Progress

One of the about important functions of Kanban is to make sure that only a doable number of active tasks are in progress at a given time. Setting a limit on work-in-progress tasks ensures that all the team members work on finishing the electric current stage past quickly illuminating the problem areas and resolving them.

3. Manage Menstruum

When we say manage flow, it is non about managing the squad members only about managing the tasks. The distribution and motility of work throughout the production process should exist polish and healthy. So, information technology is essential to monitor and track the performance metrics to find the average completion rate and then enhance your workflow.

4. Make Process Policies Explicit

Team managers can’t better or manage something they don’t understand. That’s why it is of import to commencement ascertain the procedure clearly and should be shared with the team. Once everyone is familiar with the goals, they would exist able to work and brand decisions effectively.

5. Implement Feedback Loops

For teams looking to be more active, a feedback loop is a crucial office in the longer run. This ensures that everyone related to the project is well aware and informed about what is going on in the team, and information technology enables cognition sharing. Managers should conduct these feedback loops regularly to review the progress and tasks.

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vi. Better Collaboratively

Every bit presently every bit the teams are up and running on the Kanban tool, it is fourth dimension to turn this into a collaboration tool for maximum throughput. Everyone should contribute to identifying various problems that need fixing and piece of work together towards comeback.

Benefits of Using the Kanban System

At present that we know what Kanban is, let united states of america cheque out how it benefits your visitor and projects. The benefits are different for project managers, team members, and the organization. Below are the elevation benefits of using the Kanban organization.

1. Flexibility and Responsiveness

As the system is based on a only-in-time approach, this makes it flexible for Kanban to arrange to market changes. It is a responsive model in which extra work is added only after the currently assigned work is finished. And so, project managers can deliver the products co-ordinate to changing demands without disrupting the catamenia.

2. Visibility and Transparency

The visual representation of all the data is one of the most benign parts of Kanban. Goals, tasks, deadlines, progress, and risks, everything is in forepart of all the team members, which opens the door for seamless advice and collaboration to increase productivity.

three. Increased Output

Kanban limits the work in progress, which encourages the team as a whole to complete the piece of work together. This avoids multitasking, leading to enhanced collaboration to get more than work washed faster. The output will increment, and team communication will exist meliorate.

4. Versatility

The tool is applicable universally and can be implemented in different teams in your company, from marketing to tech to HR and admin. The versatility makes it easier for team members to move across the functions in any project. For example, it gets elementary to move a content marketing projection from writing to pattern and graphics, or a website development project from structure to testing.

5. Constant Improvement and Delivery

Inputs from team members for improvements are necessary for maintaining quality, and this results in constant timely commitment. Kanban helps in increasing productivity and team focus, leading to improved deliverables. So, teams tin find ways to improve their work and deliver beyond expectations.

Let’south now motion on to the list of the top 15 Kanban software tools.

A Quick Await at Top Kanban Tools & Their Key Features

18 Best Kanban Tools Listing

1. ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is an easy-to-use online project management tool that helps project managers organize multiple projects on a single platform. The tool comes with the best Kanban lath that gives a bird’s-eye view of all your project tasks. Co-ordinate to the unique workflow that managers follow, they tin employ multiple options based on different work environments.

The software aims to offer a delightful feel to users. From project planning to time tracking, prioritization of tasks to insightful reports and analytics, ProProfs Project is just the perfect companion for all companies.

Kanban Features

  • Increased chore visibility for ameliorate efficiency.
  • Back up for multiple teams and workflow methodologies.
  • Responsive drag and drop features for ease of employ.
  • Sync beyond all users to keep everyone on the aforementioned page.
  • Move and arrange the columns freely in the workflow.
  • Information filtering via multiple overlays.
  • Upload attachments of multiple extensions.


  • Free – no charge freemium plan
  • Essentials – $3/user/calendar month
  • Premium – $6/user/month

2. Trello


Trello is an amazing collaboration tool and is a popular pick for users looking to implement the Kanban process. With an easy to use interface, everything in Trello starts with Kanban cards and lists. The to-do listing format simplifies the task management for project managers. As the changes made by the squad members go updated in real time, it eases the communication between the team.

Kanban Features

  • Create checklists with a progress meter.
  • Real-time synchronization from all users.
  • Email notifications.
  • Seamless organization with the help of tags, labels, and categories.
  • Reminders for deadlines.
  • Data filtering for refined results/reports.
  • Option to upload attachments.


  • Free – $0/user
  • Business – $12.50/user/month
  • Enterprise – Starting from $17.fifty/user/month (more the users, less the price)

3. ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-encompassing project management platform with a particularly versatile Kanban process. Instead of forcing you to fit your work to a predetermined Kanban framework, ClickUp allows you to build a Kanban process that visualizes your piece of work in a mode that makes sense to your team and makes it easy for stakeholders at any level to admission the information they need. By doing this, ClickUp helps y’all harness the full power of the Kanban process without sacrificing any of your team’s efficiency.

Kanban Features

  • Customizable Statuses to fit your workflow
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Granular notification settings
  • Filters, tags, and grouping to go on you lot organized
  • Built-in Docs to keep rails of processes and lessons learned
  • Attachments and integrations for third-party resources
  • Able to visualize work beyond multiple boards at once


  • Gratuitous Forever – $0
  • Unlimited – $5/user/month
  • Business – $12/user/month
  • Business Plus – $19/user/month
  • Enterprise – Available on request

4. Monday

Monday is more than a typical project management software, which is popular for a simple interface that clarifies the sequence of work. A slap-up project planning tool with Kanban boards, tracking options, workflow automation options, and collaboration options, information technology is a smart choice for teams looking to execute projects in a collaborative visual environment.

Kanban Features

  • Easy task and resource management.
  • Options to upload attachments, add comments, and mention teammates.
  • Customizable job boards to adjust your methodology.
  • Gantt charts are bachelor.
  • Timesheet tracking to assign the tasks and view progress.
  • Workflow automation options to automate sure processes.


  • Basic – $10/user/month
  • Standard – $12/user/month
  • Pro – $twenty/user/calendar month
  • Enterprise – Custom quotes on request.

5. Hive


Hive is more than than just your classic kanban tool — it’due south the time to come of work productivity. Hive brings all of your workplace tools to ane single dashboard, so you can manage projects, conversation with coworkers, send emails, and even

have meeting notes

without e’er leaving the window.

Hive’southward Kanban project boards are a not bad tool for agile teams, as they help visualize chore progress and keep anybody informed in real-time. And if some people on your team prefer to view projects in a layout other than Kanban, Hive has 6 other flexible project views to let each person choose how they work best.

Kanban Features

  • Chore and resource direction
  • Real-fourth dimension reporting on chore progress
  • Time tracking capabilities to assign estimates to individual tasks
  • chiliad+ 3rd-political party app integrations
  • Elevate and driblet interface
  • Note-taking tool to support sprint planning meetings


  • Gratis ii-week trial
  • Pricing plans start at $12 per user
  • Additional app add ons starting at $3 per user
  • Enterprise pricing plans are available by request

6. Hygger


Hygger is a multifunctional project management tool that helps teams from various industries focus on what their customers need, prioritize what to build next, and develop information technology using convenient online Kanban boards. Hygger helps to build software using Kanban and Scrum, manage backlogs and prioritize ideas, features, and projects, create and share product roadmaps, and centralize all communication to improve cantankerous-functional teams’ collaboration.

Kanban Features

  • Friendly Kanban boards with WIP limits and Swimlanes.
  • Managing numerous projects on the lath and tracking everything in one place.
  • Handy roadmaps for advanced planning and scheduling.
  • Powerful prioritization matrices to prioritize backlogs.
  • User-friendly time tracking.
  • Helpful templates of different features and tools.


  • Free trial
  • Standard – from $seven per user/monthly
  • Enterprise – from $14 per user/monthly

7. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Kanban View

Bitrix24 is a project planning and management tool that is a combination of a CRM, conferencing tools, and task direction. The interface offers a collaborative space for members to discuss tasks, share ideas, and view workflow for efficient projection management. With virtual Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and a project calendar, users tin can customize the project workflow to visualize the progress.

Kanban Features

  • Project planning and road-mapping.
  • Fourth dimension tracking and task management.
  • Multi-board views for unlike project tasks.
  • Milestone and dependency direction.
  • Document management and collaboration.
  • Integration with social networks.


  • Free – $0
  • Start+ – $24/month
  • CRM+ – $69/month
  • Project+ – $69/month
  • Standard – $99/month
  • Professional – $199/month

8. MeisterTask

MeisterTask Kanban View

MeisterTask is an intuitive Kanban tool with a beautiful interface for the simple organisation of tasks. Its Kanban board fits any workflow and tin be customized as per the procedure and requirements. Teams tin can work together and easily communicate on a single platform. The best affair most MeisterTask is that while visualizing processes, it too automates them in different ways similar creating recurring tasks, assigning tasks, notifying stakeholders, etc.

Kanban Features

  • Task management and fourth dimension tracking tool.
  • Tools for efficient collaboration.
  • Supports Scrum, which is useful for agile teams.
  • Integrated with popular tools similar GitHub, Slack, Harvest, etc.
  • Add together predefined checklists using automation.
  • Insights based on diverse statistics and reports.


  • Basic – $0
  • Pro – $iv.19/user/month
  • Business – $10.39/user/month
  • Enterprise – Custom quotes on request.

ix. Taskworld

Taskworld Kanban View

Taskworld is an efficient Kanban tool designed for existent-world scenarios. A simple to manage Kanban lath that converts your cards to a line of text, then that project managers and team members can visualize many tasks at one time. Deadlines, time tracked, pending tasks, and other information that users add volition exist visible in the bill of fare’s checklist. Even so, there need to exist some improvements in the iOS versions of this tool.

Kanban Features

  • Track tasks, fourth dimension, share ideas and measure operation.
  • Supports Scrum for agile project management.
  • Milestone and dependency tracking.
  • Tags and labels to organize the boards.
  • Customizable reminders and due dates.
  • Drag and drop upload feature for attachments.


  • Professional – $thirteen/user/month
  • Business organization – $thirty/user/month
  • Enterprise – Custom quotes on asking.

10. Kanbanize

Kanbanize is the best Kanban software for agile projection management that helps visualize tasks, rail project progress, and optimize workflows to increase productivity. The chief aim of Kanbanize is to bring simplicity and efficiency to the way you work. Tasks and the progress of the project are displayed in real-time to remove the traditional process of sending updates and projection reports.

Kanban Features

  • Divide the workflow into multiple Kanban boards for easy visualization of all tasks.
  • Create different workflows for cross-functional teams.
  • Track cross-team dependencies using carte du jour links.
  • Easy planning with an agile approach using timeline view.
  • Integrate other systems and apps to bring more agility.
  • Customizable features to fit your requirements.


Annual Programme – $149/15 users/month

xi. Productboard


Productboard is a Kanban product direction tool designed to go the correct products to market faster. It is helpful for production managers in understanding what users need and what needs to be prioritized to effectively build a production. Productboard aligns the whole squad in the evolution wheel co-ordinate to your roadmap.

Kanban Features

  • Sync roadmaps with development teams.
  • Connect customer feedback to features.
  • Dependency tracking options.
  • Project planning and KPI monitoring.
  • Connect strategic objectives to feature prioritization.
  • Communicate production updates to customers easily.


  • Essentials – $25/user/month
  • Pro – $60/user/month
  • Scale – $120/user/month
  • Enterprise – Custom quotes on request.

12. Kanban One

Kanban One

Kanban 1 works on the basic principles of the Kanban process by offering an interface to visualize all project-related activities on a virtual board, on any device, at any time. It records the activities, helps you in organizing them graphically, and tracks them to summate analytics and optimize your workflow.

Kanban Features

  • Chore management and time tracking abilities.
  • Collaboration tools to share ideas and communicate with teams.
  • Cards can be classified according to the service nomenclature.
  • Record activities related to piece of work and personal life as well.
  • In-depth analytics and reports generation for enhanced arroyo.
  • Key performance indicators monitoring.


  • Free – $0
  • Pay Every bit You Go – $ii.l/user/month

13. Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool is an online Kanban board that aims to increase squad performance with a visual project management tool. Information technology offers a perfect overview of your current work status and provides seamless team collaboration and communication. Stakeholders can share tasks, data, comments in real-time from anywhere, someday.

Kanban Features

  • Visual management to clarify and improve processes.
  • Existent-time like shooting fish in a barrel collaboration.
  • Kanban analytics and metrics to place and eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Cumulative menstruation diagram to improve projection functioning.
  • Constructive, fast, and widely customizable.


  • Free – $0
  • Team – $5/user/month
  • Enterprise – $9/user/month

14. Drag


Drag seamlessly integrates to Gmail to turn your Inbox into a beautiful Kanban board. No need to open up another browser or any other tool. It’south just in that location, in your old and good Inbox.

Both emails and tasks become cards, then you’re in just one place, able to do a lot more to manage emails, manage tasks, manage projects, CRM, Help Desk, or whatever you desire.

By centralizing everything, Elevate reduces the corporeality of time you spend on managing your emails and on transitioning among different tools.

Kanban Features

  • Native in Gmail
  • Emails (or standalone task) get cards
  • Custom kanban boards for anything
  • Share boards for collaboration
  • Laurels-winning support


  • Gratuitous – no accuse freemium plan
  • Plus – $8/user/calendar month
  • Pro – $12/user/calendar month

xv.  Asana

Asana Kanban

Asana is a great tool for workflow direction, offering a flexible, fast, and modern design for all companies. The Kanban lath features provide the teams an astonishing way to visualize and manage projects. The required piece of work, on-going work, and deadlines are all organized/classified, making it easier for all users to manage work.

Kanban Features

  • Move projects through various stages of the lifecycle with in-depth visuals.
  • Streamline work requests.
  • Automation features to simplify workflows.
  • New timeline view to hands track job dependencies.
  • Diverse integrations bachelor with your favorite apps.
  • Workload management to every bit distribute tasks.


  • Basic – $0
  • Premium – $13.49/user/calendar month
  • Business organization – $24.99/user/calendar month
  • Enterprise – Custom quotes on request.

xvi. LeanKit

LeanKit Kanban Boards

LeanKit is explicitly designed for lean project management. It lets you optimize the business flow past applying lean management principles to piece of work, resulting in smarter and faster commitment. The process and work visualization, online Kanban boards, WIP limits, and team collaboration beyond the whole organization makes it possible for project managers to plan and execute work.

Kanban Features

  • Consolidated view of work priority and project status in parallel tabs.
  • Visually communicate and accost bug in specific tasks to identify the risks.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting to help you and your team improve continuously.
  • Integrate critical enterprise applications to accelerate delivery.
  • Out-of-the-box Kanban board templates with customizations.
  • Targeted notifications to receive important updates over e-mail.


  • Single Plan – $20/user/calendar month

17. KanbanFlow


KanbanFlow is another lean project direction software, equipped with a set of unique tools to heave your personal or squad productivity. The Kanban board in this software is different from others and provides an fantabulous overview of your current work situation. It keeps a complete rail of the time each task takes, offering you the opportunity to identify bottlenecks and ready these.

Kanban Features

  • Customize menu colors and split boards into sections.
  • Smart time tracking and time spent reports.
  • Options to create recurring tasks.
  • Horizontal swim lanes for a better overview of tasks.
  • Existent-fourth dimension collaboration anytime, anywhere.
  • Drag and driblet file attachments ability.
  • Different ways to integrate other systems.


  • Free – $0
  • Premium – $5/user/month

18. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects Kanban View

Zoho Projects is an efficient Kanban project management and collaboration tool, offering flexibility and customizations to suit the needs of all project managers, including agile teams. Existence a part of Zoho’s environment lets yous connect your projects to their other services also, like Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and Zoho’s finance suite.

Kanban Features

  • Kanban cards tin exist sorted based on priority, condition, completion percentage, etc.
  • Customizable dashboard as per user’due south preferences.
  • Nest items on the Kanban board below each other.
  • Zoho’due south Analytics integration to generate fifty+ reports and charts.
  • Gantt charts to provide you an overview of the consummate project.
  • Catechumen projects into templates to reuse all previously adult timelines after.


  • Free – $0
  • Premium – $five/user/month
  • Enterprise – $10/user/month

nineteen. Jira

Jira Kanban Boards

Jira is a well known active projection management tool that uses the bones Kanban lath setup. Information technology is majorly used for managing bug tracking and issue tracking by coders and software developers. Although various project management features accept been added to Jira to simplify the usage, it still remains complicated for many projection managers and normal users.

Kanban Features

  • Customizable workflows that fit your project.
  • Out-of-the-box workflow templates to automate the tasks.
  • Users can create multiple Kanban boards to rail tasks.
  • Electronic mail notifications to stay updated.
  • Backlog tools to re-apply onetime fixes to new bugs.
  • Huge support for integrations with 3000+ apps.


  • Free – $0
  • Standard – $7/user/month
  • Premium – $14/user/month
  • Enterprise – Custom quotes on asking.

20. SwiftKanban

SwiftKanban  is a kanban board software

SwiftKanban is a visual projection management tool that you can apply to manage your work finer by following a Kanban style and philosophy of continuous improvement. SwiftKanban lets yous improve your workflow visualization and simplify the direction of tasks in an organization. It combines highly Configurable and Visual Workflow modelling, powerful and actionable Period Metrics, and ease of employ to give y’all the best of Kanban, Scrum or Scrumban tool. The roadmap module in Swiftkanban provides tools to aid you visualize, program, coordinate and evangelize your organization’s biggest initiatives rapidly and finer.

anban Features

  • AI-powered Similarity Recommendations
  • Backlog Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Dependency Tracking
  • Story Mapping Board
  • Advanced analytics
  • Business Rules
  • External Work Requests module
  • Forecast distribution based on Monte-Carlo simulation
  • Gantt/ Timeline View
  • User-friendly Kanban Lath


  • Free Plan available
  • $15 /user/ month for the Enterprise plan

Quick Comparison of Best Kanban Software

All the above-mentioned Kanban apps are worthy and have outstanding features to manage projects using the Kanban process. But, here comes the concluding question yet again: Which one is the all-time Kanban tool for y’all?

To exist honest, co-ordinate to your business concern and projection needs, your choice might differ. But, every bit mentioned before,

ProProfs Project

is the best overall Kanban project management tool every bit it fits the requirements of all individuals and businesses looking to manage their squad and projects with efficiency at affordable prices. Utilize the Kanban methodology correct away, and it will surely be an ultimate productivity booster!

Get Organized 3 Ways To Use Asanas New Kanban Boards