New Kindle Update Makes It Much Easier To Switch To An Amazon Ereader

Last calendar month Amazon released a new software update, version 5.13.7, for all Kindle ereaders released over the past six years, and it’s causing a lot of frustration with Kindle users.

In fact I’ve never seen so many complaints near an update before, and I’ve been running this website for over 12 years. The update didn’t add together any new features, but they made a lot of pocket-sized changes to the user interface to make it more similar the Kindle apps for iOS and Android, and according to Amazon more changes are coming.

A lot of people seem to really hate the new user interface, and the Kindle software team should’ve seen this coming. Suddenly changing how things piece of work on devices that people take been using for five+ years is a bad idea if you don’t give users whatever pick over the matter. I can come across why people would rather stay with the familiar interface they’ve using since getting their Kindles.

Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t give us a selection in the matter so in that location’s not much we tin can do about information technology. Y’all can send an email to to complain about the update merely it’s probably non going to do whatever good.

Fortunately it’s non all bad. 1 of the advantages with the new update for ad-supported Kindles is it removes the imprint ad from the homescreen and library view. Now they only take screensaver ads after the update instead of both.

Beneath is a list of the elevation complaints with the new update. Mayhap Amazon should’ve saved the new interface for new Kindles and left the old ones alone…

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Top 3 Complaints

Back Button Removed
– The biggest gripe with the new update seems to be the removal of the back button. The functionality to go dorsum inside books is notwithstanding at that place for the most part, merely it works differently later on the update. You lot need to swipe upwardly from the lesser of the screen to utilise the page dial with arrows and dots that signify previous locations. The old back push button was a lot more intuitive, and it also worked for things outside of ebooks.

Homescreen Recommendations
– Later the latest update, the homescreen view can no longer be disabled and then yous now have to run across Amazon’s recommendations on the homescreen, even if you paid $xx extra for a and so-called “ad-free Kindle”. You tin can yet switch to Library view manually, and it will stay at that place for the most part, but there are times when the homescreen cannot be avoided.

List View
– If y’all prefer to use list view on your Kindle instead of cover view, you’re likely going to exist disappointed after the update because list view now but shows five titles at a fourth dimension instead of 7.

Ways to Forestall Update

In that location’southward really just one way to keep your Kindle from updating to the new software and that’s to keep information technology in airplane mode. You tin can probably get past with turning Wi-Fi on to rapidly download new books, but eventually the update volition probably become downloaded anyhow.

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Unfortunately in that location is no way to disable updates on Kindles and at that place is no way to downgrade to older software, unless you have a jailbroken device and even then it’s not easy.

Amazon has a page up about how more changes are coming to the user interface and homescreen before long then hopefully there will be some improvements with hereafter updates.

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New Kindle Update Makes It Much Easier To Switch To An Amazon Ereader