Get Organized 7 Productivity Tips For Google Calendar Mobile App

Some things yous
will be simple really end up getting really complex. Google knows this all to well, which is why information technology recently rolled out a brand new Google Calendar — and plenty of corking features to go with information technology.

While a few features in the latest Google Calendar aren’t
new, they take inverse somewhat. Still other features you might not know exist at all. Let’due south go over all of them to make your life a trivial easier.

Your Google Agenda comes with your personal Gmail accost, and you lot won’t believe how unproblematic information technology is to employ and gear up up. But if you work at a company that uses its own Google Calendar, yous suddenly take to discover out how all-time to integrate your personal calendar with your weekly coming together schedule.

Google Agenda tin start to feel a lot less simple the more events yous have on your calendar. Luckily, there are some cool hacks and under-the-radar features you can utilise to make your life in Google Agenda much easier to organize.

Below are 21 of our favorite tips, tricks, and features available in Google Calendar.

21 Google Calendar Features That’ll Make Yous More than Productive

1. Create new calendars for unlike parts of your life.

When you kickoff start out on Google Calendar, you’re given one calendar to start with — it’s the 1 with your name nether “My calendars,” every bit shown in the screenshot below.

Then, if you want to use your calendar for multiple purposes — similar managing your actual schedule, planning periods of focused work time, and scheduling repeating reminders — you only have one place to practice it. Merely when yous’re only working with one calendar, all of those things go treated equally — meaning you can’t quickly and easily pull up the non-repetitive, important tasks yous have for the day.

To combat this, just create a new calendar for each part of your life you’d like to continue track of on your Google Agenda.

How to Employ This Feature

To create a new calendar, click the little plus sign (+) side by side to “My calendars,” and you lot’ll see the selection, “New agenda.” Select this selection, proper noun your new calendar, give it a description and time zone, and voilà — yous’ve got yourself some other agenda.

Dropdown menu to create a new calendar in Google Calendar

Pro Tip:
You can even colour-lawmaking each calendar to arrive like shooting fish in a barrel for yous to option out what you’ve got to do each day.

2. Schedule meetings with groups using “Find a time” or “Suggested times.”

Do y’all ever need to arrange a meeting with several people who have busy schedules? Information technology can exist really annoying to try to figure out when you’re all free. Thankfully, Google Calendar actually has two features that can do the heavy lifting for you: “Suggested times” or “Find a time.”

How to Apply This Feature

To employ either of these two options, first make sure you’ve added everyone to the event who needs to attend. Then, if you’d like Google to suggest a time for you to meet, simply select the “Suggested times” link below your guests’ names. A dropdown window will appear with a list of times when every meeting guest, including yous, is bachelor with no conflicts.

List of suggested times for an event in Google Calendar

“Find a fourth dimension” is the other way to speedily find a time that works for every guest included on the meeting invitation. To apply this feature, choose the tab side by side to “Event details” called “Find a fourth dimension,” and you’ll see everyone’s schedules side-by-side for the mean solar day of your intended meeting. When y’all encounter a time when none of your guests take conflicts, click this line of the calendar to highlight the time and printing “Save” at the top of your Calendar.

Find a time feature in Google Calendar, with event schedules for three event guests side by side

Pro tip:
you tin can too apply a free product like HubSpot Meetings to easily schedule meetings without dorsum-and-along emails. With HubSpot’s Meetings tool, yous can send a generic link and ask customers or prospects to cull a time on your calendar that works for them, or cull the sales rep who has the soonest availability.

3. Sync meetings with your CRM.

Use a CRM daily? It tin can exist annoying to back and forth between your Google Agenda and your CRM. Instead, dive into your CRM settings to see if there’s an existing integration with Google Agenda.

HubSpot CRM users, you’re in luck — it’s quick and easy to set up this integration. Learn how to practice this here.

four. Sync your calendar with your marketing software.

If you lot want to make your Google Agenda align even more with your marketing activities, you can integrate it with your marketing software.

For HubSpot customers, y’all tin use Zapier to set up some pretty nifty workflows, such as creating a social media bulletin every time an issue starts. Cheque out this page for more than on how you can prepare that integration, as well as some ideas for ways you can integrate the two.

5. Hibernate your event details.

Sometimes, the meetings you host or attend are sensitive in nature. Keep in mind, withal, that a closed door isn’t the but way for others to know what’s going on within. The result’s details in Google Calendar can also reveal more to the residual of the office than you’d like.

To ensure y’all have as much privacy equally you need during more sensitive meetings, set your upshot to “Private.” This makes it so nobody viewing your weekly schedule sees the details of the event — meeting name, attendees, attachments, and and so forth. By default, the public label on the event cake will merely exist, “Busy.”

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How to Employ This Feature

To privatize the details of sure events on your calendar, click the event from your calendar view and select the pencil icon to edit the event’s details. In the window that appears, find the briefcase icon just in a higher place the event description field.

With the offset field gear up to “Busy,” click into the second field and select “Private” from the dropdown, as shown below. Hit the blue “Save” button at the top of your screen and you lot’ll be all set.

Dropdown menu for making an event private in Google Calendar

vi. Add a Google Hangout to your event.

Need to hands ready a confront-to-face up remote coming together? Just click the link to “Add video call,” and Google will set up hangout for your consequence attendees to use. (Learn more than near Google Hangouts here.)

Link to add video call in an event in Google Calendar

7. Add attachments.

I don’t know about you lot, but I often find myself attending meetings that crave me to reference a relevant certificate. Maybe nosotros’re all working off one Google Doc, or perhaps nosotros’re pouring over an intricate spreadsheet.

Regardless, it’due south best to make sure all coming together attendees have the materials they need before the meeting begins then they don’t take to go hunting in their inboxes for it. Google Calendar can assistance you lot do this, assuasive you to attach documents
directly to the event
for guests to open and review.

How to Use This Feature

To attach a document to your event, click on your consequence block from the calendar view and select the pencil icon to edit the outcome, as shown below.

Pencil icon to edit event in Google Calendar

Once y’all’re in the outcome’due south edit screen, look for a newspaper prune icon right above the description section, as shown in the screenshot below. Click this icon and a large window volition appear where you tin upload files to attach directly from your Google Drive.

Feature for adding attachments to events in Google Calendar with paper clip icon highlighted in red

Pro tip:
When you achieve the upload window, you can toggle to the “My Drive” tab to attach Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides that already be in your Google Drive. Or, you tin can click the “Upload” tab on the far left of the window to attach offline files from your calculator.

viii. Enable your globe clock.

Practice you work with teammates who live effectually the globe? You might find it’south difficult to effigy out what time is appropriate to schedule meetings with them. Fortunately, you tin can — by enabling “World Clock” in your Google Agenda settings.

How to Use This Feature

To quickly check multiple time zones when arranging meetings, click the gear icon on the top-righthand corner of your calendar view. These are your settings. Then, navigate to the “World clock” section, check the offset blueish box, and select the time zones you want to see from your calendar view.

World clock setting in Google Calendar with three time zones listed

Once you’ve chosen the fourth dimension zones you want, return to your calendar view and yous’ll see the post-obit on your Google Calendar’due south lefthand sidebar:


9. Enable working hours.

Not everyone is a 9-to-v worker, only they might work quite a scrap with those who are. If y’all have an unconventional work schedule that none of your colleagues seem to remember, this feature is for you lot.

“Working Hours” is a setting that alerts people if they endeavor to add you to a meeting that lies outside a range of hours fix by you in Google Agenda. Hey, it beats having to hit “Decline” so follow up with the coming together organizer to remind them y’all’re unavailable during that time.

A Google Calendar tip that John Hall, Co-founder of Agenda, advises people to employ is speedy meetings. “Below the default meetings duration settings is the choice to create
Speedy Meetings. Bank check the box and thirty-minute meetings volition automatically exist scheduled to concluding 25 minutes while longer meetings will be cut past ten minutes. That way your working hours go more productive since y’all end meetings sooner and have fourth dimension to catch up on todos that don’t keep you beyond working hours.”

How to Use This Feature

To enable specific working hours on your Google Calendar, click the gear icon from your calendar view to admission your settings. Navigate to the “Working Hours” section, every bit shown below. Hither, y’all’ll exist able to specify when y’all’re in and out of work each mean solar day of the week.

Working hours feature

10. Email event guests.

Remember the time yous tried to e-mail a large group of people about an consequence? Maybe you were trying to coordinate a team outing — or just let everyone know they should bring their laptops to the all-hands coming together. Regardless, I’ll bet it was annoying to figure out who was actually going to the outcome and ensure yous didn’t forget anyone.

Well, this Google Calendar feature will come up in handy next fourth dimension.

How to Apply This Feature

Every bit long as you’ve added everyone to the event that needs to go, you can easily electronic mail everyone in the group by clicking on the result block from your agenda view and clicking the envelope icon.

Envelope icon in Google Calendar event to email guests about a meeting

One time yous click on the envelope icon inside the event block, an email compose box will appear. Simply type in your bulletin, type in the electronic mail addresses of the people you want to receive information technology, and hit send.

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11. Add specific meeting locations.

I wish I’d known most this feature the last time I got coffee with someone in downtown Boston. We agreed to meet at Starbucks … just thank you to the multitude of Starbucks locations in Boston, our conversation went something like this:

“Okay, so allow’s come across at the one on Land Street,” I said.

“Oh, the 1 past the Court House?” he asked.

“Well, information technology’s kinda by the Court House, but further down State Street,” I replied.

“Oh, you mean the ane past Downtown Crossing?” he clarified.

How to Use This Characteristic

The logistics of a meeting tin get fuzzy without a specific accost or conference room. Thankfully, Google Calendar has a feature that’ll fix all that. Instead of having the dorsum-and-forth, I could’ve simply sent my friend a agenda invitation with the specific address in the “Where” box. It integrates with Google Maps then it’south super piece of cake to figure out where you’re meeting and how to become in that location.

Field in Google Calendar event for where the event will take place

12. Use desktop notifications.

Equally you probably can tell by now, I love Google Agenda … merely at that place is 1 feature of which I am non a fan.

If you have your Google Calendar open up equally a tab in your browser when information technology’s ten minutes before your next event, the ten-minute warning interrupts everything you lot’re doing and
takes over
your screen. Forget virtually what you were working on — Google Calendar will suddenly surface its tab with a large pop-upwardly alert coupled with an annoying sound. It’s the worst.

Luckily, there’due south a setting in Google Agenda that you lot can employ to make notifications much less annoying: “Desktop notifications.” Rather than interrupting your work, you’ll run into a much gentler box slide in from the pinnacle-righthand corner of your computer screen, displaying the name of the effect that’due south ten minutes away.

How to Use This Feature

To enable “Desktop notifications” in Google Calendar, click into your settings using the gear icon on the summit-righthand corner in your calendar view. Curlicue downwardly to “Event settings” and click the “Notifications” box, every bit shown below.

Dropdown menu to enable desktop notifications in Google Calendar

By default, your notifications might be set as “Alerts,” causing each event’due south 10-minute warning to hijack your computer screen. Instead, select “Desktop notifications,” return to your calendar view, and you will take successfully enabled gentler meeting notifications.

xiii. Change the event notification fourth dimension.

In the previous tip, yous learned how to soften the notifications yous receive in advance of a meeting. But did you lot also know you can change the number of minutes before the event you want to be notified?

How to Utilise This Feature

By default, Google volition notify you 10 minutes before the event’s start time. To change this warning time for a item outcome, click on the event from your calendar view, and select the pencil icon to edit the result’s settings.

In the event details, find the bong icon simply below the video conferencing line. Hover your cursor over the box listed “10” and toggle up and downwards using the small arrow keys that appear to the right to alter the number of minutes in advance yous want to be notified. Equally you can see below, you can tell Google to notify you hours, days, or weeks in advance, likewise.


Pro tip:
To the left of the “10,” you lot tin can change “Notification” to “Email” if you’d rather be told about upcoming meetings via email instead of a desktop notification.

xiv. Arrange appointment slots.

Always thought near incorporating “part hours” so other folks in your company can book fourth dimension with you? Peradventure yous’re a role-time consultant with limited hours to book meetings, or want to limit the times your team can book time with you to certain times of 24-hour interval.

If whatsoever of the higher up scenarios resonate with you, call back about using Google’south Appointment slots.

Google’s Appointment slots allow y’all carve out specific times of day on your calendar and then share these times with select people via a private agenda link. When these people click the link, they tin schedule meetings with you lot at any of the times you carved out for them.

If your link recipients detect a time they like, all they have to do is select it to book a individual event with yous, including all the data they’d demand for the coming together.

How to Use This Characteristic

To fix your own Date slots, get-go past clicking anywhere in your calendar view to create an event. When the event options appear, click “Appointment slots,” as shown below at the very pinnacle of the window. Set the date range of the slots you’d like to open upwardly for appointments, too as how long each engagement should exist by default side by side to “Slots with duration.”

Blue button to enable Appointment slots feature in Google Calendar event

If you lot’d similar more than control over your Appointments, click “More than Options,” and you’ll be taken to the window shown below. Click “This agenda’due south engagement page” for the link you tin then share with those whom you’re willing to adjust appointments.

Link to a Google Calendar's appointment page

15. Browse calendars of interest.

Want to make sure you’re keeping track of holidays in other countries, your favorite sports team’due south schedule, or but the time the sun rises and sets each day? You’ll find these calendars (and more) on your Google Agenda’s lefthand sidebar.

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How to Utilise This Characteristic

To browse and add interesting calendars, click the plus sign (+) next to “Add a coworker’s agenda.” And so, cull “Scan calendars of interest.” From there, cull the calendars you’d like to subscribe to.

Dropdown menu option to browse calendars of interest

16. Implement a custom view.

When you starting time set your calendar, you lot’ll have the option to view it every bit a week, calendar month, the next 4 days, or as an calendar. That “4 days” selection? You can switch that out with a different interval in your “Custom view” options.

How to Use This Feature

To adjust the number of days you see in your calendar view, click into your settings using the gear icon on the top-righthand corner of your screen. Curlicue down to “View options.” Click “Prepare custom view” and select how many days you want to come across at one fourth dimension from your calendar view, as shown below.


You tin also brand quicker, more general adjustments to your user interface correct from your calendar view. Side by side to your settings’ gear icon, yous’ll see a box that, past default, might say “Week.” Click it to reveal a dropdown menu where you can customize your view further, equally shown below.


17. Share your calendars with others.

If you’re using Google Apps for your company, you can also control who sees your calendar, what they see, and whether they have permissions to edit information technology. (If you take an banana, this tip will be very important to recollect.) Yous can besides make your calendar public, if you wish.

How to Use This Characteristic

To change your sharing settings, click on the plus sign (+) next to the preferred calendar and cull “Settings and sharing,” as shown below.

Settings and sharing options

So, you’ll be taken to the page shown below. Here, you can choose to do any of the post-obit:

  • Make the calendar public.
  • Choose to show upshot details to everyone in your company, or but free/busy information.
  • Add together someone to your calendar and choose their private permissions (meet all details, make changes to events, hibernate all details, etc).


When y’all’re done, click the dorsum pointer on the summit-lefthand corner of your screen to render to your calendar view. Google will automatically save your new calendar settings.

18. Employ keyboard shortcuts.

Are y’all looking to
streamline your Google Calendar efforts? Google Agenda’s got a ton of keyboard shortcuts to apply, such every bit:

  • t
    = Motility your calendar view to today
  • c
    = Create an event
  • q
    = Quick Add an event

Check out the full list here.

19. Use quick shortcuts to find a time or jump back to your current time.

Rather than manually scrolling through each month to notice a time far in the future, you can type the letter of the alphabet “G” when you’re on your Google Calendar to quickly discover a engagement in the hereafter.

google-cal-shortcutsAlternatively, if you’ve scrolledtoofar and desire to find your way back to the current time with manually scrolling, blazon the letter “T” to render to the current engagement/fourth dimension.

20. Email all invited guests.

I’ll admit — I’ve been guilty of creating events and and then missing a recipient or two when I’ve attempted to email the unabridged group a friendly reminder, or necessary information to peruse prior to the meeting.

Fortunately, with Google Calendar you don’t take to manually blazon-in every name on the invite. Instead, go to the top of your outcome and click the Email icon, which enables yous to electronic mail all your guests from inside the calendar itself:


21. Set a “Default Elapsing” to make shorter meetings, or a “Default Fourth dimension” to eliminate weekends from your Calendar overview.

If you lot’re feeling overwhelmed past the 30-infinitesimal or hour-long meetings that consistently deprive you of your ability to get other work accomplished, consider setting a “Default Duration” of fifteen or xx-minutes for meetings and then that, when you’re planning quick check-ins on car-pilot, you’ll ensure y’all’ve planned your time efficiently.

Of form, for certain coming together topics, thirty-minutes to an hr is necessary. Only if the majority of your meetings are “catch ups” or brief 1:ane’s with colleagues, consider whether y’all can communicate the major points in xx minutes or less, and save the more minor details for a follow-upwardly email.

Alternatively, if y’all’re similar me, you simply utilize your Google Agenda for the workweek — why, and so, do you need the added space of Saturday and Lord’s day?

A while agone, I clicked the “Week” toggle at the top of my agenda and de-selected “Evidence weekends” to ensure I felt I could visualize exactly how my workweek was going to look — and saved my weekends for relaxation and more casual plans I could save in my phone if necessary.

Ideally, you’ll use one (or a few) of these features to ensure you’re using Google Agenda to youruniquebenefit and to fit your own lifestyle and work preferences, rather than accepting the default settings.

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Get Organized 7 Productivity Tips For Google Calendar Mobile App