Get Organized 5 Tips To Help You Stay On Top Of Your Career

Negotiating a bacon, promoting your own achievement, networking—these career-related activities aren’t simple or easy. But they are necessary. Organized people often have some neat tips and tricks for staying on meridian of their professional development and helping them accelerate their careers. Here are 5 that I personally use.

1. Salve the Praise

I take a folder in my email called “Praise and Feedback” (I’ve also heard it chosen a “brag binder”) where I file abroad messages from my dominate or other people in my organization when they tell me I’ve done a skilful job. I besides like to save there emails containing disquisitional feedback that should ideally influence how I work.

When information technology’south fourth dimension to prepare for my annual review, I go through that folder to remind myself of successes that I’ve had throughout the yr. In my experience, managers really appreciate when you lot exercise a lot of the piece of work of writing your evaluation. Of class, the success stories logged in e-mail are only those that other people have noticed, and probably aren’t comprehensive of all the piece of work you lot’ve accomplished in a year, which bring me to tip number 2.

ii. Track Your Work

I use a to-do list and a spreadsheet to continue track of all the work I complete. The to-exercise list has very conspicuously defined tasks, and I rely on it day-to-day and hour-to-hour. The spreadsheets, however, are where I keep a record of finished work. (I explain in more detail what these spreadsheets contain and how I manage them in an article chosen “How to Manage Your Work With Spreadsheets.”)


Any time I demand to substantiate the work that I have done, it’s incredibly like shooting fish in a barrel for me to create a piddling report using the spreadsheet data. For example, if I were trying to get promoted, I might look through my spreadsheets for evidence that I deserved it, such equally being able to show that I produced xx percent more work than the year before, or what have you.

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As with saving emails of praise, tracking your work gives you quick and immediate access to difficult data that can exist used to evidence you lot’re doing a skilful job.

three. Manage Relationships

I’one thousand actually pretty terrible at managing professional relationships and networking, so I rely on technology help me in this area. Onetime effectually 2006, I gave upward on concern cards completely. They had long been a source of frustration for me—I could catalog and digitize them to my centre’s content, simply to await someone upwardly two years later and get a bounce-back email saying they were no longer with the company.

LinkedIn became my de facto Rolodex instead. My favorite thing about LinkedIn is that it’due south up to each person to keep his or her contact information and company affiliation up to date. Sure, non everyone does, only information technology is highly beneficial for them to do then. A lot of business opportunities take come up my fashion because I have an active LinkedIn profile where people can detect me and read a little bit about what I do.

LinkedIn is what I apply in lieu of business cards, but there are other tools that help with
relationship management, likewise. Xobni, which is “inbox” spelled backward, is probably the best example. It’due south a plug-in for Gmail and Outlook that gives you detailed stats and information about the people behind all your emails. (There are mobile apps for iPhone and Android as well, although they take a different name: Smartr Contacts.)


Xobni shows you the history of communication yous’ve had with whatsoever person on an email and then that it’south impossible to error a cold-emailing stranger from someone in your network you lot just don’t remember off the summit of your head. Xobni also shows a piddling fact sheet on that person, including updates from her social media accounts and more.

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4. Go the Right Bacon

When it comes to your salary, every dollar counts, especially at your beginning job. That’s because your salary history functions every bit the ballpark for your next job’s salary. If it’southward too low, it can seriously hinder your ability to negotiate.

Glassdoor(Opens in a new window)
is one of my favorite websites for getting insider information about salaries. Sign up for a gratis business relationship, and you can run into salaries that people accept cocky-reported (anonymously) at different companies, for job titles, at different experience levels, and fifty-fifty inside certain geographic regions.


If you’re applying for a job as a financial analyst in Chicago, for example, y’all tin can see the average salary of professionals similar to yous to help you figure out your worth. Notation, even so, that you accept to contribute to the pool of information past listing your salary earlier yous become to see these wildly useful figures. “Salary transparency is extremely valuable for chore seekers and employees when negotiating,” said Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor customs expert. “Past doing marketplace research using tools like Glassdoor, you lot’ll come up to the salary negotiating tabular array more than informed, prepared and confident, which will ultimately lead you lot closer to the salary yous want. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you know you deserve, based on research.”

five. Review Your Review

Back on the discipline of annual reviews, 1 of the best ways to prepare is to look over your review from last year to see what goals you had set and whether your boss asked y’all to attempt and ameliorate anything in item. Of course, reviewing your sometime review a few days before the side by side review doesn’t exactly requite y’all much fourth dimension to act.

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Instead, set a calendar reminder to review your review three months before the next review. If you create it as an annually recurring reminder, you’ll never forget.

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Get Organized 5 Tips To Help You Stay On Top Of Your Career